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Review #1, by Violet Potter 434 Family.

11th December 2017:
so I checked
and as far as I can see you haven't replied to a single review of this chapter so part of me doubts you'll reply to this
but after reading this amazing story I know that o matter how many years it takes you, i'll always be waiting to read the reply and the next chapter.

this is a beautifully written story that has made me cry in the last day and a half more times than i'd like to admit

I can't wait to see if you ever update this
I love the characters and whilst the time shifts confused me slightly at first I love the plot

the crazy lady at the honeymoon place made me laugh so much

update one day for me

love from me xxx xxx xxx

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Review #2, by y- JUST UPDATE LADY Family.

20th February 2017:
All these years... you can see from 2013 and it 2017 already and still...

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Review #3, by Give me a new chapter it Family.

3rd February 2017:
After all these years, this unfinished story is still my biggest heart break

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Review #4, by Ophelia Family.

4th January 2017:
Please, Please, Please come back and finish this. the suspense is killing me!

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Review #5, by Persephones_Child Family.

8th May 2016:
I am actually weeping because of this bloody story. I AM WEEPING. I am here begging you, BEGGING you to PLEASE make everyone happy and in love again my heart can't take it
Even if the story doesn't flow PLEASE just make them all happy please please please

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Review #6, by Nabihah Family.

2nd May 2016:

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Review #7, by viccy6 Donít Panic.

25th March 2016:
I have already left reviews on the two last chapters so I am trying a third time here :)

This is my definite favorite story on this site, and I am begging you to finish it! You have the best characters and the best plot and I would love to see how it ends! Please donīt leave us

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Review #8, by rosely Family.

2nd March 2016:
PLEASE update. This is my third time rereading and I end up miserable every time I finish

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Review #9, by ASDFGHJKL1234 Family.

27th June 2015:
PLS UPDATE THIS STORY, if not any of the others HUHUHU do it for Al, who is such an amazing /almost OC/ character who needs more stories written and FINISHED about him :(

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Review #10, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Family.

26th June 2015:
Oh please, PLEASE finish this story! I can't live without it!

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Review #11, by Parvaty Family.

14th May 2015:
Hey ,
Lovely story.. would be more amazing if you could finish it.. Obsessed with it :)

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Review #12, by Sera Murakami Gosh, Took You People Long Enough.

21st April 2015:
Merlin, This is beautiful.

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Review #13, by Sera Murakami Well. This is Awkward.

21st April 2015:
Merlin, This book is precious! A Classic! My stomach hurt from laughing too hard!

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Review #14, by beka_wotter Family.

24th March 2015:
Wouldn't you like to know what it's like to finish a longer fic?

There's no denying your a good writer otherwise you wouldn't have hundreds of people begging for updates. I would even say you've be a bit cruel.

Not even one longer story finished.

Sorry to be harsh but at this point I would say anything to get you to update. I hope one day something changes.

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Review #15, by  Family.

11th March 2015:
It's been years, please update :(

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Review #16, by gracelyn Family.

24th June 2014:
I love your story...PLEASE UPDATE IT!

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Review #17, by ASDFGHJKL Family.

17th April 2014:

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Review #18, by Loving_Sirius_4eva The Beginning of the End...of my life.

4th April 2014:
I love it:) Sounds amazing. I shall continue reading :)

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Review #19, by Harrybookworm148 The Beginning of the End...of my life.

25th March 2014:
It's been more than two years since you've updated :( I guess I understand if you've got writers block but 2 years?? I just love all of your stories so much and I can't stand not knowing what's happening to all of the characters!! Please please please update soon!!

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Review #20, by blue Hedwig I'm Officially Creeped Out

24th March 2014:
You wrote this in India??? I live in India!
On namah shivaya!

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Review #21, by blue Hedwig I'm Officially Creeped Out

24th March 2014:
You wrote this in India??? I live in India!
On namah shivaya!

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Review #22, by MrPadfoot77 Family.

9th March 2014:
Well howdy... First off, I'd like to say that your stories never get old. I've legitimately read this one nine or ten times, and it still tugs at my heart. Secondly, where did you disappear to? I mean, I don't expect daily updates from authors or anything, but you'd think that eventually you'd WANT to finish this story to satisfy everybody's curiousity, including your own. This storyline is absolutely brilliant. There's literally no story quite like it, and for that, I applaud you. However, I'd much prefer if you updated! This is quite possibly one of the biggest cliffhangers I've had to cope with. Like, I keep imagining how I COULD turn out and all, but I want you to finish it and make it concrete.

Anyways, enough of that rant. So , Blake (he's precious, by the way) is finally getting to meet the Potter/Weasley Clan. I can honestly say that this can go several directions, but I'm (secretly, of course) hoping you satisfy us by eventually putting Adele and Al together, making the perfect family for dear Blake. I know it'll take some building, along with ups and downs, but I cannot wait to see your twist on it.

So, to summarize, update (pleeeaaase!!!), I love this story, and Blake is a sweetheart. Oh yeah, and I FREAKING LOVE YOUR STORIES PLEASE COME BACK! ;)

That is all,


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Review #23, by NiŮa bonita Family.

6th March 2014:
Ok, this was good but there were few things I disliked. First of all, is Malfoy manor protected or not?
Second, if Albus loved her the way he did, he would not react like an asshole after they had sex, and I think you did not think trough it and for some reason you just added few random things and speed up for the sake of your story and more interesting plot. Also, there is no way in hell that Harry Potter could not find her or his grandchildren if he wanted to, and we see they all tried.
So story is nice, but last few chapters were worse and made no sense.
Please continue and make me understand your intention because I really liked it in general.

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5th March 2014:
This is so amazing. Please write more. Last 4 chapters made me cry. I am literally crying while commenting on this.
Please, write more! You must!

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Review #25, by sunshine&daisies Family.

13th February 2014:
Come back :(. This story is too good to be abandoned.

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