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Review #1, by Iellwen Mugshot

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!! :)

This is definitely one of the best Bellatrix POV's I've read so far! Wow, that was intense!!

I love that you kept most of her thoughts short and that you didn't even start them with a capital, because that's Bellatrix's mind, it's not 'proper' and 'ordered' per usual so it'd be even more chaotic during her stay in Azkaban.

I really love that she punched the wall until her fists bled, just so see there's still something warm in her even though she's locked away in the cold cell, surrounded by Dementors - even though it surprised me at first that Bellatrix would want to feel warmth, this is not under normal context and she's somewhat human in the end :)

I also love that she thought of her sisters, yearning for them close and laughing, because even though Bellatrix is scary crazy, she'd still defend Narcissa with her life if may be and I like to think that, deep down inside, she feels regret for losing Andromeda. As you wrote her rotting away in her cell, I can believe that Bellatrix would only admit to herself that one time, that she misses Andromeda's laugh even if she 'betrayed' her blood.

And for all the compassion I started to feel for Bellatrix, you added the bits with spiders - I'm not actually fond of spiders but I'm not a fan of animal cruelty either, so I squirmed with the arachnid as its legs were pulled of or as the other was squished...
I love that Bellatrix didn't let Azkaban ruin her lust for pain and destruction :D

This was a great read!
Kudos on writing it!! :)


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Review #2, by Bella Ella Cinderella Mugshot

8th April 2011:
Speaking as a die-hard Bellatrix fan, this was freaking fantastic!

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Review #3, by Anaiviv Mugshot

31st July 2010:
You have an amazing style! Its beautiful, haunting,and seems to echo forever in the mind.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Wow. Wowee. Thanks so much. It's reviews like this that spur me on to continue writing.

I apologise for not having uploaded anything recently... I've been hangin' around at fanfiction . net for a while.

If you're interested, my username is pickled-balloons. I've published a few more little ficlets onto that account, and I'd love you to read them! :)

I'm kind of experimenting with different styles at the moment. So, it's all over there, but I will, at some point publish over here too.

Thank you again! Love for ya. :D

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Review #4, by nitenel Mugshot

17th May 2010:
Oh. My. God. That was amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #5, by Reyes91 Mugshot

10th March 2010:
Dude, this was such an interesting story. I don't even know what else to say. I love how it was written. The way you scattered out the words just showed Bellatrix's descent into...well, insanity. It was great. Good job.


Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm really glad you liked it - Bella's 'scattered thoughts' were just what I wanted to convey, so waheyy!

Thanks again for reviewing - I'm off to snoop around your page. :D

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Review #6, by Kirsty Weasley Mugshot

10th March 2010:
oooh! Thats creepy! Like seriously weird and creepy- and I love it! It's different to anything else i've read on HPFF. Good job :) - Kirsty x

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Creepy was what I was looking for, so it's all good. :D

Thank you again for reviewing, it means a lot. You've made my day!

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Review #7, by evanlyn Mugshot

24th October 2009:
Wow this was really different and really interesting, I enjoyed it alot.

Author's Response:
Thank you so much :D
I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #8, by ILVMERLIN Mugshot

9th October 2009:
Darling, this story is inchanting,
Every word gripped me, i was in a trance,
I could feel the cold of Azkaban, the terror, the horror
I sensed her pain, her anquish... her madness.
You have.THE GIFT.
I Love THIS STORY... it's not a's eternity...

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! Haha. I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

I don't really know what to say, other than thank you, and I'm completely dumbstruck!


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Review #9, by DRACOS_GAL_1994 Mugshot

8th October 2009:
This is the COOLIEST!!
Soph, my little Pumpkin, You are Amazing!
I was AMAZED -or rather FLABAGASTED- at this Fabulous, yet One-of-a-kind, story-Thing.
Bellatrix is DA BEST, (just like you) and this story is OFFICIALLY my favourite. . . . (apart from the Dramione, which will soon be out -YAYY!)
I will now beat-up 'redherring' because she is simply, not stealing my Best Friend off of me. :)
But Yeah. AMAZING.
ist fantastisch! c'est genial! umm... Yeah,
Thats it really :)
Ohh, and I will finish the song for Bellatrix . . .
'mbed up the spout again' XD

OKAYY. Now Im done.

Author's Response: SAMMAY.

Thank you so much puddin'! But YOU are amazinger. ;)

*has giant grinning fit*

Thanks so much for the review. Gah, I love you. And YES. The Dramione should be out sooner or later (I keep liking it and then hating it. it's not good enough. I'm FAILING.)

And no-one is EVER going to steal me! Like I said, there's not much reason living if your not around. Apart from Harry Potter. But that's not reason enough really, is it? xD

je voudrais une kilo de pomme! (LMAO. I'm actually laughing.)

And Bella said thanks. Stupid spider dying on her! >:(

I just...


I really don't want to have my picture taken tomorrow either. The last thing they need is another picture of my *laughable* (yeah, thats right. 'just look at it, seriously' xD) face on the walls... :S hahaha!

anyway, yes, I lav a'you. :D thank you again!
x x x x

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Review #10, by icequeencissa Mugshot

7th October 2009:
I love this story! You are one of the best writers ever. I love the way you described everything and the style was amazing. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you, so much. You've made my day.

This is one of the nicest reviews I've ever recieved!

I was unsure whether this piece was a little "out there", in all truth, so I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you again. I'm off to snoop around your page. ;)


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