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Review #1, by LizzieMalfoy We're Both Weaklings

26th September 2011:
who won the chocolate contest?

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Review #2, by hazeltonks123098 We're Both Weaklings

18th January 2011:
I randomly come back to this story every like three months or so and I ALWAYS forget about Sirius barging in on them and it ALWAYS makes me laugh my ass off.

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Review #3, by WhatAboutRegulus We're Both Weaklings

1st April 2010:
Love this one shot. i was laughing a lot at it!!! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I'm so happy you like it!

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Review #4, by Singer Of All Songs We're Both Weaklings

27th January 2010:

Author's Response: *Bounces in chair happily* Yay! I'm so glad it made you laugh! -Charly

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Review #5, by Sarah We're Both Weaklings

4th December 2009:
Oh my gosh, I'm actually happy your writing is so good that I might kill myself if I didn't feel what it was like to be in Lily's P.O.V. I'm so wet now!! Sorry but, it's really true! God, I might faint. I LOVED IT!!

Author's Response: *Starts Cracking up laughing* OMG!! You're a total NUT!! I like totally love you now~! Thanks SO much for leaving a review!! and I am sorry about getting you all wet, I do know how annoying that can be! *Smirks* anyhoo, Thanks loads! *Hugs and cookies* -Charly

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Review #6, by Jaded94 We're Both Weaklings

30th November 2009:
Ahahaha! Such a shame we didnt see the chocolate one too! Because this one was amazing! I laughed my way through reading it! :D x

Author's Response: *SCREAMS* Awesome!! I'm so glad you love it!! I actually reread it a couple weeks ago for the first time and I started laughing too. I'd completely forgot what it was about. Anyhoo.. Thanks tons for leaving a review!!! *Hugs and cookies* -Charly
Bytheway. I ADORE all you're stories! You are amazing when it comes to Lily and James!!

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Review #7, by Snagglepuss We're Both Weaklings

9th November 2009:
Ah that was amazing! I really loved the description and i laughed so hard when they got caught red handed!

Author's Response: *Bursts out laughing!!!* YAYAYAY! I'm so happy you liked it!!! Thanks so much for leaving a review!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! *Claps and loads of cookies* -Charly

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Review #8, by kassandra466 We're Both Weaklings

3rd November 2009:
OMG amazing chapter!!! i love this story!!!

Author's Response: *Smiles* Thanks!! I Love this one too!!! I wrote it like forever ago but I still love it! You're awesome! wait I already told you that.*Smiles shyly* -Charly

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Review #9, by breezieair We're Both Weaklings

18th October 2009:
CUTE ENDING!! I love sirius bursting in on them! very cute! write more of them!


Author's Response: Aww, Thanks tons! I'll try. I'm very lazy so unless I'm just sitting there and something just POOF comes to me and I have to write it, I usually just read everyone else's stories. But we'll see what happens! Thanks again! *Cookies* -Charly

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Review #10, by Twilight123 We're Both Weaklings

17th October 2009:
Oh my god, it's just amazing! I loved it so freaking much! :D I loved the way you ended it with another bet. :) Amazing story!!! :D


Author's Response: OMFG!!! YOU'RE SO AWESOME!!! Thanks tons for this review!!! I LOVED IT! Bytheway, I'm a total Twilight fan too. That's what you're usernames for right??? Anyhoo, I'm so happy you liked it! Thanks again for reviewing! *Gives you loads of cookies* -Charly

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Review #11, by Alicia07 We're Both Weaklings

14th October 2009:
This was great! It was adorable and sexy at the same time, I loved it! :)

Author's Response: THNX YOU SO MUCH! I think this one is one out of two of my stories that is my favorite! Thnx for leaving a review! *cookies* -Charly

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Review #12, by Larisa We're Both Weaklings

11th October 2009:
amazing i absolutely loved it its hilarious and entertaining

Author's Response: Aw, That you SO FREAKING MUCH! You're adorable! I'm so happy you liked it! *Hands you cookies*-Charly

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Review #13, by WWLAJD We're Both Weaklings

8th October 2009:
Oh my gosh this was so good!! It was adorable, and seductive, and sweet, and just freaking amazing!

Author's Response: AWW, Thank you like a million tons! I wrote this a LONG time ago. First review on this one! Awesome. Thnx again! *Hands you basket of cookies* -Charly

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