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Review #1, by LindaSnape The Marketplace

25th February 2010:
Wow, as much as I adore Scorp/Rose, I find myself in love with this. Because, after all, not all stories can have that fairytale ending that we've come to love or that dramatic 'you don't love me, then I'm going to die' melodrama. I think the ending you provided here was sufficient and realistic.

It's really sad, though. :(

The writing was good, though. I rather enjoyed that you wrote it from the first person perspective. The word choices were good and it flowed well.

I liked the characterization and how she compared him to his father. Because he really did act like a Slytherin. >_> Not that all Slytherins are bad, but enough of them are. Anyway, back to the story.

I couldn't help but feel bad for poor Rose, though. I kind of wanted to punch Hermione for crying, though. Probably sounds evil of me, but I do have an explanation. I just thought that was tactless - Rose is the one that's probably feeling heartbroken and her mother's the one that cries? Argh. Heh, but I expect after two years she would be feeling disappointed, too.

I kind-of wanted to punch her family, too, for being so insensitive to her and her feelings. Heh, I guess this story makes me feel violent toward Weasley's. o_O

Anyhow, nice job!

Author's Response: I felt like the dig she made about Scorpius being like his father was a low-blow. It may just be me, but I always feel like bringing up someone's family like that is always a no-no, no matter how mad or hurt you are.

I laughed when you said you wanted to punch Hermione! I hadn't intended that, but the more I re-read it, the more I want to punch her, too! I'm glad my mom never made me feel like that after break-ups!

I felt like the rest of the Weasley's wouldn't be able to help the Malfoy-bashing though. The bad blood just goes way back.

Thanks for the thoughtful review, I really appreciate it!

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Review #2, by belladonnaflames The Marketplace

5th January 2010:
this was good, sad, but really good.

Author's Response: Thanks, I like the sad stuff. And I had just broken up with my boyfriend when I wrote this.

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Review #3, by Artist_Angie The Marketplace

18th November 2009:
I really liked this, it was a break from all the 'look into his/her eyes & fall in love' stories that are all over this site, don't get me wrong I love them. (:

Hahaha, anyways this was a good story.

Author's Response: I'm the same way. I really love reading the romance-y stuff, but when I write, I don't want to re-do other stuff I've read, so I write sad stuff. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by baletgir The Marketplace

12th October 2009:
Aww that was so sad, but wonderful at the same time. You are a great writer and I enjoyed reading this so much! Great Job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm so glad you liked it!

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