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Review #1, by louisa_21 Chapter 9 The International Floo Network

27th March 2011:
This is a fabulous story! I reckon the updates should at kleast happen once in a blue moon, though... there hasn't been an update in more than three months.

The characters were well portrayed, everything was excellently done. Congrats!

Author's Response: I did have a good chunk of chapter 10 done, but an unfortunate incident with my jumpdrive caused me to lose all my work. I still have my outline, so I can certainly rewrite it, but it will be a little slow going.

In the mean time, may I be so vain as to point you in the direction of one of my other stories? As you can see, there's a lot of them...which may be a reason why my updates take so long.

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Review #2, by Melliex Prologue Expecting…

10th March 2011:
Hey, sorry it's taken me FOREVER to get around to this but I'm here!

What an interesting idea! I have a feeling I know who try are but I don't want to say invade I'm wrong. But if I'm right then wow I've never seen anything like this and it's a really fasinating concept.

You write well, you have a really good flow and from what I saw there were a maximum of about 3 mistakes in the entire thing so well done! :)

This is a really good story with an excellent author writing it!


Author's Response: Wow, all the praise is certainly nice to hear (though it always is).

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Review #3, by orderofthephoenix Chapter 1 Wonthaggi, Victoria

3rd March 2011:
Hey! Here with your review :) Sorry for taking so long; I think the 10th anniversary celebrations took up most of my time :P

Another great chapter :)
I really like your style of writing. You include the details, which make it sound more realistic and you write wonderful description too.

Now I understand why you weren't too worried about your readers confusing the two Hermiones. A brilliant idea to call the younger child 'Minnie'! :D

A couple of mistakes: 'Hermione still couldn't help but shutter a bit at the sight of them'. I think that should be 'shudder' instead of 'shutter'.

As in the last chapter, I noticed a few 'Wilkens' instead of 'Wilkins'. Thought I'd let you know for when you go back to edit the chapter :)

I think your characterisation of Minnie is very good. She's an outdoorsy person with some guts, I think. I wasn't expecting all those pets, especially with Hermione's parents, but it adds a nice touch.

Good going :)

-Sophia x

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the reasoning with 'Minnie' (and according to my Aussie culture consultants, Australians will give nicknames to anything. Christmas is Chrissy).

Thanks for catching the typos, as well.

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Review #4, by strawberrydarhling Prologue Expecting…

22nd February 2011:
Hi! It is strawberrydarhling from the forum with your review :)

To tell you the truth I am stumped. No matter how hard I try I cannot find anything bad about this chapter. While I was reading it I felt there was something about it and it was only when I got to the end that I felt it had the air of published book. That is how good I think it was.

You opened up a lot of questions which is great for getting people to want to read on and you have a really unique plot. You let us get to know the characters without sharing too much information.

Overall you have a really great story that has a lot of potential. :)

Author's Response: OMG! A published book! I really do need to start work on that novel now! I need to quit obsessing over the research so much and just give a try at writing.

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Review #5, by orderofthephoenix Prologue Expecting…

22nd February 2011:
Hey! I'm here with your review :) I've started with your first chapter since you didn't specify. But if there's a particular chapter you'd like me to review, please let me know :)

As soon as I read the summary I remembered the Wilkins and I knew what was coming. This is a nice prologue to the story. I really like your writing style. It was easy to understand and was quite poingnant at times.

I feel for Hermione. Her parents still don't remember her and they're about to have their 'first' child and call her Hermione too.

The only concern I have at the moment is that with both girls sharing the same name, won't it get a little complicated in later chapters?

Spelling and grammar is exellent; I didn't notice any mistakes. Only a small typo: occasionally you wrote 'Wilkens' instead or 'Wilkins'.

I think you've made a brilliant start. I'm looking forward to reading more :)

-Sophia x

Author's Response: Don't worry about confusion about names in future chapters. I did notice how confusing that was while I was writing, but with the consultation of my Aussie writing buddies, and I think I've come up with a solution.

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Review #6, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 9 The International Floo Network

18th February 2011:
Hi there, I figured I could add this one last review onto the end of the string of others. I have to say I was quite taken with this chapter just because I found it so undeniably believable.

I really, REALLY liked the Floo system traveling that the two clearly attempted. Poor Minnie got so tired out and had so much excitement; it was definitely a good reminder of how much of an energizer bunny we are at that age. I also liked though how it was like airplane hoping almost, going from one airport to another.

I also think it was a good excuse and a believable letter that Hermione concevied to get LH to be able to come with her to visit her family. And I think that we saw a bit of mischief almost in it for me; it was a sort of disregard for the fact that Minnie had school in my mind. At first, it came off as unHermionelike, but with more thought, I agreed with it. I think Hermione prioritizes as far as rules go, and in this case, it was more important for Minnie to meet her family in her mind.

I loved little Rosie and baby Hugo. I'm on the serious search for a baby now to see if I can find a cute and squashy baby to hold just because Minnie holding him made me want to hold a baby.

I'm iffy on how I feel about Ron's characterisation in this chapter. Its conceivable in my mind that Ron could be shocked over angry at Hermione for such a thing; its also believable that he would want Hermione for soothing the kids as soon as she returned. I guess I just expected more . . . energy from him. He seemed a little exhausted parent (believable) but it came off a little flat in my mind. If there is anything in my mind that Ron is, its animated. Even in shock or anger or sadness or even forced indifference, there is pacing or even dialgoue from him that gives that impression. I just didn't get that from him. I think with just a few add movements i.e. pacing or even bizarre looks toward Minnie could really solidify his character.

I enjoyed this. I hope you update soon--and please let me know.


Author's Response: Well, I was indeed trying to create a parallel between the International Floo Network and Muggle airports. And I did want to squish a baby while I was writing this story as well.

Hmmm, I'll make sure to give Ron more energy when I write the next chapter. But also keep in mind that Ron has spent about three weeks taking care of two very demanding children on his own. And remember how desperate Ron was when the two Hermiones first came home?

Maybe once he's had a real, proper night's sleep, he'll be back to his old self. I'll also have to make sure to better study Ron's character and think of what he would be like an adult.

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Review #7, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 8 Uncle Marty

18th February 2011:
Oh mann. What a seriously INTENSE chapter. I am not quite sure where to start with this one because there is so much to comment on.

First off, I really loved this sudden new inclusion of Uncle Marty. I mean, I kinda freaked out when that happened because. Who could this guy be? Was it a guy from Hermione's real life? Or was it some crook like Hermione thought? Or was a Death Eater or what?

Oh, the beginning with Snape, give me back my underwear. I almost died laughing. Truly, it was a mentally disturbing but nonetheless hilarious image that could my sides hurting a bit from all the chuckling.

Back to Uncle Marty and all the drama that he clearly caused. LH really is much more a like to the BH that I am used to; clever and a bit bossy at times so it seems. Also her clear loyalty to Hermione was sort of amazingly endearing. And it was a definite Gryffindor/Hufflepuff sort of pride that ran through the Grangers in my mind.

Uncle Marty's presence is one giant duh moment for me and he really is the symbol in my mind of the entire intent behind this story. Like this is why, you are a really, REALLY talented author, love. You have clearly thought something through that is so entirely plausible in the real world. I could feel my own hope for Hermione shrinking a little bit by little bit. Because its just all so logical and almost 'duh!' worthy. It is such a common element for us in the FF world just disregard certain dimensions of a story.

Like Wizarding law and such, for example. And you were like 'no need for suspension of disbelief to occur here'. I mean, this really blew me away. All the thought and such and clear agrumantive style covering every angle of this came across so well in depth and so well calculated that I was willing to throw in my white flag.

And then LH springs into action with her awesome ability to blackmail AND make a logical argument. Two whoop whoops for her on that front.

I'm still a bit overwhelmed by the awesome plot bomb that has exploded in my face in this chapter that I don't have any CC. I suppose I could go back and reread. (Which I might later and might mention in the next chapter revew) but for tonight, the exhausted train has slammed me about the same time this overwhelmingly good plot twist (more of a reminder) came.

So I'll be back for the last chapter most likely tomorrow morning. (Only because I SO want to know where this goes next.)


Author's Response: Hmmm, I'm not quite sure if all these words about Uncle Marty are compliments or not. My head is starting to spin a bit as well from your logic.

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Review #8, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 7 Sydney

17th February 2011:
as though what he saw was something a lot more spectacular than a pair of lost siblings. “This is you first trip to Buruwangnuwi?”--- your first trip. Minor issue and really in all of this dialogue and description I was surprised I noticed.

So for this chapter, I have to comment on your writing style and your mood for the chapter! I think you captured the sheer overwhelming nature of this entire experience SO well. I could just feel my head spinning and my stomach dropping as the octopus picked them up. And traveling from ship to ship, oh, I get so seasick so easily. I could just feel for poor BH not wanting to lose LH. LH's excitement was very endearing though. You communicated both of them well.

I suspected that someone in the neighborhood would be a witch/wizard. Its only fair for poor LH that she have someone she knows when she finally has to venture off into the magic world for her first time. I like how similar they all seem to be to the Weasleys; I just like the big family that is clearly all wizards (even if they are Muggleborn). I think its simply fantastic.

I really, really liked the use of the fact that Austraila is all island and so they use the ocean for their market place. I thought it was really ingenious and clever; I don't know if I'd even have the creativity to come up with half of these descriptions and ideas! You did a really stupendous job.

For my CC, the length was a bit intimidating and all the details made my head spin a bit. It was all done in a good way and you don't consistently introduce so many new things into one chapter but I think that it isn't a practice I'd introduce often. If you seperated such chapters as these with more subtle plot building and character solidifying, it'd go over well.

Even though I was overwhelmed, I did really love this chapter and I'm curious to see where you have the plot going.


Author's Response: Yeah, I suppose everyone has their own idea of what is a perfect length for a chapter. I personally won't even bother with chaptered stories than are less than 3000 words per chapters.

All the same, thank you for all the lovely comments on the marketplace!

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Review #9, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 6 The Last First Day of School

17th February 2011:
Those boys were flicking rubbish and balls of paper at my head for nearly a half hour, and Mr. was too dim to even notice! I am so glad I’m not going to have to have him for year six next year.-- I think you need to add Mr. Robinson. Just a thought, and that was the only typo/issue I saw in the chapter. Well done ^_^

As for the plot, I'm getting really, REALLY excited about BH and LH and all their wizarding adventures. I really liked the inclusion of the guide-book and its rather ridiculous name. George Weasley would be the perfect man to give that kind of gift. It made me giggle and smile so well done ^_^

I also like the part about the sneaky charm; it would be incredibly useful when you are a child in a world full of adults and for Hermione to have nothing to hide is a shame. I'm glad its getting put to good use now.

I also really enjoyed all the school bits with LH. Her poor, poor confused school and schoolmates being soaked by those fire alarms. It would be a shame and it would probably upset me as well. Being drenched isn't exactly the best way to ring in the new year, eh?

I also like how you keep the kids seeming like It usually seems like this disconnect between authors and their stories on how these kids either a) are unrealisticly unchildlike or b) have the vocabulary of someone far older. That or authors just choose to skim over all childhoods for characters. I like that you have a ten year old as a main character ^_^

For my CC, I really don't have much for this chapter. I already pointed at the typo and there were few, if any places, that the story seemed to lag. For formatting, you have two lines that seperated each part which was fine but the gap was huge between the text. Thats really nitpicky but if is fixable, why not try it when you edit in the other mishap? I'm excited to see their adventure to the wizarding market.

OH, my other question is, are we assuming that BH brought Floo powder with her? And how are they going to sneak past the parents?


Author's Response: AH! No matter how many betas I have, those typos still find a way to sneak their way in!

But I'm glad you think the characters are all acting like kids. I do agree that a lot of fanfictions have kids that sound nothing like kids. It is something that always bugs me about stories, so I'm glad you think I don't have that problem.

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Review #10, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 5 An Infinite Ability to Ask Questions

14th February 2011:
I really loved the ending to this chapter actually. I found it extremely fitting and lovely to actually read about. I harbored quite a bit of hope that they would have sisterly like moments or even more. This definitely satisfied me in that aspect.

I thought that you did a really good job on what continues to be a very in character 10 year old. I may have mentioned it before but working with kids in several capacities has certainly introduced me to all types (sports, nature lovers, girly girls, manly boys, shy kids, book worms, etc. etc.) and LH is a believable 10 year old with her own interests.

My favorite scene was when LH was first introducing BH with the animals; the birds and the rabbit were certainly more tame than Chunga for poor old BH. I think that you made it a very vivid scene that I could easily picture in my head. You did an excellent job.

I thought that the randomness of the Professor Snape thought was really random and it kind of caught me off guard. It also threw off the pacing a bit for me personally; everything else seemed to flow. Perhaps if you mentioned Hermione's lack of patience and then something about Hogwarts, then an abrupt laugh. Those kind of hints could indicate toward Professor Snape not being able to handle the questioning. It would just flow better in my mind that way.

Otherwise, I think your pacing is good albeit a little slow. I did like the introduction of Minnie's friends but I'm curious as to how all the details fit in into the grander picture. I also did see any big issues with syntax or grammar. You did a pretty slammin' job and I was glad to read more chapters of this story.


Author's Response: Hmm, maybe I'll have to scan over the bit with Professor Snape and see how I can make it flow better. Between you and me, it's a bit of foreshadowing for later.

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Review #11, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 4 Truth Be Told

14th February 2011:
“Surely you’ve notice that they’re a lot older than the parents of most of you friends.”-- "your friends."

That was the only typo I could find was that one. You did a real smashing job on this chapter as well. I thought that you have done an incredible job taking into account BH and LH's relationship. BH has certainly been in character in my mind. Slightly prideful, lacking a bit of tact and patience, and of course, the well-studided character that JKR created.

The other part I really liked was the constant flurry of emotions overwhelming the two; it is very believable for two sisters especially two with such different ages to have issues adjusting. I know that one of my close friends (she is 21 and her sister is 43; their mom had the older one when she was only 17 so the age difference is HUGE but conceivable) had real issues in the beginning dealing with her "new" sister. Long story short, you certainly reflect that relationship well.

My other reccomendation for this chapter would have been seperating some of the longer spans of thoughts/descriptions; this story just involves so much dialogue and description that its kinda hard for my head to switch between the two for very long. Like when there are several paragraphs of description and then quite a span of dialogue, I find my mind jumping ahead to seeing the dilagoue and having to fight reading ahead. For example, right after the line break, you have a small bit of dialogue "hermione?" but before it, you have a series of descriptions. I had a hard time not jumping ahead.

I know that this is nitpicky but maybe it would help your reader in this scearnio. With the little piece of dialgoue, you could consider add a little piece of description after the dialgoue to have it blend in a bit better even if its only a line. Visually, just look at it. After this paragraph, if I just have one word, don't your eyes jump down to it?


If you had a stretch if even if it just said, "Hermione?" Minnie's voice was still tinged with sleep as she had just obviously woken up.

Again, really nitpicky things that I think could be helpful.


Author's Response: Well, we can all be nitpicky about things in any story. All the same, I'm glad you're enjoying the story anyway.

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Review #12, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 3 Strange Behavior

14th February 2011:
DUM DUM DUM! Quite the revelation on this cute little chapter. I thought you did a really job seeting up this chapter and pacing it. It seemed to flow a lot faster than the past one but it may also have to do with the fact that you had already set up the story a bit now.

Minnie was particuarly amusing in this chapter; I loved how her adventrous side was so clearly outlined in this chapter. Her snorkling and such thoughts were a joy to read. I loved the basking shark and all of her excitement with all those snorkling adventures.

My favorite line in the entire bit was the part about Hermione walking like a "majestic drunk walrus." I giggled quite a bit from that line alone which is saying something ^_^

Hmm, my other favorite mentions were definitely the magical bits at the end. I think that it is good that BH and LH finally realize that they are sisters. I also think that its good that they finally address the clear tension between the two. You have done an amazing job creating the atmosphere with clear, indicative tension. And it was lovely read about.

The tension has finally exploded from all the back adn forth. They are both definite know-ita-alls that prefer to be considered right and to be the smartest in the bit. I loved how you made them clearly similar but different in the same token.

My reccomendation about this chapter would to be an explanation in either a A/N or in general about 'broachers.' Minnie’s mum and Hermione Weasley went back to their planning and the broachers they had spread over the breakfast table. Minnie snorted at them, but quietly enough so that the two women did not hear her. Planning, broachers, guides; that was no way to see the world! If you really wanted to experience anything, you just strapped on your shoes and jumped right in.--I am aware of what to broach can mean but a "brochure" is what came to my mind. Is this is a cultural difference perhaps?


Author's Response: Yes, Minnie can definitely be a little know-it-all when she wants to be, even if she isn't completely Hermione's Mini-Me. As for 'brochure', that's the way my spell-check said to spell it and none of my betas said anything about it. I'll definitely have to do more research.

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Review #13, by NeverGotHerLetter Chapter 8 Uncle Marty

11th February 2011:
Hello!! Last review!
So, I really enjoyed THIS chapter as well :)
Great characterisation as always, and I didn't catch any spelling or grammar mistakes at all!
One thing; Hermione Granger's birthday is September 19th 1979, not September 1st, so just touch that up in editing :)
I really enjoyed the plot twist in this one, and I love how you got Minnie to tidy it all up. I enjoyed the bit where Hermione was describing Snape the cat, and also when she was worrying about whether Minnie had met Uncle Marty on the internet :D
So yeah, a great chapter! And very realistic that the Australian Ministry of Magic would find out about the memory charm. After all, Wizards know everything!!
~NeverGotHerLetter x x x x x x x

Author's Response: Well, I've already fixed the detail of Hermione's birthday (I can't believe I missed). Uncle Marty was actually a last minute detail that I didn't think of until I was just starting chapter 8. But I'm glad you like him.

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Review #14, by NeverGotHerLetter Chapter 7 Sydney

10th February 2011:
Awwwh, this bit was really cute! I love your description of the Australian Wizard market; it seemed very fitting to Australia which is great. And I love how Minnie got a cat called Snape. Awh SO cute :) And the Magdelene sisters all wizards?! Wow, that is alot! I hope Minnie does end up going to Hogwarts though, as I think she'd love it, and it'll be nice for her to meet -- will she meet the Potter/Weasleys?! AH Let's find out with the next chapter! ~NeverGotHerLetter x x x x

Author's Response: Wow! A lot of people care about whether or not Minnie goes to Hogwarts. Is she really that interesting?

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Review #15, by NeverGotHerLetter Chapter 6 The Last First Day of School

10th February 2011:
Hello! I'm here with more reviews!!
Now this is the best chapter you've written I think :) Seriously your characterisation of Hermione and Minnie was perfect, and I totally loved the characters you've introduced, especially Tigue and Ty, they totally reminded me of the Weasley twins :) The fire thing was a really good part too, and I think you really got the aura that we were in Australia, by talking about Whales, and Fire and stuff. Really really good! Also, one more thing, your characterisation of Hermione I in this one really impressed me, especially with the books in her suitcase; definitely something I would imagine JK writing. Oh, and I liked that you added some spells, it reminded us that she's a witch, and gave that little sparkle of magic :)
Amazing, 10/10 xx

Author's Response: Yeah, well, Ty and Tigue aren't so much pranksters as much as they just enjoy tormenting Minnie. More like the Marauders with Snape. And you always gotta love any comparison to J.K.

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Review #16, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 2 Guest Room

9th February 2011:
Hi there. Last chapter and it was really a good one to read.

First off, I liked the mischevious nature of LH. She is definitely a ten year old that I could totally relate to because when babysitting, I could definitely see the lizard/Chuga being let out so that he would hopefully make it to Hermione.

Hermione definitely came across as the somewhat cold but intelligent girl that she can be. I love her but she isn't good with first impression much especially when her own emotions are involved.

I loved the mention of little Rose and Hugo ^_^. I couldn't help but smile at that little detail. I wanted to be able to see the cute little photo for myself.

All characters were pleasant to read about because they just seemed so a family interacting with an old but awkward guest. I also loved the mention of BH's wand and how LH wanted to play with it. Very childlike and very believable.

Overall, I didn't see much issue with this chapter either with grammar and such. Did you spend a good amount of time editing this story? Your diction definitely seems to be able to relay the story well. Your sentence structure was definitely varied in this chapter, and I didn't see comma or semicolon abuse.

My only suggestion would be the length of your chapter; the flow worked but it dragged a bit for me. I think you tried to create too much stiff dynamic between BH and LH; I think it would be more effectively used by spreading it out over chapters. I just feel like it was a packed chapter that had too much going on. This is just a personal issue.

Overall, I love this story. I love the concept and originality of your plotline as well. Your traveling into canon intrigues me as well. All the other stories I've read haven't really pushed the canon universe but I really like how well you've done. You read up well and you execute your research well. I enjoyed it very much. Please feel free to request again ^_^


Author's Response: I'm glad you're liking the story, despite the length (I guess I'm just trying to tell the story like J.K.), but I am also absolutely definitely loving your reviews. Of course, you already know you're brilliant. I'm certainly going to be going back for more!

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Review #17, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 1 Wonthaggi, Victoria

9th February 2011:
Hahah oh wowza what a fun chapter to read about! Can I just say that the beginning scene kind of reminded me of Lilo and Stitch just a little bit? I think that Little Hermione has the same streak of rebellion that Lilo had.

LH (Little Hermione) was definitely a joy to read about with her father! I love the father/daughter dynamic you are clearly establishing. They are really cute and make mre wish I was little so that I could be that way with my dad.

The description of Austraila is beautiful and seems very plausible. You did a really good job of creating an amazing environment for your story to be set up in. I haven't done my own personal research but is the town an actual place in Austraila?

Your flow and pacing was really believable in this chapter; it seemed to just fly by. And I thought you built up to the tension with Big Hermione (BH)'s arrival. It was believable and kinda funny to read actually.

I like LH a lot; I like her spunk and her youthfulness. She is a very believable ten year old with a real clear love for animals and stuff in general.

No major grammar issues ^_^ My suggestion for this chapter would be to think about adding in some descriptive sensory details. I almost could feel how bad it was huffing for LH to climb the hill but I think you could add some sensory details to really pull the reader in. Its really good as is but that would be my suggestion.


Author's Response: I really wasn't think of Lilo and Stitch when I was writing this, but it is one of my favorite movies. And yes, Wonthaggi is a real town in Australia (I was rather lazy in creating the scenery). It is in Victoria, right on the southern coast. But I still need to get a better idea of the weather there, though for...a later scene in the book that I am not going to spoil.

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Review #18, by LovelyMioneWeasley Prologue Expecting…

9th February 2011:
Hi love (:

How are you hanging in there? I hope you are doing well.

So I was intrigued by the plotline with the Wilkins mention in the summary. I instantly remembered that detail from DH and was interested in seeing how you were going to incoporate it.

I think you did a really great job creating a really believable scene and undeniably interesting plotline. Hermione was really in character, and it broke my heart a bit to read about how her parents didn't remember her. I wanted to cry :(.

You also did a really good job on the dialogue; I thought that it was all very natural and very well paced. It didn't seem misplaced or under/over used. Good job.

I'm curious as to how old the Wilkens/Grangers are. They seem a bit older in my mind to be having kids. Its not that its unplausible but a bit unbelievable to me. I would think upper 40s but that just seems old to me. I am allowed to be wrong though ^_^

As far as flow goes, I think it flowed very well. I didn't spot any places where it seemed to trip up or be messed up.

I also didn't seem to find any major typos or grammar issues. Well done ^_^ My best suggestion would be to reread some the descriptions. It seems a bit forced and a little overdescribed in places. It sticks out a little bit but not horribly. Just a suggestion--this is really a good first chapter to set up the story :).


Author's Response: To answer you question about how old Minnie parents were when she was born, she was forty-seven with Wendell being forty-nine. That is starting to get up there, but isn't completely impossible.

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Review #19, by mugglemania Chapter 9 The International Floo Network

1st February 2011:
I LOVE THIS STORY!!! This is one of my favorite stories. Please update as soon as possible!!! Minnie is so great and I really can't wait to see her meet Harry and all the Weasleys. UPDATE SOON!!!

Author's Response: I promise I am working on the chapter, but I am trying to make it absolutly perfect. It only just occured to me to start it from Minnie's point of view.

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Review #20, by You Know Who Chapter 9 The International Floo Network

29th January 2011:
*wipes tears from eye* You updated, yes!

Rose and Hugo sounded so adorable. I could just hug them right now, and squeeze them till they are blue.

But then Hermione would sic birds on me. And I don't like birds, they are noisy little buggers.

Smart move with the fake letter. Guess the Twins we an influence on her after all. But when her parents find out, tisk tisk, they would be in a large amount of trouble. Which would be greater or equal once Molly finds out about Minnie.

Author's Response: Yes, I find myself agonizing over that particular scene with Molly, which is a large reason why it is taking so long.

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Review #21, by Nora_Weasley Chapter 9 The International Floo Network

28th January 2011:
I'm loving this story--so believable!

Author's Response: I'm glad! I hope you'll reviews other chapters as well.

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Review #22, by NeverGotHerLetter Chapter 5 An Infinite Ability to Ask Questions

25th January 2011:
Hello! Final review!
This chapter was really really sweet. i think it's good that you got the two sisters together as just them, with no interruptions. Although I think the first bit was a good start; it was nice to see Hermione interacting with her friends and then to see how eager she was to leave and spend time with hermione.
Also, i think the relationship, again between the two sisters was brilliant. The pet interraction scene was great, and showed great characterisation and differences between the two; like the brit can't deal with animals but the australian can; it made me think back to the differences between them even though they're sisters.
Finally I just want to say that this time again was the perfect ending. i think it's really sweet, the relationship you're developing, and I think it looks to be travelling at the perfect pace, so well done :)
Chapter 4: 9/10
Chapter 5: 10/10
Chapter 6: 10/10
~NeverGotHerLetter x x x x

Author's Response: Wow, these are some really generous ratings. Thank you so much, and I'll have to hear what you have to say about the rest of the story.

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Review #23, by NeverGotHerLetter Chapter 4 Truth Be Told

25th January 2011:
Ahh this was a lovely chapter, I really liked everything about it. it was an essential part in the plot, but not so much so that it was boring to go through the information.
I like the relationship you have sprung up between Hermione and Minnie, or the two Hermiones; I think it's sisterly but not too much that it's unrealistic, and it's awkward as it would be because they've only just met and Minnie's only just found out that they're sisters so good job there!
I think that Minnie's reaction to being Magic was point perfect; the awkward shuffling and questions and desbelievingness and accusations of lies or trickery. Brilliant.
By the way, you're things that you said about memory charms was very good, and i believe that if she had thought of it, JK would have used it in the books if there ever was a point in which information on memory charms was explained in full :D
Hope that was an ok review!! ~NGHL XX

Author's Response: Yes, this chapter took a lot of work to see how it would work within the context of the story, but I'm glad you think it worked well.

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Review #24, by NeverGotHerLetter Chapter 3 Strange Behavior

25th January 2011:
Hey, it's me from the forums!! Sorry this is so late. But I just want to say ahh Oh my wowowowowow!!! everything's coming out now!! This is such a good plot development. Seriously wow. I really wasn't expecting Minnie to become magic, I was expecting Minnie to see Hermione doing magic and blackmail her or something. Woah, this is actually so awesome. Ok, pacing and flow in this one was very good, and it was exciting and I wasn't bored at all, one bit :)
Also, I liked the bit about the basking shark, it just built up hermione's annoyingness and the hate that Minnie had for her.
The last line was amazing, a perfect line to stop it at, and a great cliffie :) see you next chapter! ~NGHL X

Author's Response: I actually did consider making Minnie a Muggle at first, and doing the whole blackmail angle, but I decided that that would make the story too predictable, and making Minnie a witch could make for a great oppurtunity for developing the Australian wizarding world.

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Review #25, by NeverGotHerLetter Chapter 2 Guest Room

17th January 2011:
Hello, I'm here with your last review!!
I think it's really good that you made 'Minnie' not like Hermione, because it makes for a different more interesting plot line. Also, it's good characterisation on your part that Hermione is very cold towards Minnie, as it shows her jelousy of having parents that remember her. Also, I find that Chunga the lizard is quite intriguing, strangely enough; Is he some magical creature from the wizarding world, like a salamander or something?? Also, spelling was good in this one, as was the flow. Great great story overall. For this chappie, I give you 9/10 :) ~NeverGotHerLetter.
-P.S. If you'd like some more reviews, then don't hesitate to visit me on my review forum :) And good luck wi' the rest of this!! x x x x

Author's Response: No, Chunga is an ordinary, yet unusual breed of lizard. There is a picture of what he looks like in one of the upcoming chapter images, and brownie points if you can guess what kind he is!

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