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Review #1, by happy_person James Potter's Revenge

15th October 2010:
lol, could still be tweaked a bit more, just to make it run more smoothly, but a good idea overall.

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Review #2, by GryffindorGirl153 James Potter's Revenge

19th July 2010:
haha this was really cute. i especially liked the ending :D
james and lily are so adorable. i love it!

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Review #3, by Squid7000 James Potter's Revenge

17th February 2010:
Aw, I completely adored this. Seriously, it was so adoarable and funny and cute and, just, AW!

LOVED when James was all freaking out about the apocalypse and how he got so paranoid over her calling him by his first name. So fuuny and adorable and characterizations were wonderful and I just loved it!


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Review #4, by :) James Potter's Revenge

25th December 2009:

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Review #5, by girly1393 James Potter's Revenge

10th November 2009:
"Shut up, Furball."

"Shut up, mutt."


Ah, I loved this. C'est incroyable! Fantastique!

An amazing sequel.

Bravo, bravo, bravo to you.

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Review #6, by Happy Lily Potter James Potter's Revenge

30th October 2009:
Hahaha! that was hilarious and cute!! Great great job!!

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Review #7, by Detruit James Potter's Revenge

11th October 2009:


oh gosh. i can practically imagine hm squirming and everything like a litle child. i thank he's gone insane. not to mention that awesome banner, he's all scruffly and stubbley. it's yummy.

we'll call him Isane!James, i love him. (:

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Review #8, by Lostaroundlondon James Potter's Revenge

7th October 2009:
Really reAlly REALLY reALLY good work! it was so funny! its cute how unsure of himself James is... lol and his ranting about the world ending was funny too :D

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Review #9, by sreduaram James Potter's Revenge

7th October 2009:
this is incredibly cute :) i love both their forms of "revenge". and James just sounds so confused!
i really love how you've written it. because every set of l/j revenge is always so brutal to one of them, but this has made it so light hearted and sweet.
i love it!

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