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Review #1, by dx3bydt3 Epilogue

5th October 2011:
Thank you for sharing this story, you've definitely got talent. Your portrayal of the characters was really well done.

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Review #2, by nikki Epilogue

7th August 2011:
It was amazing!! Loved it!

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Review #3, by ME The Little Things

8th June 2011:
In England, they say Mum instead of Mom. Just so you know. Rose could probably get away with Mom because she spent all that time in America though. Really good story!

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Review #4, by Potternerd1997 Epilogue

23rd April 2011:
This has been so wonderful! Honestly, I think I liked this story best because of the idea of the 2nd Generation kids learning of their parents' feats - an idea I've always loved and hope to use one day - and because of my own relationship with my mother. We fight a lot, but I'm getting over my own petty problems and learning that I love her too much to go for too long without aplogising. I'm partial to Rose and Scorpius, but Kenny is a great character who I can relate to some of the guys I go to school with and you made all of the 2nd Gen really easy to relate to and understand. You are such a talented writer with such good ideas and inspirations and I am so grateful you wrote this story. Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by Nitenel (not logged in) Epilogue

22nd February 2011:
Sequel? Please? Maybe?

Author's Response: haha maybe. I've got some stuff I've been thinking about. :)

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Review #6, by sinwillys822 Epilogue

12th February 2011:
i am happy with the end, but the story still says WIP not completed. 10's all around anyway.

Author's Response: Wow thanks!! And you're right, I have to change that :)

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Review #7, by Icydevil Epilogue

12th February 2011:
OMG, this story is complete! I have to tell you that I absolutely loved reading this. The whole story/concept was brilliant! I'll definately miss your story!

Author's Response: I can't believe it's done!! Thanks for all the reviews and support, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #8, by Avanell 2 Epilogue

12th February 2011:
great finale for a fantastic story :)

Author's Response: Thanks!! and thanks for all the reviews thoughout the whole story!! They made me feel great and want to keep writing :)

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Review #9, by Padfoot7 Epilogue

11th February 2011:
Loved it. You should be proud on a well written story! Congratulations!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #10, by Icydevil For Yourself

8th February 2011:
This story is about to end and that makes me really sad ='(
Another good chapter. Great to know she's going back. Will eagerly wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I'm sad it's near the end too! I've been writing it for a long time. Thanks for the review and reading this far :)

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Review #11, by sinwillys822 For Yourself

8th February 2011:
aww i am happy that they convinced her to go back, can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks! It's getting near the end, I hope you like it.

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Review #12, by Avanell 2 For Yourself

7th February 2011:
Awesome update. :) Love Hermione. Supportive of her daughter first.

Author's Response: Thanks!! See, everyone is turning over a new leaf. :)

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Review #13, by Rocket man It Was You

6th January 2011:
When are you going to update?? Please update soon!

Author's Response: It's almost done I promise. ;-)

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Review #14, by anonymous Not Just a Really Bad Dream

2nd January 2011:
sorry, sorry.

Author's Response: Chill out. Don't freak out too soon haha. Just keep reading and you'll see what happens ;)

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Review #15, by Spiky It Was You

11th December 2010:
Nice chapter. Would loveto see more hermione-rose moments. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it. The rest is coming along and should be up soon. :)

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Review #16, by Rachel It Was You

26th November 2010:
I really like this story! I can't wait for the end. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it!! Hopefully, it'll be finished soon. :)

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Review #17, by sinwillys822 It Was You

25th November 2010:
i liked the chapter and maybe they can get rose to finish school in england, cant wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Hmmm...what will Rose do in England?? We'll just have to see. Glad you liked the chapter.

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Review #18, by Icydevil It Was You

25th November 2010:
I love you for updating soo fast, SIRIUSly. It was a good chapter and I simply loved that French minister's letter!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm glad I was able to update fast too! Haha - love the Sirius pun ;)

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Review #19, by Avanell 2 It Was You

25th November 2010:
great to find an update!

Author's Response: Thanks!! Glad to know you read it! :)

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Review #20, by Sean Accusations and Threats

25th November 2010:
I was just saying the other day about how I wanted James and Albus to become Aurors. You got one of them! It makes me so happy

Author's Response: Haha yeah I've always thought the smae thing. Glad I could help :)

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Review #21, by Akussa It Was You

25th November 2010:
Great chapter once again! I have to say that the cheezy melodramatic story of how Rose helped Hermione move on brought tears to my eyes... It was very well written.

I really love your style as a writter; you're characters are so perfectly written that I can go and read another story with the same characters, written differently and come back to yours and they feel more real than any others. I can't help but think that you have given them the life that definitly belong to them.

If you allow me, being a French-speaker at first, I would sugest you a different translation of the letter?

"Très chère Hermione... Votre terrifiante attaque nous a tous inquiété. Personnellement, je ne saurais que faire si vous n'étiez pas ma contrepartie britannique. Votre beau visage me manque quotidiennement. Je vous souhaite une récupération rapide et complète; Avec amour, Pierre

Other than that, I have to point out something I noticed coming a lot in this chapter (and had never seen before). You finished a lot of sentences - mostly in dialogues - with a coma instead of a point.

Other than that, it's still so enjoyable to read this story and congrats on the quick update!!


Author's Response: Thanks!! I appreciate the better translation, even I know (and I only took four years of high school Spanish) that those online ones can be weird. I'm gad you liked the chapter!

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Review #22, by Sean Not Just a Really Bad Dream

25th November 2010:
I think you mirror JK Rowling's style marvelously, especially when you had harry and ron bursting into the hospital both blaming themselves

Author's Response: Wow thanks!! That's like the highest compliment you could give me!

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Review #23, by pottyweaselfanatic Their Story

21st November 2010:
Whoa finally!!! i wiash u elaborate more... and you forgot the dragon part when they broke into gringott, imagine the kid's reaction to that!! but it's a great chapter!! Good Job!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I was trying to pick and choose the parts I actually explained. The assumtion is that they told the whole story, but I wasn't going to retell the books. That part would have been a good one though, it is pretty epic, and I did bring it up before. Thanks again!

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Review #24, by ALittletoomuchlikeHermione Their Story

19th November 2010:
YAY! wow, this is like perfection. and it's almost made all the more sweet by the super long wait. It was such an amazing surprise to see it pop up in my RSS. :) and even more joy when i actually read it. You did super well. Other than a few grammar and spelling blips it's the face of sheer perfection! thanks so much!

Author's Response: Wow thanks a ton!! I'm glad to know spelling and grammar (which will always be my downfall, no matter how hard I try) was all you saw wrong. I had a hard time with this one. Thanks again :)

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Review #25, by Gina123 Their Story

19th November 2010:
OMG! FINALLY! After all these years! Lolz..Juz kidding, but seriously it's been very very long. Anyways, Great story..but short. I hope da next 1 will be updated faster!

Author's Response: Haha thanks!! I'm glad you liked it and I'm sorry about the wait. The next chapter will be up faster I promise. :)

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