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Review #1, by Puffskein Obsession

1st November 2009:
this is actually really good! although i think you have some facts wrong...barty crouch jr. didn't SHRINK moody, he had a magically enlarged trunk (like hermione's beaded bag) that would be able to fit his full-size body and more. i imagine it must have been about the size of a very small prison cell. also, i don't think voldemort would have directly asked barty to help him...a) barty would have been willing enough in the first place and b) voldemort does not rely on others...he uses them as pawns and then throws them away. instead of "you're the only one that can help me," i imagine voldemort would have said something like "do this, bartemius, and i will reward you," ONLY if barty would have been unwilling, and which i am quite positive he wasn't.
alright, sorry for this lengthy review, this story was pretty good! 8/10 (for the incorrect information)

Author's Response: haha! Thanks!!

Well, that's all a matter of opinion. I don't think it ever really says HOW he was CAPTURED. You see later that Moody returns to normal size while he's down in his trunk prison. I imagined if Barty had tried the potion while Moody was still tiny, that would have made Barty a tiny-Moody-copy and Barty didn't really want to be a he waited until the shrinking spell wore off and Moody was back to normal size to yank out the Moody hairs.

And we just see Voldy a different way. He's a sociopath but he's smart. He knows he's just a creature probably attached to the back of a rat at the time. He needs Wormtail to run errands (like bring Barty in) and feed him snake venom. And while Barty probably would have been more than willing if Voldy had just asked...Voldy's a sly little thing. He didn't get Horcrux information out of Slughorn by intimidation or promise of reward. He makes you feel special and that you are a valuable commodity, and in that you will work that much harder to please him. Bellatrix was praised by Voldy (not that he thought she was worth toe cheese) and she was insanely loyal to him to the very end. Lucius Malfoy did it for the rewards, not the love, and you see what happened to him. He eventually turned on Voldy. Barty did it for the pure love of a master that made him feel needed...he couldn't have cared less about rewards. Everybody wants to feel needed...Barty just took a few too many steps down Insanity Ave. And given the two choices (Peter or Barty) I'd say Voldy felt Barty really was the only one who could pull off such a stunt.

Anyway, thanks very much for the review :) Lengthy reviews are my favourites! Sorry about the lengthy response. I just wanted to defend a few points on why I did what I did.

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