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Review #1, by Dhanjer Stolen!

16th September 2016:
"it was the shortest night of the year, known on the Celtic calendar as Samhain"

I was just wondering where you got your facts?
The only thing I can think is your AU has extended to encompass celestial workings.
Samhain is not the shortest night of the year. It's not even the longest night of the year. It sits closer to an equinox, though it's not that either.
If living in the northern hemisphere, the actual day falls on one of the four days given as follows.

Litha/ Summer Solstice; the longest day of the year
June 20th - 23rd

Yule/ Winter Solstice; the shortest day of the year
December 20th - 23rd

Ostara/ Spring Equinox and Mabon/ Fall Equinox; the days when the night and day are equal
March 20th - 23rd and September 20th - 23rd

Samhan is one of the four other festival markers that fall one each between the above four. It is the death of summer marking the end of the harvest season, and the time when the veil between worlds is lifted allowing communication and interaction between the realms.

On another note, your excessive use of the word 'upon' is starting to grate. About as much as your excessive use of the word 'for' as a conjunction, but I have already given my two bits on that point.
Unless you are wrighting 'once upon a time' or if the attacker was suddenly upon him, 'on' will suffice. Using upon, in any instance when on works just fine, makes it look like you're trying to hard to make your work sound more classy, but are getting tacky instead.

Also, you climb 'up on' the cabinet. You donít climb 'upon' the cabinet. And fish is the plural of fish, not fishes as you used in chapter 4.

As much as I love your Prince Manor anthology storyline, I can't help cringing every time I come across things like this.

Please don't take any of this as disparaging. I intend only to offer a bit of constructive criticism.

Hoping you are well, and have a nice day.

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Review #2, by Dinthemidwest The Promise

30th March 2016:
What a neat addition to the Prince Manor story! Glad I stopped & read this... 10/10!

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Review #3, by Kylee Squid Legs and Mermaid Kisses

8th March 2014:
I like it. I do think Harry gets off pretty easy when he does
something wrong. This is a review for all previous chapters and
prince manor stories.

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Review #4, by MrsK The Promise

22nd January 2010:
this was a good short one.

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Review #5, by lilausty The Promise

24th October 2009:
great little story! I loved it so much, especially since it had a happy ending lol

here is the banner for you! --> http: //i34 .tinypic .com / t7inn8. jpg

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Review #6, by lilausty Stolen!

23rd October 2009:
phew I go away for a couple of days and an entire story goes up! lol. YAY!

So what did you want on your banner for this story? Did you want me to make it up at my discretion, maybe with a horse under water and some brown haired girl?

I'd be happy to make you banner for your other story as well, but it'll have to wait. I am quite busy at the moment with Nano, review thread, four stories I am trying to get written by the end of nov as well as life in general :p. I can get the one for this story done tomorrow though, hence why I was offering!

Author's Response: Yes, do whatever you'd like! I'm sure I'll love it! And don't worry, I'll wait for the other one, no rush! Thanks so much!

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Review #7, by HP_Ravenclaw The Promise

21st October 2009:
This is a little story that makes me clap my hands and say yay. I love the mermaid detail. I love it. Love it!

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Review #8, by angelice86 The Promise

19th October 2009:
hey i wanna ask is a kelpie another term for water horse... ive watched a movie about it... it was heart warming... anyway... i guess i felt bad for the kelpie... i wonder what the second task is...

Author's Response: Yes, the term is interchangeable. it's used a lot in Celtic folklore, which was what I based my kelpie off of. The second task is translating and solving a riddle the Sphinx gave the champions by Feb 24th.

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Review #9, by lilausty Unintentional Mistake

19th October 2009:
ohhh scary! what's gonna happen to her? eh I know, you can't tell me! lol

Great chapter! I especially felt that the little bit of emotive writing regarding Harry's parents was perfect! Did you want me to make a banner for this story?

Author's Response: Yeah you'll have to read on to see what happens!
I always thought Harry should show a bit of emotional upheaval on halloween and that's why I portrayed him like that here.

yes, I'd love it! Thanks so much! And it'd be great if you did one for Lily's Valentine too! That's my other little one-shot.

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Review #10, by Liana The Promise

19th October 2009:
I wish I could make you a banner but I'm not good at that sort of art. This was wonderful and what a great Halloween gift. It brought tears to my eyes, especially when Duncan said he'd be their friend if they'd have him. I think Duncan would be a great friend to have. He knows about love and loyalty. And, I think Severus gained the kelpie's respect by sharing his past. I had to smile when Severus lectured Harry and Katie ten minutes after saving them:) A true father and professor--a teacher. Excellent chapter and now it's on to RPM. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks! He would indeed. Yes, Severus did indeed gain his respect by admitting that, because Duncan then realized that he had something in common with a mortal and it made him feel better. Yeah, that's Sev for you. But then he fed them, LOL!

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Review #11, by Wanted Free7 The Promise

19th October 2009:
Great chapter. I thought of something to put in my review earlier, but I just forgot it. I know I'm going to remember it later. Ugh! I hope the kelpie gets his happy ending sometime. 10/10! Happy Halloween!

Author's Response: He will eventually! Thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked the ending!

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Review #12, by alias093001 The Promise

19th October 2009:
I had a feeling the kelpie--Duncan--would prove helpful in the second task. I wonder how.

Okay, on to go read RPM's new chapter.

Author's Response: Oh yes he will. You'll see the answer to that in the next chapter of RPM.

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Review #13, by Karkaroff The Promise

19th October 2009:
Excellent ending and thanks for writing as I have enjoyed reading the story.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you liked this one!

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Review #14, by Wanted Free7 The Kelpie's Lament

18th October 2009:
That poor kelpie! I mean, it is cruel that he's keeping her away from Harry, but its still sad. Great chapter, 10/10!

Author's Response: Yeah, it is. And now you can read the next one I posted plus the next chapter of RPM!

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Review #15, by Jaylee The Kelpie's Lament

18th October 2009:
Nice chapter. It's sad how he once loved and she died. Heartbrokeness...

I still hope Harry gets Katie back. =)

Author's Response: yes it is.

And of course Harry will get Katie back. It only remains to be seen how he does it.

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Review #16, by alias093001 The Kelpie's Lament

18th October 2009:
Even though he kidnapped Katie, I feel bad for the kelpie. No one should have to lose the one they love.

And, was the change in the time zones a part of Harry's test, maybe to see how clever he is in circumventing such an obstacle?

Author's Response: No, they shouldn't. Unfortunately, it happens all too often.

yes, it was part of the test the kelpie set.

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Review #17, by Liana The Kelpie's Lament

18th October 2009:
I think if I were Katie, I'd be tempted to stay with the kelpie. Eternal life in a nice place sounds good. But, Katie does love Harry and he did get there before midnight, even with the time change. You almost have to feel sorry for the kelpie, since he lives for so long--he has to remember the painful moments of his life that much longer. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah it does sound nice, but like she said, she loves Harry. The kelpie is a sad sort of figure now. And that is the curse, as he said, of immortality.

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Review #18, by Karkaroff The Kelpie's Lament

18th October 2009:
Cool and please update soon as I am enjoying the story. I can't wait to see what happens in this story and RPM

Author's Response: Thanks, and I'll have the next chapter posted tomorrow!

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Review #19, by Karkaroff Something Fishy

18th October 2009:
Brilliant and please write more thanks and I liked Harry's reference to Jaws. Thanks for updating your cool story.

Author's Response: Thanks. I love Jaws it's one of my favorites.

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Review #20, by alias093001 Something Fishy

17th October 2009:
What a cruel trick to play on them, using the time zones to ensure that he kept Katie. Maybe Severus and Harry could find a way to trick the kelpie and get him back for this trickery.

Author's Response: That was raher cruel and I'm sure Harry will think of something to get the kelpie to release her.

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Review #21, by Wanted Free7 Something Fishy

17th October 2009:
I hope Katie's okay. That kelpie is just. . . . . I can't describe it. He tricked Harry and now Harry might never get Katie back! Amazing chapter. 10/10

Author's Response: Well, he's not actually as bad as you're thinking. He's clever though! Keep reading and you'll see what I mean.

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Review #22, by Liana Something Fishy

17th October 2009:
I could almost see the beautiful coral. Oh, Harry's gonna get a lecture alright. Of course, Harry can always hold the kiss of the mermaid over Severus' head:) But he won't if he knows what's good for him. I was touched when Sev silently offered himself for Harry during the shark attack. You know that shark wanted Harry. Hard to believe this is all happening during the Triwizard Tournament. The time zone change was very clever. Here in South Dakota, we have two time zones. It changes about 50 miles west of here. You can drive between Pierre and Ft. Pierre, across the river, and the time changes from central to mountain time. Phone calls can be kind of strange because of the hour's time difference. Last year, when we took students to see "Twilight" we had to keep that difference in mind because we ate at a restaurant across the river and then came east for the movie.

Author's Response: Yes he will, but he does deserve it. Oh it did. It very much did, and Severus knew it and like any good parent he offered himself. Well, the tournament hasn't actually begun yet. It's just before it. Wow that's neat. I didn't know that about time zones, NJ is so small that you can drive three hours and reach Cape May, the southern tip. And drive in the opposite direction and you're at the border of NY state.

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Review #23, by alias093001 Squid Legs and Mermaid Kisses

17th October 2009:
I wonder what what happen if those mermaids ever showed up again in RPM. That would certainly be awkward. Even more so if it was when Sarai was around.

Author's Response: yeah it sure would be! She would be kind of PO'd at them, LOL!

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Review #24, by Wanted Free7 Squid Legs and Mermaid Kisses

16th October 2009:
Sarai is probably going to be SO mad at Severus. When is she going to come up again? I miss her. I love the squid, he seems pretty nice. (That seems really wrong.) Great chapter! 10/10!

Author's Response: Well, she might be . . .if she ever found out. But really, Sev was forced into it and had no choice, so she wouldn't be too mad at him. She'll be returning to RPM in two chapters, during the Yule Ball (shh . . .it's a surprise, Sev doesn't know)

I love the squid too!

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Review #25, by Liana Squid Legs and Mermaid Kisses

16th October 2009:
You made the bottom of the Lake sound so beautiful. Aren't mermaids supposed to have a magical power over humans? Couldn't they tempt sailors into danger on the rocks? It was funny when the mermaids were fighting over Sev--and he was worried about what Sarai would think:) I had to chuckle when one of them said, when he comes back I want a turn (or something to that effect). If Sarai was there, she'd probably kick that kelpie's butt, not to mention the mermaids'. I enjoyed and agreed with Sev's explanation as to why some magical creatures that live a long time are so cranky and like to play tricks on people. Great chapter. I'm listening to the HBP soundtrack (or is it the score?). Some of that music is so beautiful. I keep jumping up to see what song is playing at the moment. I can't wait for the dvd to come out.

Author's Response: Thanks! yes, some mermaids have the power to entrance with their song and voice. Yeah well Sev has a right to be worried, the fae are not known for their tolerance for unfaithfulness. She would, all right! I haven't gotten the soundtrack to that yet. me either!

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