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Review #1, by marauderslover15 The First Encounter

15th August 2014:
Hi. I really like the way it began and really looking forward to reading the rest. =)

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Review #2, by Narcissamalfoy394 Epilogue: Aftermath

6th August 2014:
Please please please write a sequel. And ifu have already what is its name ??

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Review #3, by cheshirecat23 Epilogue: Aftermath

22nd November 2011:
Great story. I really enjoyed reading this. Hope you update the sequel soon.

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Review #4, by katkaaax3 A Moth To The Flame

17th August 2011:
omg i just read only the first three chapters and i am already in love with your story :D

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Review #5, by Samanthaxxo The Creation And Destruction Of Life

9th August 2011:
this was so amazing! I loved the ending. Please don't keep us hanging!!! Write a sequel :)

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Review #6, by TomFeltonishot Epilogue: Aftermath

2nd July 2011:
OMG!! The story was amazing. It is on my top three list for best fanfics. Your a really talented writer and not a lot of fanfics really go as deep and as emotinol as yours did.

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Review #7, by Mystery Epilogue: Aftermath

14th May 2011:
this is awesome u should make a sequel

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Review #8, by weasleywizardwheezes101 Avoiding The Issue

10th April 2011:
I'm pretty much obsessed with this story so far. I just discovered it tonight but I'm pretty attached to it already! You're a really good writer too! You got me attached to this story from like the first sentence!

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Review #9, by gymnast23 Epilogue: Aftermath

7th March 2011:
Okay, I won't lie. I feel like a ferret. I completely abandoned this story, and if I didn't I forgot everything that's happened. But you wrote it all really well, and this is the best Hermione getting pregnant story I've ever read. Anyways, I'm off to read the sequel!


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Review #10, by Selenalee Epilogue: Aftermath

6th March 2011:
Ok I liked it but it's just like the other stories they end up apart and I hate it will anyone just put them together for once!!!

Author's Response: read the sequel :P

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Review #11, by malfoydraco Epilogue: Aftermath

12th December 2010:
That was... one of the best stories I have ever read! It was sooo good! I love the ending!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) that means a lot to me. Take a look at the sequel :D xoxo

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Review #12, by karen Epilogue: Aftermath

25th September 2010:
i love it C:
but it can not finish like that
i need to know what's going to happen with Draco
his reaction
are you writing more?

Author's Response: I am writing more. The prologue for the next story is almost done :) I've had a break from the sequel for a little while cause I went into the Inception fandom but now I should be back for good to bring you the concluding story :D excited much? xD

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Review #13, by RainbowsArePretty Epilogue: Aftermath

16th September 2010:
Okay, wow!! You need to post that sequel, 'cause that is like, such a mean cliffhanger. I have to tell you this: you did the whole pregnancy thing REALLY well. Most writers make it all tacky, and it was refreshing to see someone who could write it so well. :)

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Review #14, by hpfaninindiana Epilogue: Aftermath

14th September 2010:
how can you leave such a good story with an epilogue that does not conclude the story, but rather leaves the reader at a cliff hanger? please, please write a sequel or something, just to leave us with a real ending!!!

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Review #15, by FallenAmaranth His Heart Beat

2nd September 2010:
does draco have the dark mark?? just cas he took his shirt of she would have noticed it.. I Love it though.. x

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Review #16, by minnedigits Epilogue: Aftermath

16th August 2010:
Great story. But I totally demand a sequel!
Such a cliffhanger is cruel!
hands down!

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Review #17, by Evermore Epilogue: Aftermath

9th August 2010:
Arrrg! Please Please PLEASE! make a sequel! :D! I love this story!

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Review #18, by sophia_byrne Avoiding The Issue

1st August 2010:
normally i dont leave reviews untill the end of the story, but i think yours maybe the only exeption! I loved the last paragraph 'He, like his mother, was known as Malfoy, not Draco. Draco was an entirely different person to Malfoy. Draco had feelings, he cared for other people. He liked Hermione Granger. If that didnít prove Draco was different to Malfoy, nothing did.' That was just a great piece of writing! it showed depth and emotion which not many other authors can capture as simply and artfully as you did. You have a gift in writing. you carry on writing, i'm off to finish reading your story. lovely as always x

Author's Response: wow...Thank you so much :D this review has made my day. I am so chuffed. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)


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Review #19, by harry_potter_girl Epilogue: Aftermath

23rd June 2010:
Are you almost done writing the sequal? I really want to see what happens.

Author's Response: I've almost finished the Prologue so you'll get it soon. Having a problem with thinking of a name though :S
Cheers for reviewing :D

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Review #20, by Floometotherain Epilogue: Aftermath

14th June 2010:
You would be retarded if you didnt make a sequal.

Author's Response: Lol, ok, thanks? I'll take that as a compliment :)

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Review #21, by Antique Epilogue: Aftermath

4th June 2010:
I love your story:) I am writing stories too but its not as good as yours. Do you a sequel to this? If you don't you should, I am dying to find out what happens afterwards.

Author's Response: Thank you every one for the comments. A sequel is in progress you'll be pleased to hear :D

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Review #22, by SnapesSecertKeeper Epilogue: Aftermath

23rd May 2010:
i love it i know this was last updated a long while ago but i actually you make a sequal! i hope you do! good luck if you do, but if you dont thats all right. congrats on the story!

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Review #23, by Bewitchingly_Beautiful Epilogue: Aftermath

22nd May 2010:
Omg! No, no, no! That was, like, one of the best and worst cliff hangers EVER!
Please, you have to make a sequel!
Uber please?!?!

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Review #24, by crestwood Epilogue: Aftermath

9th May 2010:
No! You absolutely have to write a sequel! I love this so much. You're a great writer. Keep it up! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks :D The prologue for the sequel is almost done xx

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Review #25, by kme Epilogue: Aftermath

18th April 2010:
You have absolutely no idea of how much your amazing fanfic NEEDS an equally amazing sequel!!! Please, oh please write one!

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