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Review #1, by 65ashben Casey's New Partner.

2nd April 2010:
Interesting. The chapter was great. I can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: thanks dear:)

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Review #2, by Rosie_Posie Casey's New Partner.

28th February 2010:
Heya! I like this whole story so far! Hope there is more Casey Sirius in chapter 4!

Keep up the great writing!

I like the nervous rubbing habit thing that Casey does!

Author's Response: Hahaha. You're such a stunner for reviewing lovely girl. The rubbing thing is something I do all the time before I take tests so thanks for liking it. That makes me feel less like a freak. Don't worry there will absolutely be more sirius/casey in the next chapter, when that will be? That's another matter :)

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Review #3, by FredAndGeorgeForever Casey At the Bat

27th February 2010:
Haha I love this story.
Yes, the first chapter was much better but this was still awesome:)
Thanks for updating !

Author's Response: hahaha, thanks I think?
yeah no I got it, I was just in an everything is amazing kind of mindset when I wrote the first one, you know break and all. The next one best be up to your standards madam. :DDD

haha thanks for the review lovely.

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Review #4, by YellowCarstar Casey on Cloud Nine

13th January 2010:
Really love your story
Canr wait to

Author's Response: haha thanks. I'm trying to update this one but the queue is being so annoying. Really. It simply will not push my chapter through for my other story. :O
I'm trying I swear!

thanks for the review lovely.

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Review #5, by SiriusBlackFanatic Casey on Cloud Nine

10th January 2010:
I absolutely adore this story, i can't wait for more :)

You have yourself a fan, my friend.

Author's Response: haha thank you my dear.

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Review #6, by FredAndGeorgeForever Casey on Cloud Nine

28th December 2009:
eh i love it :)

cant wait for mores to reaaad !


Author's Response: haha thanks, I'm glad you like it lovely.
thanks for the review :D
xo natalie

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Review #7, by Rosie_Posie Casey on Cloud Nine

27th December 2009:
Hi! Good chapter! I liked how when it was in Sirius' POV at the end that you used the Maruders names! I think Remus seems nice!

Anyway, Keep up the great writing. I hope chapter 2 will be out soon after the queue reopening!

Author's Response: To be honest, so do I!! haha, My mom took my laptop. Thank god for ipods right? hehe.
thanks for the review lovely.

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Review #8, by Cadyn Casey on Cloud Nine

24th December 2009:
i'm really liking this story...
I like how Casey isn't in the same house as Sirius, it makes the story different-at least in my opinion.
I think this story has a lot of possibilities and i am excited to see where you take it!!
Update when you can!! :D

Author's Response: hah thanks Cady, is it Cady like in Mean Girls? That would make my day if that's how you said it. I'm sure you get that a lot. haha sorry, but thanks for the review:D I'll post when I can.
Happy Holidays

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Review #9, by LilyFlower_x Casey on Cloud Nine

17th December 2009:
:) seems like a very promising story
i look forward to he next chapter!
:D 10/10 !

Author's Response: haha I wish I could get all the chapters up now, stupid queue closure :D I'll try when it's done though! thanks for the review lovely.

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Review #10, by Moon Woman Casey on Cloud Nine

17th December 2009:
heheh I liked this chapter.

Update soon =]


Author's Response: I can't update soon, the queue closes in two days and the backlog is three :D hahaa bummer right? thanks for the review lovely.

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