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Review #1, by Whisperer home sweet home.

11th February 2011:
I love suspenseful horror like this, where it is the supernatural, the unseen that is terrorizing their minds and bodies...

One thing I don't understand is the "thing" still haunting Rose in her dreams even ten years later, when she has spent that time so far away from the Burrow. I understand if she is apprehensive to go back and confront it, but on an otherwise daily seems like the fear is too exaggerated.

But then again, the impressions on the mind of a child have a tendency to grow and become consuming if they are dismissed or remain idk :)

can't wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #2, by earlgirls home sweet home.

9th July 2010:
That was very well organized and was very suspenseful. Is there more to come?

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Review #3, by ayii home sweet home.

9th April 2010:

Can I just say, wow?

This is very, very creepy. I wasn't sure what to expect from it at first - while I love dark stories, I have to admit to being pretty bad with horrors. I mean, to say Goosebumps used to give me nightmares as a kid! Aha, so I tend to avoid them. But the summary on this just sounded too good to resist!

I really love how it begins, with the psychiatrist trying to convince Rose - especially about the cat. You can feel both how frustrated Rose is and how exasperated the Dr. Abbott is. Then the wonderful journey to her home back on the Knight Bus. I love the letter, although it seems a bit odd to me that they wouldn't find it odd that Lorcan doesn't speak anymore? I know I would definitely be worrying if one of my relatives - or anyone really - just stopped talking. Although it could be self imposed silence, but to sit staring at walls. But then I suppose if they didn't believe Rose, they wouldn't suspect anything with Lorcan.

I have to say, I feel really sorry for Rose. How desperate she is to get home when she finds out about Lorcan - it's a little bit selfish, though, about how glad she is she is not the only one. But then that's human nature. I think anyone in her position would feel the same.

The Parisian disease routine was really cute, really painted their family life. It must have been so hard for the family, Rose moving away and stuff. Not to mention, they all must have thought she was pretty unstable. I also absolutely loved Ron and Hermione's relationship - it was done really well. Plus, I'm a huge supporter of those two so XD

You leave it on a brilliant cliff hanging, and I beg you not to leave me hanging for too long XD I would really love to see more of this. I am really into this, and I don't know if I can't wait too long for an update, aha.

And may I go off topic a little to say how sad I am to see Sunday's Ashes go? I read it a day before you deleted it, and never got to review it! I really loved the start. You write so well, I really need to get round to reading more of your one shots and other WIPs. You have such original ideas - I don't think I've read anything on HPFF just like this, or like Sunday's Ashes! I suspect the same goes for your other stuff. Really enjoyable.

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Review #4, by JKRowling1211 home sweet home.

25th January 2010:
Oooh, interesting and I can't wait to read more. I've read many of your stories and each one of them are impressive! It'd be so cool if you became an author one day. You definitely have the skill for it. And if you do...I promise I will buy every one of your books. :) I can't wait to see what's next! Update, update, and update!

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Review #5, by conquered home sweet home.

27th November 2009:
i really like this! you have a gorgeous way with words, it makes the story so soft and silky but gripping at the same time. ^^ i loved it! can't wait for the next bit. : D
haffie :3

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Review #6, by kayoko home sweet home.

22nd November 2009:
Good story, but a bit scary for me. I'll leave the haunted houses for something more fluffy!

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Review #7, by HarrietHopkirk home sweet home.

18th November 2009:
Aah so many questions already! I'm so excited for the next chapter, please update soon. I loved it! 9/10. P.S I love the banner, did you make it?

Author's Response: thanks! ^_^ and yes, i did. any banners without credit were made by me.

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Review #8, by Burnt Cheese home sweet home.

23rd October 2009:
I think this is such an awesome new idea for a fic! It's completely fresh and new--something I appreciate very much. It's interesting to see The Burrow as someplace nightmarish instead of the warm, happy place everyone depicts it as. I wonder what's wrong with The Burrow? I love what you've got going on here--perfect writing, intriguing plot, fantastic characterization... it's wonderful, it really is.

I liked how you ended the chapter with Lorcan falling down three flights of stairs... sort of a dun-dun-dun moment. Effectively hooks in the reader and leaves them wanting more more more! My heart honestly sank when I read it. I was all, "OMG poor Lorcan! What happened?" Now I'm all set for a good, satisfying mystery/horror fic! :D Keep writing and please please please update very soon!

-burnt cheese-

P.S. You get 10 out of 10!

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Review #9, by ChuChuBaby home sweet home.

22nd October 2009:
I LOVE IT! You should write more!
You left a great cliff hanger there at the end. :)

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Review #10, by louise home sweet home.

21st October 2009:
oooh, i'm liking it! seems like it's going to be a very good story - i can't wait to read more!
please, update soon.


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Review #11, by Cat home sweet home.

20th October 2009:
I've really enjoyed the first chapter! Please update soon, I'm really interested to see where this goes!

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Review #12, by marrou home sweet home.

20th October 2009:
This is not something I would usually read so I am glad I took the time to look at it. This is off to a good start, I cannot wait for the next chapter.

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Review #13, by magical words home sweet home.

19th October 2009:
This is quite different. I'm not quite used to reading HP horror stories but I'm quite intrigued to read this one.

This Rose seems like a real person with rational/irrational fears like anyone else. I'm looking forward to see her personal growth as she faces her fears, ten years later, head on.

Please update soon. I can't wait to see what happens next! :)

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