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Review #1, by I am Lily Evans The next best thing

18th May 2010:
Hot story!!! It totally rulez. God Mia is just like my little sis and I hope she gets someone like Sirius

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Review #2, by Minniemouse The next best thing

25th January 2010:
The End???
Donīt get me wrong, I donīt want to offend you but...
did you lose interest in your own story? It that why it ended so abruptly?

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Review #3, by samitaclover The next best thing

24th January 2010:
that was really cute!

but i wanted them to kiss! lol

but i'm glad mia has her feelings sorted out..kinda..haha

by the way i hope this isn't the end cuz your story status still says work-in-progress!


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Review #4, by Haniewall87 Party of four

14th January 2010:
Thank Merlin for next time.

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Review #5, by anonymous For your own good

15th December 2009:
aww how sweet. i like it :)

Author's Response: Tks!
Next chapter being 'cooked'!

Merry Christmas!

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Review #6, by anonymous One more attempt

9th December 2009:
aww! update!! i must know what happens next ;D
lovely chapter 10/10

Author's Response: hi!
update already up to validation!
hope yoou keep on enjoying it!

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Review #7, by dundundun! One more attempt

8th December 2009:
that was way too sweet and cool...

Author's Response: tks! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #8, by alltimehero The challenge

12th November 2009:
I think Sirius as a charater is devolping really good. Not like in other storys where is the manwhore. he really loves james and he shows it really well. I think it may have gone a bit two fast with James and Lilys realconship , but other that that really good.
I need to go so i will read the remaning two chapter tomorrow :)

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Review #9, by alltimehero Mia Davis

12th November 2009:
the lovely banner made me check this amazing story.
first of really cleaver storyline. never thought of this, so congrats on succesfully coming up with a plot.
I think the love-foursome with Mia/James/Lily/Sirius are really cute.
and I'm no fan of Sirius/Lily but this time it did not bother me att all. which is obvisly a good thing.
I'm going to read the next chapter and see what i think of that. hope it is as good as this one.

Author's Response: Hi!
That's really nice of you. I hope you enjoy the rest!
I'll let lotrfan185 know that you like the banner - I totally agree with you, it's lovely!
Thanks a million,

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