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Review #1, by jjj Tuna or Ham?

30th April 2011:
umm a littke confusing

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Review #2, by HolyHeadHarpie Tuna or Ham?

30th July 2010:
This was interesting because I never pictured James and Petunia having much contact so it was an original idea and made you picture like what her reaction to James death was. So overall good story maybe check the spelling but other than that it's decent.

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Review #3, by Ann Ravenwood Tuna or Ham?

25th December 2009:
That NY performing arts school must not teach spelling--Tuney's typos were a bit distracting. Overall, though, this has a good dynamic among the characters.

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Review #4, by DramioneFan4Eva Tuna or Ham?

4th December 2009:
I didn't hate it, But I didn't love it either. There are a lot of spelling mistakes and that made it hard for me to totally decide what you were saying. Your plot was good. James and Petiunia are one couple I'm not fond of but this was nice.
-Emma xx

Author's Response: thanks :) and i know there alot off bad spellings ... its something im terrible at even with spell checker.

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Review #5, by *blink* Tuna or Ham?

31st October 2009:
Worst pairing ever. Least cannon pairing ever. My God.

Author's Response: fair doos its not for everyone but i love there pairing :)

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Review #6, by _Lady Marauder_ Tuna or Ham?

21st October 2009:
Hmm interesting pairing dear sounds a bit familiar... Have I started a craze? :] anyway good material but grammer and spelling errors. Beta will fix that. Feel free to ask me if you ever wanna talk about something :) ok ur turn!

Author's Response: Lol yeahh you inspred me there such a good pareing XD and yes i would love to talk to you about bata i have no idea how that works! i will review yurs now XD

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