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Review #1, by lady_devil Not a Neville Longbottom

8th March 2014:
Hi there!

I just want to say this story is amazing!

Beautifully written that leaves me wanting to reach out and hug Blaise. From beginning to end you dug deep in Blaise as a character and found the buried treasure that is Blaise's real emotions and thoughts about everything he ever was taught, understood and seen.

My favourite part is the part about comparing himself to Neville. I just love how he wants to be brave like Neville, even after the mocking and bullying he did with his house towards Neville. My second favourite part was questioned the Sorting Hat and how close he was to being put in Gryffindor. Then asking himself if Hufflepuff would be suited so he can stand beside Neville!

This is defiantly going to my favourite list and I'll keep reading this over and over again till my emotions burst! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am still really proud of this little piece; I think it really stands the test of my aging, ever-critical eye, and I'm so happy to hear that you loved it, too!

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Review #2, by HollyStone73 Not a Neville Longbottom

7th March 2014:
I absolutely love this! You are showing a side to Blaise that I had never seen before and I love what you did. The way he reflects on the Slytherin traits and how he once cherished them, but has begun to resent them was very telling. I think my favorite part was him comparing himself to Neville (and the others, but especially Neville). You have done a great job capturing the despair and hopelessness that he was feeling throughout this. All-in-all a very well-written story that was enjoyable (if not abut sad) to read!

Author's Response: Blaise was always a character I wanted to see developed more, and I always hoped that there was at least one Slytherin who was actually a good person, or had the potential and desire to be. Thank you so much for your review, I really appreciate it.

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Review #3, by slytherindraco Not a Neville Longbottom

17th February 2012:
Slytherin house isn't THAT bad. You make it sound like everybody there except Blaise evil, which isn't true. People can change. You make them sound like aliens, like they aren't people... but they are! I'm sorry if this review has offended you in any way, I just wanted to let you know my opinion. ^^

Author's Response: Please, don't be sorry. I'm sorry if I offended YOU. Truthfully, this was misnamed and I just liked the banner so much I've never changed it. I should have named it I am a Death Eater because the stereotypes I was working from were not of Slytherins specifically, but of Voldemort's followers from the First War. I admit, there are stereotypes about the typical attitudes of Slytherin students I took from the Sorting Hat's songs, but for the most part, I wanted to show a different side of future Death Eaters. I really appreciate you said all this to me and I want you to know that I of course don't believe all Slytherins are bad because no person is all bad. I was merely working from stereotypes to create contrast, a common writing technique I'm fond of. (I also ask you a little leeway, I wrote this when I was fourteen and haven't really done much besides conventions editing since.)

I sincerely thank you for reviewing. It takes a lot of courage to submit a review like this; I know I find it difficult sometimes to be as brutally honest as you were.

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Review #4, by Ms Malfoy Not a Neville Longbottom

18th August 2010:
This was good, and you really dug into Blaise's realistic emotions. You gave a good background to the story and easily portrayed his feelings. The only way I think you can better your writing is to extend your vocab, although i really liked this piece. it was simple, but deep. Good Job :)

Author's Response: Why thank you. And thanks for the advice--writers always want that!

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Review #5, by Timechild Not a Neville Longbottom

11th November 2009:
An interesting point of view. Zabini showing regret is something that I have never read before. You can see his doubt in the story you write. I would love to see if he actually does something about it. You might want to write another chapter saying that.

Nicely written

Author's Response: Thank you. I am glad the emotion I wanted to come through came through.

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