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Review #1, by LunaNotLoony Lily's Valentine

11th April 2014:
Fluff!! And the Harry stuff made me laugh so hard... poor Harry. Scared for life all right. Remus and Sirius and Severus seem to get on a bit too well, though.

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Review #2, by Arcinine Lupin Lily's Valentine

8th November 2012:
Poor Harry for seeing Sev and Lily having you know what and poor Sirius for having to try to explain it to Harry

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Review #3, by sparrowdawn Lily's Valentine

27th March 2010:
That was so sweet! And funny! I think I cracked a rib laughing so hard when Harry asked Sirius and Remus what Sev and Lily were doing! Priceless! You do have a way with words!

Author's Response: Thanks! I laughed really hard writing this. :)

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Review #4, by irrelevant Lily's Valentine

14th October 2009:
Very nicely written. :) I love toddler Harry, he's sooo cute :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Harry is always a sweet and mischievous little thing.

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Review #5, by David Wang Lily's Valentine

7th October 2009:
Emotional, and with extra surprises.

Good luck on the contest!

Author's Response: Thanks and yesit was really emotional.

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Review #6, by Liana Lily's Valentine

6th October 2009:
That was very well written. I enjoyed reading it although it made me sad, knowing what happened--with Lily dying and all. I love it when Moony and Padfoot get up to their shenanigans. I did have to laugh when Sirius was trying to figure out how to explain what Lily and Sev were doing. The memory and sleep charms were the perfect solution. As usual, I got hungry reading your food descriptions. Excellent piece of writing and good luck in the contest.

Author's Response: Yeah this was both sad and romantic and funny. I make myself hungry with those, LOL! Thanks, hopefully I'll get it featured.

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Review #7, by Wanted Free7 Lily's Valentine

6th October 2009:
Ha that was SO funny, especially at the end. If Sirius hadn't oblivated him, he would've been scarred! I like the part where Remus could barely talk because he was laughing so hard. Amazing! 10/10!!

I got a banner for my story, and I looked up on how I'm supposed to put it in my story. It won't go in my story. I hate having a Mac right now. Do you think you can help me?

Author's Response: Have you tried pasting the Direct link into the Summary using the picture icon? It's the icon with the little mountain and sun. You click on it and a box pops up and you can then paste the URL link into the box and click OK and it should come up. Make sure there are no spaces in the link. That's how I do it. If you only get a link then it wasn't the right URL. Hope this helps! So glad you loved Lily's Valentine!

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Review #8, by Annie Lily's Valentine

6th October 2009:
Oh wonderful! Same time beautiful, sad and funny, i really liked it

Author's Response: Thanks! I really liked this one it was fun to write.

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Review #9, by angelice86 Lily's Valentine

6th October 2009:
damn but this story made me remember "where the shadows go" and made me cry... but its nice though... like sevy i love remembering good old time with the people you love before they "go"...

Author's Response: yeah it was kind of bittersweet, but I still enjoyed it.

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