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Review #1, by Corko Learning to say Goodbye

2nd July 2011:
poor emma! i liked her! :( really gud chaptr. update soon!! :)

Author's Response: yeah I know :-( I will the new chapter is almost done!

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Review #2, by Corko Girl Drama

27th June 2011:
i really want jess to turn good!!! anyway great story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! Yeah... I do too:-)

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Review #3, by anonymous Girl Drama

4th November 2010:
ooh, a crush :D i smells me a love triangle? (convoluted one that is, specially with dear bellatrix in it)

Author's Response: You betcha!

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Review #4, by anonymous Clancy vs. Black

9th October 2010:
short chapter...*sigh* but oh well. good job on completing this :) looking forward to future chapters.
jess really seems to be getting twitchy being locked in HQ. he tortured someone! it was bellatrix, but still!
though i was expecting voldy to be proud in a sick sort of way cus jess is becoming crueler...though i guess he would be mad since his "unite the death eaters thru marriage" plan didn't quite work out.

Author's Response: thanks for the review!!! yeah, I was thinking of how I was going to have Voldemort react... I thought this way worked better just because he tortured another death eater... u no? but yeah don't worry, things are about to get super interesting...

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Review #5, by anonymous Funeral

26th June 2010:
you're back! :)

anyways, my thoughts about this chapter...very emotional at the end. i thought the funeral scene could have been a little bit longer, more detail about him struggling to play cooper (he did say not to pick cooper if you wanted to be someone else).
also, the beginning part with just jess, bella , and voldy, i thought was amusing with voldy being the sane one among that lot :P

Author's Response: Thanks!!! Yeah, I no its been a while... yeah, you have a good point there... thanks so much for the constant support!!!

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Review #6, by anonymous Dead to the World

27th May 2010:
bellatrix? that's. so odd to think about. o.o mind-blowingly shocking chapter. don't know how i feel about it

Author's Response: yeah and it gets better:) Thx as always 4 the review!!!

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Review #7, by anonymous Brothers

17th April 2010:
on noes! argh, poor eli! (though his wife was a bit of a whiner. a bit annoying =.=) ah, jess. so conflicted as usual. now voldy wants him to publicly be dead. will that play out...
update soon :) you haven't in forever. i was so happy to see this chapter :D

Author's Response: HEY! Yeah, I'm so sorry its been so long! Well, you'll see soon I just need to submit it!

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Review #8, by anonymous I'm Back

24th March 2010:
this chapter was so full of conspiracies! and everytime i read "I'm back" the little voice in my head that sounds things out reads it like a whiney "I'm BA-ACK!" when I know that Jess should be saying it all cool-like in a smug voice... *sigh* sorry bout that rant. i'm insane in the brain.
great chapter! I love how Jess is leading the double life (not cause i like Jess going through such torment, but because it makes the story interesting :D)
and poor jess, the wall of missions in the death eaters' HQ is a constant reminder of his bad deeds he has and will continue to commit because of his choice...
anyways, awesome chapter. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! I no I always think of that creepy voice too! Anyways, I know I say this everytime but THANKS FOR YOUR REVIEWS!!! It really means so much and makes me want to write more! Hope more people follow your lead!!! Can't wait for you to see what comes!!! :)

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Review #9, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl The Ultimate Choice

11th March 2010:
Hello, young one. You are probably slaving away right now over your pounds of work. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't look forward to next year, but I kinda can't help it. Anyways, great job with this story. I can't believe you finally published it and are actually getting reviews from someone other than me ;p Ah, I jest. You always were the one with the awesome plot ideas, though I think I'm getting a bit better on that front, like you are with the actual writing part!

Love ya, bud =]

Author's Response: Ah, I Jest? Really Young one??? But seriously, thank you kindly for the review... You are very nice to read it, (not like you already have or anything...) BTW the way we talk to each other is so weird if you think about it, like we have all these weird phrases and such... I think I will be adapting I Jest because it sounds like Jess :) you know you love me! Thanks Bud!!!

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Review #10, by anonymous The Dirty Work

8th March 2010:
i hope his conscience wins, for Jess's sake. i'm glad that even though he picked a side, he is still on the fence in his mind.
nice chapter, really gets into his guilty conscience and his life now. keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, as always, I really love hearing from you every chapter! Yea, me too... but we will see what we shall see...

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Review #11, by anonymous The Ultimate Choice

27th February 2010:
oh noes! Jess chose a side!! how could he? to eli? to himself? he's lying to himself! denial!!! [not that i want him on the other side. too expected]
great chapter! keep it up :)
also, this story is listed as romance as one of the genres, is that for the james and lily, or is there something else gonna happen?

Author's Response: I no, my story isn't very typical so don't expect that... hmm, ok I'll tell you, yea something else does happen and not too far away either! Thanks again for all your support and your amazing reviews!!!

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Review #12, by anonymous Betrayal

11th February 2010:
aww...go eli! he wasn't really around much before, but in this chapter (and a bit in the others) i can really tell that jess loves him. his only true family. hopefully he will let the marauders in to his heart soon. he is too lonely.
short chapter (and really shocking too with eli's sudden confession!) but i loved the ending. it really brought out jess's softer side. so what is he going to do now? join the order? or are you going to surprise me...?
10/10 i can;t wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Aww Thank you! I always look forward to your reviews you are so sweet! And yes, I think you're going to have to be surprised :) Well the next chapter will be interesting I promise!

Thanks again for the constant reviews, I really appreciate it!

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Review #13, by anonymous One For The Ages

16th January 2010:
yes, i am the same "anonymous" as all the other reviews :)
this was an okay chapter...not the most exciting one, but i suppose they can't all be like that. the nice part of this chapter was Jesse's confusion. poor guy. friends or family is a hard choice...

Author's Response: Awww! Well I hope you know how much I appreciate all your reviews so much!!! You are so amazing!!! Yea poor guy is right and I'm sorry this one wasn't as exciting but I garentee that they will get better!!! :) :)

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Review #14, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl The Mission

3rd January 2010:
Hey bud =] Thought I should review since you have another chapter up. Didn't realize, sorry. Anyways, I bet you're excited to put up your fresh-off-the-press chapters, right? I mean the edited ones, of course! And chapter nine, too. Keep on udpating and you'll have a ton of reads/reviews in no time, I bet!


Author's Response: Hey kido!!! Thanx again for another review you are such a sweety!!! I am so ciked to put up my new chapters!!! and I really appreciate your edits!!! TTYL Girl!

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Review #15, by anonymous The Mission

22nd December 2009:
awesome :) love it, it's great. again, I LOVE JESS! he's amazing!!! :D
the only thing that could be better were a few minor spelling issues [like Profit is supposed to be Prophet] but that isn't that important...

Author's Response: Thank you so much and I love him too! And I assume you are the same person who has reviewed every chapter so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It really makes me sooo happy!!! And thanks for that I will try and keep an eye out for those :):):)

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Review #16, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl That's just how I am...

19th December 2009:
Hey! Ah, break has finally come... now I just need to edit this, huh? Well, anyways, you have eight whole reviews, and now nine, so you must be doing something right! I'm so excited that you're posting this and everything, I hope you get a ton more readers soon. And as much as I hate Jess, this is still an amazing story =]


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review I really love reviews... I know for real what do you have against Jess? He was originally for our book... Well anyway maybe you will edit sometime and thanks for the review!!!

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Review #17, by anonymous That's just how I am...

14th December 2009:
wait! no! who is gonna die?!?! that's so sad :(
i love Jess, his character is so's intriguing :D

Author's Response: You're just gonna have to wait:) :) Thank you very much!!! He is quite... And thank you so much for your review it REALLY made my day!!!

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Review #18, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl Surprising Betrayals...

21st November 2009:
Hey kid... sorry I haven't reviewed in a while. Life's been hectic, but you know that. Anyways, good job with this and maybe I'll be able to start editing soon - then it'll be even better, of course ;) Ah, I'm just teasing you... but good job and keep updating; the reviews'll start to come!


Author's Response: AWWW THANKS HUN! You know I am dying for reviews so I REALLY appreciate it a lot! Anywho, yea we will see what happens!!!

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Review #19, by anonymous Just Visiting

2nd November 2009:
good chapter, i love it. really shocked that his brothers really did get caught. i was wholly convinced it was planned that one time jess was kicked out of the room. oh well, this works well, seeing as lily is suppose to be amazing with spells

Author's Response: Great I'm glad you liked it!!! I no, his brothers were surprised too!!! Thanks so much for all your reviews they make me so happy!!! :)

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Review #20, by anonymous Trouble in the Family

29th October 2009:
i LOVE it, so much LOVE is in all caps! :D :D :D :D


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Review #21, by anonymous Surprising Betrayals...

27th October 2009:
is jess's true allegiance with voldemort? i don't think that is very clear. i feel like he's a little bit in the middle...just leaning more towards the dark lord. i feel bad for the marauders.
but this is a fantastic chapter. keep up the great work!

Author's Response: He IS a little bit in the middle, its like that pretty much the whole story... sorry if it bothers you... You got it exactly right tho!!! I no, I feel bad for them too.. :( Thank you SO much for the review you are the best and I hope you keep reading! :)

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Review #22, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl The Boys Are Back

19th October 2009:
Hello my dear =]

Nice to see another chapter up... maybe if my life would stop being crazy I could edit your story at some point. Nope, don't think that's gonna happen. Anyways, another lovely chapter, can't wait until all the action starts heating up ;)


Author's Response: Yea me neither, kiddo!!! I really hope people actually start reviewing! Anywho, I will ttyl like in a few minutes prob... THANKS FOR THE REVIEW!

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Review #23, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl Once a Death Eater always a Death Eater...

12th October 2009:
Hey you! I am so happy you finally (yes, finally) posted this!!! I thought you'd never do it, but I'm glad you did. This first chapter is amazing, even though I know you can do better ;) Haha, you know I'm just teasing you... I'm so happy you're on here now, and I can't wait to help you with the rest of the story!


Author's Response: HEY CBG (nifty!!!)

Thanks very much hun, I am forseeing many hours on the phone because you are like the whiz kid of HPFF!

Anyway, thanks for the review and keep reading (and editing!)ttyl, like tonight!!!


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Review #24, by anonymous Once a Death Eater always a Death Eater...

12th October 2009:
ok i think you should have cleared it up way in the beginning that jess is a guy, because i was thinking he was a she.
othe rthan that, it was great :)

Author's Response: AWWW THANK YOU! Sorry I am kinda excited because you are my very first review! Thank you so much!!!

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