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Review #1, by Claw Secret Santa Forgotten and Recognized

31st December 2012:
AHAHAHHA! More awkward encounters with Wood. Steph really can’t catch a break without him around making her freak out thinking he remembers something. Which I’m thinking he might actually…or at least he’s a little more suspicious of her and all…

And I sort of knew Steph was going to find Wood in one of her classes. Just because Wood had to have the opportunity to hear that she hadn’t been in classes. It just seemed right. And the way it played out? Well, I feel really bad as Steph now will have to be around Wood a little bit more, now that she has to tutor Katie and meet with both Katie and Wood for the tutoring times and all. Although I think she feels a wee bit better around Wood if she isn’t on her own. Which I can’t blame her for. Because her alone with Wood at the end there? I can totally imagine Steph hyperventilating while trying to act all cool about being around Wood. Though again, while I think he might be getting an inkling that she saved him, I think Steph is freaking out a little extra much…but I guess that’s something to be decided in later chapters. Which I hope come eventually because I quite enjoyed this story, being an Oliver/OC lover and all xD

~The ‘Claw Claus

P.S. This review is the final review for the second gift! Sorry for the lateness, again. xD

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Review #2, by Claw Secret Santa Oliver’s Return

31st December 2012:
Hehe. I kind of have to feel bad for Steph. She returns to her dorm and her dormmates pretty much ignore the fact that she’s been missing and don’t really question her [or find the note she left for them] AND THEN she has to listen to them talk about who saved Wood. And have awkward encounters with Wood. Though I will admit, I’m not quite convinced that he knows that she was the one to save her. He may have some sort of suspicion or something but I don’t think he honestly knows. Not yet, at least.

I also have to say, I could totally imagine “Oliver sitting there, in the empty hall, reading the paper and enjoying his breakfast, completely oblivious to Steph tiptoeing behind him out the door. It looked like something out of a cartoon” that whole thing and it made me laugh, quite a lot. Maybe I’m just over tired but the look of pure concentration I see on Steph’s face as she works to get out of the Great Hall without being spotted…it’s just great! And, of course, her running into someone. I sort of knew something had to ruin her act and running into the poor second year really did it. Though I do wonder what it is he remembers, if anything….

~The ‘Claw Claus

P.S. This review is for the second gift! I apologize for the lateness on this one, along with the rest of the ones for this story. I again was saving them in a word document rather than posting them and with this set, the archive was down for a couple of day and I was working while battling a cold and I was just a bit slow. So huge apologies for that!

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Review #3, by Claw Secret Santa Rumours

30th December 2012:
Oh the woe of getting comfortably warm in bed only to have to get up and do something. It seems you can only remember you need something the moment you’re ready to either go to sleep or just sink in and relax. [I spend way too many nights staying up past my normal hours…]

Anyways, this chapter was good. I figured from the start her going up to the castle wasn’t going to be the greatest thing ever. I mean, the likelihood of some sort of rumour going around is high, especially as it was Wood that was injured. He sorta is a huge deal, especially as captain of the team that’s playing in the game that upcoming weekend. I did have to laugh a little bit though, as Stephanie hears the conversation between Fred and George. I mean, it seemed like the obvious choice but it just made it a little better that it was those two she overheard just from the way they banter back and forth.

I also liked Harvey. He was a good house elf who really did appreciate Stephanie and made her feel like someone cared. It really was kind of a sweet little part to this chapter.

Again, great chapter! Moving onto the next chapter now! :D

~The ‘Claw Claus

P.S. This review is for the second gift! I apologize for the lateness on this one, along with the rest of the ones for this story. I again was saving them in a word document rather than posting them and with this set, the archive was down for a couple of day and I was working while battling a cold and I was just a bit slow. So huge apologies for that!

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Review #4, by Claw Secret Santa Fighting the Darkness

30th December 2012:
Okay, that’s not exactly how I expected the rescue to work out. Like, seriously, she tries to fly him back to the castle when she’s never flown much at all, let alone trying to kick in a window with that strong of a wind? I was flinching just thinking about the pain from running into the side of the castle. But I do give her credit for managing it. She did a pretty good job of preforming the levitation charm and Wood and getting herself [and him] through the window. It’s nothing I would have ever attempted.

Otherwise, this chapter was, again, good. I like the build-up on Stephanie’s character. You added more dimensions to her character, the bravery that I mentioned, her concern for others and then her need for independence. I do question a bit her feelings of being that far alone. I mean, I can understand feeling unnoticed to a point, as I’m not very social and tend to be one of the background people in the room, but I almost feel like it’s overstated saying no one will notice. But with her background and how her character is…maybe it’s not so bad? Reading more may help me with that one.

Once again, great chapter! Can’t wait for the next! :D

~The ‘Claw Claus

P.S. This review is for the second gift! I apologize for the lateness on this one, along with the rest of the ones for this story. I again was saving them in a word document rather than posting them and with this set, the archive was down for a couple of day and I was working while battling a cold and I was just a bit slow. So huge apologies for that!

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Review #5, by Claw Secret Santa One Stormy Night ...

30th December 2012:
I am such a sucker for Oliver/OC’s. I absolutely fall in love with them so quickly just because Oliver Wood and his Scottish Accent and his overall super commanding demeanour. He’s just so perfect…which would explain why I totally freaked out upon seeing and knew I would have to leave some reviews as a Secret Santa on this one ;)

So. I love Stephanie’s character. Most of the Oliver/OC stories involve the OC being a Quidditch player, whether with Gryffindor or on another team. It just seems typical. But here, you reach outside the norm and pick a girl who is quite the opposite. She’s quiet, reserved, and for the most part remains unnoticed. She likes to keep to herself and is quite observant all at the same time. She honestly is a very interesting character and I quite enjoyed getting to know her in this first chapter. Especially because you picked a little thing like the inability to sleep through a thunderstorm [Unless I’m sleeping before it starts, I don’t sleep until it’s over too] and really focused on that, which is something others could relate too. It made her character much more fun to read.

Also, what the heck does Wood think he’s doing, flying during a thunderstorm? I know they sometimes play games in the rain, but with that much wind and lightning and thunder? He’s gotta be crazy. Okay, he is crazy. And was kind of asking to fall off his broom, as horrible as that sounds…I do hope he’s okay and will continue to read to find out.

Great job with the chapter! Loving it already! :D

~The ‘Claw Claus

P.S. This review is for the second gift! I apologize for the lateness on this one, along with the rest of the ones for this story. I again was saving them in a word document rather than posting them and with this set, the archive was down for a couple of day and I was working while battling a cold and I was just a bit slow. So huge apologies for that!

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Review #6, by Secret Santa Forgotten and Recognized

17th December 2011:
Ooh, I loved the Oliver/Steph action in this chapter!

I think you wrote the professors really well in this. McGonagall was helpful but not too pressing, and she seemed very thankful to Steph - though I'm really interested as to where the 'great flying' comment is headed!

Flitwick also seemed very in-canon, and it was nice that there was a teacher who *did* notice Steph. He seems to be more of a friend to Steph, because she knows her charms, but I'm wondering if he realises that she was the rescuer?

And OLIVER! That last scene was just amazing, I love how you wrote his finding her name and recognition of her, but dismissing it... you wrote her fear of his finding out so well! Their whole interaction was just really interesting, and sparky.

Can't wait to read the next chapter, though - I wonder how the meeting with Katie is going to go? Is Katie going to put the pieces together? I really want to meet her in general too, because there's so many Katie/Olivers, is there going to be any weird connection between them that Steph feels the need to compete with?

Plus, though it was a short chapter, I loved what went into it! Lots of action but still building on shy Steph's character, this has so many directions you could take it and I can't wait to see which road you go down (:

~Secret Santa

PS. I'm a novellist

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Review #7, by Secret Santa Oliver’s Return

16th December 2011:

I really liked the bit of action in this chapter! It was nice to meet the Gryffindor girls all over again, and their chatter of schoolwork next to their comments on not seeing Steph just made it obvious how unnoticeable she had made herself. I love how you had her deflecting their questions, making it obvious just how little they realised Steph was or wasn't around!

But it really shows us how much Steph blends in when she wants to. She only said that she was 'around' and they all believed her; but with your line "it was easier this way", it made me wonder if her tendency to stay away from attention is because of a family issue? It seems like it, but I really want more background detail!

I feel sorry for her bad luck with Oliver, though - to be spotted by him the moment he got back is just awful! I hope Oliver keeps persevering, but respects her wishes. You showed his realisation really well, and her escape. I can't wait to find out if he remembers her or not!

Also, loved the ending - it was extremely funny to read Stephanie crawling the length of two tables just to avoid him and sneaking out the doors, only to crash into a second-year! I wonder if Oliver saw her face, and if the second-year will come back later? It would be interesting to read!

I love where this is heading so far! All your characters are well-developed and believable, and I think it flows nicely albeit a bit slowly, but that's your style and it suits Steph perfectly :)

Eager to read the next,
~Secret Santa

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Review #8, by Secret Santa Rumours

16th December 2011:
Hi there :)

I feel so sorry for Steph right now! She has done so much for Oliver, and is just trying to heal in peace, but Hogwarts is in turmoil. While it is a different type of Gryffindor to not want to be known, you're showing her brave qualities against her shyness perfectly.

But I can understand that if you're shy, and not wanting to be held up as 'Oliver Wood's saviour', Fred and George kind of blew any ideas of coming out with it out of the water.

On the other hand, I love how you've written the twins. They have the playful banter and easy understanding between them, and the little details of them - like their leaving the Marauder's Map lying around - all add to their overall portrayal.

I'd really like to hear some of those rumours, though! Considering how things often get blown out of proportion, it would be interesting to see how the rest of Hogwarts were perceiving the unknown hero. It's difficult to say, however, whether she should or not tell Oliver it was her - I can't wait to read more and find out!

Again, I love your description of the scene and Steph's relationship to everything around her - such as the house elves and the Lake - because it sets everything in perfect place for us to see it all.

I absolutely love this so far! And can't wait for the girls next chapter :)
~Secret Santa

PS. Are there any Claws in this?

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Review #9, by Secret Santa Fighting the Darkness

16th December 2011:

In a total contrast to the last chapter, there was so much action here! I love how you wrote the complete battle of Steph against the elements; it was completely immersing. You showed her internal struggle over having to fly really well, and then her struggling to overcome all the obstacles as she was thrown around and attempting to fly.

You showed her inner strength beautifully, because you were describing how much she loathed it all, and then when McGonagall started walking away from the window and out of her office, her hope was vanishing so totally - you really put us in Stephanie's place and let us feel her pain as she was being slammed against the wall, trying to save herself and Oliver. It was just amazing.

The prophecy thing in the middle was quite confusing, though that was deliberate, and very intruiging. I love how you've written it, and I really, really want to see how it will fit in with the rest of the story - is it going to come true? And how exactly will the world end if Oliver and Steph (I'm assuming) don't do what they need to do?

I love how atmospheric you made that scene! The dark description and tension gave it a very charged feeling, and it was scary - like we could hear the chanting ourselves. I want to see Steph's reaction to it aswell!

But I loved how Madame Pomfrey took care of her at the end; it was sweet because we get the feeling that it's mostly Steph doing the caring, and it made me very interested to hear Steph's backstory too!

~Secret Santa

PS. Though you may or may not know who has you already, I'll drop clues in at the end of some as postscripts!

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Review #10, by Secret Santa One Stormy Night ...

16th December 2011:

I love this chapter as a sort of introduction! There wasn't much action but it did seem like a lot, because we learnt so much about Steph and her world.

So far, I love how you've characterised Steph. We already feel like we know her, because you've been describing her friends through her eyes and adding in little details of her so we get a rich picture of her. They way she tells it, Hogwarts is very quidditch-centered but because she doesn't like flying, she goes unnoticed. You showed her shyness really cleverly, with her swimming when people won't see her, the below-radar grades, how much she notices what Megan does for attention etc etc. You've built her up so well already!

You've also showed us her friends and her life. Each of them has a very separate personality, but with the descriptions of their corners and how quidditch-centered they are, we already can see how it is that they fit in with Steph and why she slips under the radar so easily; they all just have big personalities.

I like how you slipped Oliver in there too. With his determination that you talked about, and how hard he worked his team all the time, it wasn't hard to accept how he was flying in the rain! I love how you showed Steph watching him and drawing back again, going backwards and forwards as she watched him get worse before going out to help him.

She seems to help people a lot!

But that is one heck of a cliffhanger you left us on! It's very climatic and I really want to see where it's going!
~Secret Santa

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Review #11, by Celtic_Dreamer7 Forgotten and Recognized

5th March 2011:
Great story so far! I do hope you update soon. I can't wait to read when Oliver finds out! Great job again. Very detailed.

Operation: Green with Envy

Author's Response: *cough*updatesdon'tseemtobemything*cough* But I may update, eventually. I'll try and get that Oliver finding out scene to you. Thank you, again, for reviewing.

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Review #12, by Celtic_Dreamer7 One Stormy Night ...

5th March 2011:
Great start. I love how descriptive your writing is and yet it flows so well. I can't wait to read more chapters. The descriptive way you wrote about the lightening even had me jumping out of my seat. Good job!

Operation: Green with Envy

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the descriptions. I hadn't really done anything as descriptive as this before so it's reassuring to know that it worked well. Thank you very much. :D

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Review #13, by madness Forgotten and Recognized

4th March 2011:
you suck at updating ;)
but the story's good, so its all ok

Author's Response: Lol, Yes, I know. I'm ashamed. *Hangs head in shame* ;) But aww! That's sweet. Thanks!

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Review #14, by Sana Noor Forgotten and Recognized

11th February 2011:
Please update soon! I really want to know what happens next!

Author's Response: Working on it. ;)

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Review #15, by Sana Noor Oliver’s Return

30th January 2011:
Have you uploaded Chapter 5? I got the RSS Feed about it but it doesn't open and claims that the story has been removed or there is an error. I don't understand. I really want to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad your following my story! I just put Chapter 5 in the queue yesterday so it should be up soon. :)

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Review #16, by MissMaraudette62 Oliver’s Return

26th December 2010:
I loved it, I love it and any other way you can say it.
I cannot WAIT for the next chapter!
I love the idea and Steph's character is so likable!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like Steph.
Hugs, HPB

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Review #17, by Sana Oliver’s Return

13th December 2010:
I really like this story. Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'll try!

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Review #18, by elizabeth Oliver’s Return

12th December 2010:
I've been waiting for you to write more chapters for this story forever! Hahaha well I am very surprised on how your story is playing out! I absolutely love it! Its different from many oliver/oc I've read where oliver and the oc hate each other which is getting old! I think steph is such a cute quiet character I love her! Please write and publish next chapter soon!

Author's Response: Yeah its been a while. Sorry. :) I'm glad you love it, high praise! I was trying to go different.
Hugs, HPB

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Review #19, by zee Oliver’s Return

29th November 2010:
i like it! you should really update more often! im intrigued to see how the story unfolds

Author's Response: Thanks! I update as fast as I can really. :P

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Review #20, by FoundriaPenguin Oliver’s Return

27th November 2010:
I really like the direction you're taking this story. I feel so bad for Steph!

Now when I read this story I can hear your voice narrating with that lovely accent of yours... ;) Loved the cartoon part! I could totally relate to that silently celebrating thing. I'd be so busy celebrating that I wouldn't notice I was heading straight for trouble in the next moment! I still have not learned any better, evidently. ^_^

I love how your writing flows so smoothly! It's so comfortable to read, ya know? :D Can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Ah, my accent. Thanks for bringing that back up again. ;)

I'm glad it's flowing. I generally tend to write my chapters in parts, very slowly too. So that makes it hard to flow a bit.

xo HPB

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Review #21, by flying_rabbit Oliver’s Return

27th November 2010:
It's good to see that she's back in the castle :) How did Megan conclude that she's been all over the place lately? Wasn't she pretty much nowhere, lately?
Haha, of course Steph's friends would start talking about Oliver! I can imagine that she's not really comfortable right now! But it's probably true indeed, if any of them had been practising at night, especially during a thunderstorm (if the weather had been nice and calm, it's somewhat understandable, but still), Oliver would've killed them (if they had survived the storm first, of course). I wonder what Megan was about to say there?
Oh, wow. He recognised her, then? I mean, why else would he look at her like that? I bet Steph just loved that! And it's pretty bad that none of the girls had even read the note. Are they so used to not seeing her for days that they didn't think anything was up this time?
It sounds hilarious, the way she crawled away from Oliver underneath the table. Too bad her cover was blown when she bumped into that kid. I wonder how Oliver will now attempt to speak to her! :D
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

Author's Response: All over the place = them not seeing her. They think she's been busy, when they are the ones who have actually been busy while she's been avoiding them/been recovering. And yes, they just had to talk about Oliver. Gossip gossip gossip! And Megan, time will tell. ;)

He recognized her? He didn't recognize her? You'll have to wait and see! And yeah, it is pretty bad with the note. I put that in to really show how invisible Steph really can go sometimes. They just don't think of her unless she's in plain view.

You touch on nearly every sneaky plot point I slip in! Very good. :) Thanks for the review! Hugs,

HPB :)

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Review #22, by LeStrange Rumours

10th October 2010:
I like this storyline. It's like she's somewhat of an underdog, really. No one notices her, she's afraid and whatnot. I like it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I was kind of going for that so I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Review #23, by FoundriaPenguin Rumours

6th October 2010:
I really like the characters and the plotline in this story :D It's incredibly original. Poor Steph with her scars! I hope things look up for her. Update soon, please!


Author's Response: About the update ... ;) NaNo takes priority ...
Thanks Jordan! :)

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Review #24, by flying_rabbit Rumours

6th October 2010:
Isn't it somewhat... coincidental that Steph went 'home' for a few days right after Oliver was hospitalised? :P On the other hand, of course everyone who knows her is much too busy worrying about Oliver than thinking about that, so she might be safe anyway :)
Anyway, it sounds like she's got quite a hut there! Sounds very cosy, but is there really no one else who knows about it? Sorry, I seem to have forgotten some stuff from the previous chapter(s). Let's hope she can sleep there with the storm coming up... otherwise she could always sneak into the castle :)
If she hates crowds, I can understand that she doesn't want her secret to come out. That'd be a one-way ticket to fame in the Gryffindor House! It's a good thing that nobody seem to have a clue that it was her, at the moment... perhaps Oliver vaguely remembers something when he wakes up? Probably not :P
Can't wait to see what's going to happen next! :)

Author's Response: Oliver is very important in Gryffindor ... ;) I'm not saying a thing more.

Steph is quite accomplished at charms so she has made sure that it is well hidden. But someone may know about it, she may just now know about it.

And about Oliver knowing ... he did take quite a knock to the head. Thanks for reading!

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Review #25, by Sophia Starkey Rumours

6th October 2010:
I love this story for how well-written it is. It's not just dialogue.
Steph is a great character, as well. It'll surely be interesting seeing her keep her secret... It has to be revealed sometime though, doesn't it?
Hm... I'm curious to know how this will all turn out.
Great job! I'm excited for the next chapter. (:

Author's Response: Thank you! I was wondering how people would react to the lack of dialogue really. And I'm glad you are curious. It will keep you reading! :)
Hugs, HPB

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