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Review #1, by Sophia One

11th February 2010:
No offense-but I hate it.
I shall now list my reasons.
1. I can barely read the first paragraph. It's called the enter key, and it does wonders.
2. But I didn't need to tell you this, because I would cut out the whole first paragraph.
Just start when she's taking the potion, no need to say what she looked like before.
And it makes her a bit TOO pretty. Tone down the prettiness, or don't make her be this pretty the whole story, or you will have two things. A Mary-Sue, and an enraged Fia ripping you apart.
P.S. I will never trust a model again. How do I know they don't go to Hogwarts and get beauty potions?
I'm sure there wasn't "load" cough. If there was, would this consist of a dump truck piling a load of coughs on Ginny's and Hermione's heads?
4. Put some more emotion in here, for the love of pink sparkling unicorns. Or else it's bor-ring.
I like the plot, though. Improve it and it might have hope.

Author's Response: I agree with everything your saying!

I hate it to I wrote it like a year ago and didn't bother editing it, I was just seeing what responce it would get. I promise I'm a better writer now!

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Review #2, by Lynne One

4th November 2009:
awesome! but i think u should kind of touch up a bit on ur grammar and spelling. sometimes i don't think i can really understand what u r trying 2 say. thx! and love the plot and suspense! keep writing!

Author's Response: Yeah I'll take that in to acount and try and get better thank you, I will do.

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Review #3, by lighteningbolt  One

4th November 2009:
Um, if the grammar and spelling is an issue, type it up on Microsoft Word and run a Spell Check. That should do it. But it is a bit "bumpy." It's hard to really keep up because it isn't so specific.

Author's Response: My microsoft thing ran out so i dont have it any more but im getting it soon and thank you x

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Review #4, by mikalily One

4th November 2009:
hmmm wats going on??? keep going cant wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Haha Never you mind :) lol yeah the enxt chapter should be up sometime this week x

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Review #5, by Zoe Lovegood One

4th November 2009:
I like it. I mean you have some spelling and grammer mistakes, but still. Hurry up and make more :)

Author's Response: Dont worry when im done with my homework the next chapter will be up :) So keep a look out for that.

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