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Review #1, by CatDragon Need You Now

23rd November 2010:
Damn you're good. You have written three of my favorites.

Author's Response: why thank you! I greatly appreciate your review and i'm glad that i have been able to write three of your favorites!!

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Review #2, by roxyroxtheworld Need You Now

4th November 2010:
loved it!!! it is way better then i could ever have made it!!! i just loved it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I kept hearing the song on the radio and finally just sat down and wrote what my imagination what telling me to write :) I'm truly glad that you enjoyed it!!

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Review #3, by flawlessbutton Need You Now

12th October 2010:
I just REALLY love your writing! I've read all of your stories, and loved every moment. Keep writing plz :)

Author's Response: I'm all smiles now since reading your review :D I'm so glad that you have enjoyed all of my stories and I am completely flattered by your wonderful review :) Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by littlemissmb Need You Now

27th April 2010:
AW cute! and you said im a good writer, your so much better than me. really. i enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Well Thank you!!! I'm so glad that you liked this one! I've gotten very little feedback on this songfic so I was worried that people didn't like it, so thank you again! haha I'm working on another songfic that will hopefully turn out as well as this one...thanks! :)

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Review #5, by Tara Need You Now

10th November 2009:
This was amazing! I think a sequel perhaps is in the near future? I would like to know if everyone got over themselves or not.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I haven't gotten very many reviews on this one so I did wonder if people liked it or not... I will definitely think about doing a sequel, Thanks!

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Review #6, by dramione_girl82 Need You Now

23rd October 2009:
Wow!! Great Job!! I love the detail, and the story went amazingly well with the song!! You explained the actual pain that would be felt and the longing they both endured. I absolutely loved this story!

The detail you put into this story was superb! You described everything exceptionally well and I could actually feel the anguish Hermione and Draco were feeling from being apart. Amazing Job!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I kept hearing this song play on the radio and it was just begging me to write this. although i've never done a songfic before, so i was really nervous as to whether it would be decent or not. i really appreciate all of the reviews you give me! it totally makes my day to know how someone feels about something i've written! thank you!!

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