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Review #1, by caicu All Up in the Air

21st June 2010:
Medow please do not make us wait too long... I can't wait for the kicking of Ron's ass, That will be so much fun,

Author's Response: I have been having some major writer's block when it comes to that story lately, but I'll take a crack at it soon I promise! Thank you so much for reviewing, it reminds me why I love to write for you guys!


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Review #2, by shelby .m All Up in the Air

26th February 2010:
L0vE iT I love how you made ginny's personality! it
reminds me so much of my Best Friend, ohh! Harry+Shopping
= Hil-hairy-ass
xD cant wait for the Next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Next chapter should be up soon!


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Review #3, by Draco Lover 2012 Cheaters Never Win

18th January 2010:
Love your books so far! Just one suggestion You should make it so that Pansy goes back to Malfoy Mansion and Draco starts driving home but almost runs over Hermione. He parks the car and runs over to help her. then She is crying and holding her right leg and he helps her to Saint Mundongo's Hospital. 10/10 so far! Keep up your awesome writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the suggestion. I might not be usuing that idea, but there is something along those lines comming up soon! I hope you like what I have planned!
xx meadowlarks_cries

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Review #4, by mia1991 Cheaters Never Win

18th January 2010:
Promissing story - can't wait to

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy the later chapters!
xx meadowlarks_cries

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Review #5, by shelbz Cheaters Never Win

17th January 2010:
Awesome Story! Such a drama between Hermione and Ron! ha!, and Draco, deary me winging about lifting his finger for once in his life! all sums up to be bit of a drama. Cannot wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Gotta love our drama queens! Next chapter is about 50% done (but needs a good edit still!). It should be up soon, thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by shelbz Reflections

17th January 2010:
hey, this is a very good chapter! ''Why do I constantly feel like he cares more about quidditch and his next shag than me?'' Haha very funny! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the kind review! That Ron, I'm not sure whether I want to throttle him or roll on the ground laughing till my stomach hurts ;)

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Review #7, by HannahGranger Reflections

3rd January 2010:
Great opening chapter- I love your descriptions and your writing has amazing flow that gets you hooked in immediately. Great job and I cannot wait to see more from this story!

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much, that really means a lot to me! I hope you like the next chapter as much, it's in the queue right now.
Happy New Year!

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Review #8, by wishfulthinking97 Reflections

24th December 2009:
You are an amazing author I love all of your stories from the bottom of my heart!!! This is a wonderful story. I am going to favorite it as soon as i finish this review! I love that you switched POV's. :) Can't wait for the next chap! Plz post soon!!!


Author's Response: Haha, yay!! I have been taking forever on chapter 2, but I will be posting it asap!
Thanks so much!

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Review #9, by gracea569 Reflections

2nd December 2009:
Banners, love, banners
you have to request one, so I'll tell you how to, then review normally :)
1. go to "thedarkarts", just type it in google or something, on hpff homepage there is a picture of the basic site near the bottom.
2. Of the three entry tabs, choose "request a banner", you need to register if you already aren't
3. Read the long list of instructions on that new page.
4. There is a box near the bottom, copy that writing.
5. Back at the top and on the right there is a button-like thing called "New Topic, click that
6. There are two small boxes, you can put your story name, the type of story, anything in there really, but get someones attention with it, e.g
"New Dramione story, Starlight"
"Cookies, waffles, and credit to creator :)"
The artists always look for credit, they want it!
7. Paste what you copied into the larger box
8. Then fill out your information, here is an example

"story title: Starlight
Link to story: (This is the link to the first page that comes up when you click your story in the "read story site" ie: the pick a chapter page)
Penname? Yes (probs best, so they know this is definitely your banner)
Requested before: No
Permissions to change: N/A

Movie characters: Hermione and Draco
Other characters: No
Other images: a rose, a mirror, a star, elegant objects

Quotes to use: I don't want to be alone
Colour prefernces: Gold, yellow, light pink
Mood: Romantic
Animation: If needed
Extra: This about the love of Draco and Hermione "

Obviously, that is an example, you can use that if you wish ^_^
9. Post or preview the topic (this is so people know it is needed to be done)
10. Tadaa! Done, now, come back and check everyday to your member profile, just click Topics, then find what you did. Someone may say "snag" as a reply, or something, this means they will be completing it, so others don't waste time. It should take about three days.
11. When it is done, it should be reduced, see full size, then at the top of the popup is a URL. Copy that and go back to your "manage stories". Edit it, and in the above the summary box, is a small box with a landscape in it. Click on that, and paste your URL in.
12. Save your changes, and there is your banner! Ready to be seen. If it is animated, it is a much longer story, you have to make an account on "photobucket", save it in your files, then use that URL on the info beneath the picture seen on "photobucket".

Now, a review ^_^
This story was interesting, a good start. The characters are very "in character". I can imagine Hermione throwing a strop over little and Ron being a dumb-ass. Maybe for the next chapter, make it a bit longer.

If you need any inspiration, read other Dramione stories, you can come by my page an read my one in progress. Reading helps writing all the time, my story is not just my ideas, there is nothing illegal about using certain factors you have already seen in a book.

A response to this would be nice, I hope you get a nice banner :)

Ps: Longest review I EVER wrote, well, it isn't exactly a review per say.

Author's Response: I swear I read it all! Thanks so much Grace, this is my first story so I'm still warming up! I'll definitely check one of your stories and leave you a nice long review too!

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