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Review #1, by kassandra466 Corridors

8th September 2010:
wow! that was kinda crazy! i LOVED it!! : D

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Review #2, by letsjustsmile Corridors

5th April 2010:
That was amazing! Your descriptions of Rose and Scorpius were perfect, and the way you expressed Rose's emotions were so right. Her insecurity, and artistic way of life just felt so right. It would be canon, if Scorpius smoked and Rose was so musical. Loved it completely.

Author's Response: hahaha :]
letsjustsmile, you flatter me.
thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by JackG Corridors

16th February 2010:
actually, i love your taste in music (: mine's pretty freaky too hahah.

Author's Response: yes! another believer! haha :]
thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by lunalovingly Corridors

15th November 2009:
that was... idk... was...AMAZING

Author's Response: thank you :]

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Review #5, by cherry... Corridors

22nd October 2009:
Nice story... I wont make fun of your taste in music, I share it with you, down to the lyrics. :)

Author's Response: yay! music is awesome, it's so inspiring in everything i do all day. :]

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Jess Corridors

19th October 2009:
i havent heard of him
(sorry) but veryy cutee story :)

Author's Response: ah well, to each their own! nothing to be ashamed of, darling :]

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Bridie Corridors

13th October 2009:
I like those artists too! I've never heard of the postal service? I do live in NZ though, so that could be why...

Author's Response: have you heard of death cab for cutie? the guy do does their vocals was also in Postal Service, it was like his little side project.

both death cab and postal service are indie though, so a lot of people in the states haven't heard of them either!

thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #8, by Maria Bo Ne Corridors

12th October 2009:
Well done, it was so nice a story.

I think I can as well cry at the end of it if I was not a never-shed-a -tear kind of person. When S tells her she's everything to him- It's really cute and something I would like to hear one day. Touching;good wring skills; mo mistakes that are bothering the eye and a good logical path.

So once again congratulations on your story. Keep writing, don't waste your talent!

Author's Response: thank you!! i went back and fixed most of the mistakes and added on just some backround detail to make the oneshot flow more. but i really appreciate you taking the time to review!

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Review #9, by baletgir Corridors

12th October 2009:
Very interesting little fic there. I enjoyed it so much! Wonderful great job.

Author's Response: aww you're so sweet :]
thank you for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Paloma Patil Corridors

12th October 2009:
LOVE Sinatra!

Very cute story.

Nice work.


Author's Response: i love sinatra too! what a legend ...
thanks for the review paloma!!

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Review #11, by spam_up_sam Corridors

12th October 2009:
Wow...I loved this
It was so good and hey, there is nothing weird about a bit of Sinatra even if my friends tell me I'm a right geek.
This just drew me right in and I loved all Rose and Scorpius' interactions. He was so cute.
Wonderful oneshot =]

Author's Response: too true. nothin wrong with a bit of vocal jazz ... and that doesnt make you a geek - it means you have different (*cough*better*cough*) musical taste than your friends.
thanks for reviewing!!

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