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Review #1, by Jakumo1 Failure

22nd December 2011:
Aw I bet Draco was really cute! X3

Author's Response: That's the way I've always imagined him. Thanks for reviewing. :)x

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Review #2, by MyLittleHeartShapedBox Failure

1st August 2011:
Very good story. Interesting to see a different prespective of Lucius. Very intruiging kind of twist on a 'little mermaid' story. I didn't really like that she came to him seeking revenge. I would figure if she loved him enough when they were young that she would understand it is better for one to lose their lives than for both of them, and she should have known how much he must have pained him to kill her. Especially since his love essentially saved her from the killing curse.

Author's Response: Thank you! Another wonderful review from you! I didn't like her seeking revenge either, but she had to experience the feelings invoked by this in order to understand its full consequences--which is why she left them alone after all. If I feel sorry for anyone in this story, it's probably Narcissa and Draco. They didn't really deserve to be entangled in Lucius' dark past like that.

Thank you again, for your wonderful review.

Merope :)

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Review #3, by Elizabeth_Black Failure

25th July 2010:
This story was really really good! I like it a lot!

The way you describe the feelings of the characters is brilliant, and they whole story line was very well thought out. You show a whole other side to Lucius, which is fantastic.

It was interesting reading about Eva and the way her feelings changed over time. Likewise for Lucius.

And I loved how Eva had, in a way, saved Lucius' marriage to Narcissa and mended the relationship between father and son, as well.

Really good job - you are a great writer!

10/10 + favouriting XD


Author's Response: Wow, thank you very, very much. To be honset I did not think I would be getting any more reviews for this story, so thank you once again.

I'm really glad you liked the way I described character feelings--I had to write,delete and re-write certain parts many times before they ended up the way I wanted them to be so I'm glad you think that ended up well.

The reason I wrote this story is manly because I wanted to show a different side to Lucius as he is one of myfavourite characters.

Yes, well Eva was never meant to be evil, just hurt and seeking revange. But she later realized that revange was not the answer, so she decided to leave them alone.

Once again thank you so, so, so much for such a wonderful review and I'm glad you enjoyed this story.

Merope :)

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Review #4, by Allie Failure

26th April 2010:
It's sad and in a way angsty, but somewhat happy and wonderful too, amazing how you did that.
Thanks for completing it it's whole now, it feels right.

Author's Response: Well, thank you for reviewing and it really was a pleasure to write this--I enjoyed writig the last chapter in particular because I could play around with emotions--which is my strongerst point in writing.

I am really glad that you liked it and I really hope that I managed to capture what you wanted. Initially I wanted the ending to be more tragic but then I thought Lucius does not deserve that.

Thanks again for all your lovely reviews and it was a pleasure to write this!!!

Merope :)

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Review #5, by Allie The lost nice

8th April 2010:
Thats just so mean.
but brilliant anyway.
great that you updated.

Author's Response: is a bit mean. :(
Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #6, by Allie Love is dead

3rd April 2010:
Wel lthank God,
i was having a heart attack.
so not funny.
well..a little bit.
Kind of.

Author's Response: yeah, well I nearly had a heart attack too...but then I read some theads on the forum and I was like: "this is so fake". And then it hit me that it was April the first and it all made sense.

But what was even scarier...was the fact that insead of names for the stories, they wird paint made pictures and they replaced words like "wand" with "bananna" that was strange. Glad it was a joke. :)

I'm nearly finished with chapter three---sorry it's taking so long .

Merope :)

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Review #7, by Allie Love is dead

25th March 2010:
Ok so my net is working again.
will be waiting for update.

Author's Response: i'm glad your internet is working again and I am really, really, really, really sorry for the delay. I plan to finish chapter three this week, and post it as is just doing my head in at the moment, i have exams coming up in a couple of months and i'm bombarded with revision and stuff. But I will try to finish chapter three this week.

Thanks for sticking up with this story and thanks for reviewing. It really means a lot to me.

sorry for the delay again. :(

Merope :)

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Review #8, by Allie Love is dead

24th February 2010:
Well i really liked it...
will be wating for chapter 3:)
my internet is kind of dead right now so we will see how that plays out but i will try to check up on this story as often as possible...

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. I'm really sorry, but chapter three is going to take a while...because I barely have any time to write lately (school) :(.

Hopefully, I should finish chapter three this week, but I need to wait for the chapter for my other story to validate first...and I only managed to post that one two days ago.
I will try to make chapter three longer than one and two, because the last chapter, chapter four should be quite small.

Thanks for sticking up with the story,
always love your reviews

Merope :)

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Review #9, by Allie Love is dead

19th February 2010:
Yay. Finally.
So I have to say I really really liked it.

(I was wondering about that broom we discussed about.said Draco trying to sound indifferent, yet Lucius know how much he wanted that Nimbus 2001...)

That was so great...I was smirking.
I really love the writing style.
And how Narcissa loves him ..
does she know about Eva?

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much...I've been waiting for your review. :) I am really thrilled you liked it and the style...
I tried to capture as much of Lucius and Draco as I could...seems that worked. :P

Narcissa knows about a girl called Eva that her husband still didn't get over, but she doesn't know the story...(you will find out more about Narcissa's feelings in chapter three)

Thanks again for reviewing and if there's anything you would like me to write about in chapter three (like...a fight or a emotional scene or something like that) do not hesitate to let me know. :)

Thanks again

Merope :)

Oh and I think chapter four will be the last chapter...I am trying to keep it a short story. :)

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Review #10, by Allie A heart split in two

11th February 2010: now i will be waiting for it to validade...^^

Author's Response: :)...should not be too long now..hopefully ;)

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Review #11, by Allie A heart split in two

10th February 2010:
Kay.Iam already really exited about it.
and dont worry...i could sing you a song on havin to much homework and no time to do...well anything:)

Author's Response: ha...yes...i know how you feel. The good news is that I have posted the chapter and it should validate in about 8 days (maybe earlier...hopefully).

I really hope it will rise up to your expectations, lol...but the confrontation between her and Luce will be in chapter three. But chapter two has sort of a confrontation and some tension in it too.

hope you will like it

thanks for reviewing :P


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Review #12, by Allie A heart split in two

9th February 2010:
...getting anxious:)
but waiting paitently...

Author's Response: hello. I'm really's taking me some time to actually sit down and finish the second chapter. My teachers and burrying me with homework at the moment...I have a little bit of spare time tonight...I'll try to finish it and post it. But you're going to have to wait for it to validate...the current backlog is about 8 days at the moment, but it might validate faster.

Sorry again for the long wait and thank you sooo much for sticking with this story.It means the world to me that someone actually likes it so much. I promise I will post the chapter tonight. :)

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Review #13, by Allie A heart split in two

4th February 2010:
Go, go get inspired.x)

Author's Response: :) thanks lol

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Review #14, by Allie A heart split in two

3rd February 2010:
Well, I will be waiting.
Have fun on your Field Day tomorrow:)

Author's Response: Thank you:).maybe l'll get inspired or something and i'll make the chapters more ineresting :)

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Review #15, by Allie A heart split in two

2nd February 2010:
Amazing.You just made my day.
I was really pissed because ist cold outside&keeps on snowing...but YAY! now i get more chapters:)

Author's Response: I'm glad to be of service. lol. I have started writing the next chapter, and i have to say it is going quite well, however, it might take a while until I upload it because i am off on a field trip tomorrow...and the current backlog is quite long as well.

thanks for the review :)... you make my day as well.

Merope :)

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Review #16, by Allie A heart split in two

2nd February 2010:
This was.-
what can i say amazing.
so so so very great. i am in love with it.
but the ending was very unsatisfing.
please please please write a couple more chapters.
i would LOVE tosee a confrontation between her and Lucius.

Author's Response: wow, you are, I have to say, the first person to actually like this story so much. What can I say...I am quite flattered, so thank you. :)
Ha, ha...yes the ending was quite unsatisfying, wasn't it?

But anyway, since you are the only person (i think so anyway) to like my one shot so much, I will write a few more chapters and make it into a short story. I will provide you with a confrontation between her and Lucius. That should be interesting. It might take a while until I put the chapter up, though.

But thank you again for taking the time to review, and to read my story. I hope you will like the next two...maybe three chapters.

Merope :)

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Review #17, by Jaclyn A heart split in two

15th January 2010:
Pretty Good I liked It.-Jaclyn10/10

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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