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Review #1, by Of Kisses and Proposals

29th June 2017:
Quite a story and a good read.

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Review #2, by Ben Of Kisses and Proposals

9th July 2014:
I applaud you on the excellent development and execution of your idea. I personally love any Harry/Daphne pairing. Wands are for the pathetic. Cheers.

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Review #3, by Hanna Of Kisses and Proposals

28th September 2010:
I'm loving all the characters, they are so interesting and they make you want to keep reading the story. I can't wait to read what happens next.

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Review #4, by GinnyWeasleyxxx Of Kisses and Proposals

10th September 2010:
This is an amazingly well thought out story. Update!

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Review #5, by kanakmp Of Kisses and Proposals

23rd January 2010:
i wanna play too, that was a great ch. i cant wait to see the hell harry and daphne raises =p. i have a question im trying to get it where everytime you put up a new chapter i get a email saying u have the new ch. but i dont see that can u help me?

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Review #6, by Potter_Granger_Fan Of Kisses and Proposals

23rd December 2009:
its ok so far but definitely slow moving so far i am hoping to see it pick up a lil more and start turning to longer chapters.i think you did good by giving the Order a damn good scare and making them regret what they did. however i noticed that you kinda set it up as a farce trial for Harry and Daphne which i did like cause it gave them more of a reason for revenge. i love how you decintigrated voldie with abracadabra that was awesome i never thought i would see someone actually use something chessy like that for such an excellent part i definitely give you props for that!!

keep up the good work and i hope to read more of this story soon i will be adding it to my faves!

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Review #7, by PotBottom Of Kisses and Proposals

22nd November 2009:
Very, very interested in this story. Hope to see more soon

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Review #8, by carrebear14 The Beginning (Of the End)

2nd November 2009:
Great chapter, I love the dementors!!

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Review #9, by wolverine83 The Beginning (Of the End)

2nd November 2009:
I love this story so far. I throughly enjoyed how Harry and Daphne insulted Voldemort and also how Harry named the dementors after X-Men characters. Keep up the good work and update soon. I'm dying to know how this story will play out.

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Review #10, by Kristey Prologue

31st October 2009:
Very interesting. I am looking forward to see where you take this story.

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Review #11, by icequeencissa Prologue

30th October 2009:
Nice start. I really want to know more. Please update soon.

Author's Response: I put up the next chapter yesterday. They're taking time for validation.

Thanks for the review.

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