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Review #1, by shay Guys? Kiss and make up already!

18th November 2014:
boo!!! THe inconsistencies were major in this story

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Review #2, by ep Bonfire

7th October 2012:
what is up with the excessive spacing between lines and paragraphs??

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Review #3, by . Blush

21st June 2012:
The start was really good but this chapter is just a bit ridiculous, the whole thing with ginny blaise and harry was a bit over the top and unrealistic and I feel the thing with hermione and draco is moving a bit too fast.

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Review #4, by Kymberly The sweet scent of jasmine

19th November 2011:
This is amazing so far, its so cute and fluffy XD
I really enjoy your writing, but i found this while searching for Hermione/Fred.
so that really confuses me Q_Q

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Review #5, by dracoisamazing2011 Going out into the big wide world

24th September 2011:
at the first cahp ginny said she liked michael then it goes off saying shes annoyed

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Review #6, by dracoisamazing2011 The sweet scent of jasmine

24th September 2011:
ok sooo in one part of they were afraid cause luicus but in this chapter he is dead and u also gave away the name in the chapter

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Review #7, by KtCabrera Slapped (1)

20th September 2011:
hey, You liked one of my stories i had started writing a few years back. I just wanted to let you know it was being written somewhere else now. If you want to know where you can read it just email me and let me know who you are. my email is suprprincess1646 at yahoo

starting to read this story, I like it =)

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Review #8, by Maximum Ride Let It Snow

15th August 2011:
you do know rating it Mature only works for the site and not the 12 year olds that dont care right? LOVE IT! you got them together alot quicker then the stories that take 30 chapters to make them friends. AND you made it seem natural! GREAT job!

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Review #9, by Shay_U Going out into the big wide world

26th July 2011:
Hey i like your story so far but found a little advice for you. im on chapter 13 where Jasmine says mama and its so adorable but shouldn't she be a little more talkative at that age? My son has been walking around and saying mama and dada since he was 8 months old and now that he is 1 he says kitty and that kind of stuff. Shouldn't she be able to do a little more than mama? anyway other than that i love it so far

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Review #10, by have no regrets Fist; meet Face.

24th July 2011:
I'm just saying I dot think you can find out your pregnant in one day:$

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Review #11, by Me Guys? Kiss and make up already!

9th July 2011:
THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Keep writing, you won't regret it.

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Review #12, by Me Insects and Idiots

9th July 2011:
The plot thinckens... AGAIN!!! It's so exciting!

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Review #13, by Me Going out into the big wide world

9th July 2011:
DRAMA! Gotta love it. I mean in a story. In real life, it sucks. I LOVE this story!!!

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Review #14, by Me Unexpected Complications that we might've been expecting.

9th July 2011:
Stop being so hard on yourself, it's a great story! (Oh btw, Hermione's middle name is Jean, not Rose. I know it's from a couple chapters back, but whatever.)

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Review #15, by malfoydraco Guys? Kiss and make up already!

8th December 2010:
I loved your story! Yours is one of the few that i can't guess or come drastically close to guessing the ending! it was total drama 101! I loved it!

Author's Response: thank you so much! it's great that people still enjoy my story, and that it's unpredictable. I'm still halfway through writing and validating the sequel, too. :)

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Review #16, by Oliiiii Guys? Kiss and make up already!

7th December 2010:
really good story!

Author's Response: Thankyou :)

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Review #17, by freashwaterplimpies Guys? Kiss and make up already!

3rd October 2010:
I enjoyed the story, the plot and everythin was fantastic, but it was a tad bit fast and you jumped a lot it seemed lie you were trying to make everything as short as possible. But nonetheless it was good. :D

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Review #18, by realhermionegrainger5 Tears

26th September 2010:
I think its fine. Nice job with Harry passing out

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Review #19, by jennie8lynn Guys? Kiss and make up already!

4th August 2010:
I read the whole Fan Fic and enjoyed it very much! It's a very complex story, but it is still very good! Can't wait to start reading the sequel!

Author's Response: thanks! Yeah, the first chapter of the new story has just validated this morning, i hope you like it and keep r&r'ing! :D

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Review #20, by Nik_Nik Flight then Fight

24th July 2010:
lots of great little momments in your story so far, but you need to make it more indepth, add more detail. let you imagination go wild :)

Author's Response: thanks for the advice, i will be editing later on once the sequel is up. thanks for R&R'ing xx

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Review #21, by milly Guys? Kiss and make up already!

22nd July 2010:
you need to put twilight in it to give it a mix it would be really intresting. please
:) and thank you

Author's Response: thats a really good idea, but im not into twilight ;)

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Review #22, by hallowsxhorcruxes The sweet scent of jasmine

20th July 2010:
ehh..this got kinda corny..

Author's Response: i know. i'm sorry! XD

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Review #23, by caicu Jamie

16th July 2010:
Whoa! This is a combination very explosive. Granger/Malfoy. Outch . prepare the firefighters... LOL

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Review #24, by dramonielover1 Perfection

9th July 2010:
it was so amazing... i hope you dont abandon this story. i want to know what happens next with the whole fred thing. i love this story. if it was 10 points maximum, i would chose, 20 that is how good it is. fantastic

Author's Response: thanks for the review and for reading! It's nice to know that people appreciate my writing. Unfortunately there is only one more chapter before a sequel (if i write one) and my internet downloads are almost up so I can't post the last chapter until about August the Fifth. :( I'm going to try anyway though. xx

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Review #25, by 1mag1nat1on Faison and Talley

7th July 2010:

birdie wants to live inside!

Author's Response: yer and you can guess what my inspiration for Jas was, cant you, miss imagination?!? lol i thought itd be something you'd say XD x

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