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Review #1, by Starlight Echo Tip # 2: How to Get Boys

1st December 2009:
Hey it's really good! :) Awesome! Please update soon! xxx

Author's Response: Thanks so much, i'm glad you liked it!! :)

- Yasmin

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Review #2, by BonnieFredrickShruti Popularity

30th November 2009:
Helllo! °Hola! Bonjour! CiŠo! Mambo! Hoi! Aloha! Namaste!.um wazz up?? :P (my amazing super-duper greeting) Anyways..Hi! I loved your story! I thought the whole thing with popularity is super-amazing! Well I liked the part where Elsie was saying how she is not blonde or doesn't have straight hair and stuff kinda reminds me of real life u know? Trust me I'm not popluar not like the blondie bimbos at my school but I'm not all geeky I have tons of friends who are just.crazy, weird,and lovable! Lol I hope things would get better for Elsie and the story is not short it is just right loved how u wrote it amazing again.I kinda sound stupid so please bear with me.well if I could I would reward this 11/10 cause it's amazing in my book of reviews lol well I'll keep reading! And by the way you kinda write like this author called Crumpets she wrote these two amazing stories called Coastlines and Life Needs Flavor do you happen to know her if not thanks anyways! Bonnie

Author's Response: Heey! thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked my story! ::) i was hoping for that. :D awwh, you make me blush :D Unfortunetly i don't think i do, but just cause you said that, i'll search her! :)

- Yasmin

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Review #3, by Zoe Lovegood Tip # 1: Dress to Impress

6th November 2009:
I like it! :) Keep writing more!

Author's Response: Thanks, look out for the third chapter soon! ;)

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Review #4, by EffyFoSho Popularity

27th October 2009:
It's based on How to be Popular by Meg Cabot, right? I love that story!
Anyway, I liked the first chapter - it was a really good set-up for the rest of the story how it explained Rose and Al's falling out and how Elsie got dragged into it.
It was a little short though, but prolouges are always short so I don't really mind.
Love the song, I love Boys like Girls :]

Author's Response: Yes, i loved that story too :D Thanks so much, im acually writing the seconed chapter right now :) BOYS LIKE GIRLS =AMAZING! hehe :P

- Yazzy

p.s when i saw your review i was like chanthing ohmiigod under my breath i love your story Vanilla Spice and Love,Lies&Lipstick!...Just thought i'd mention it ^_^

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Review #5, by Lalala Popularity

5th October 2009:
It was pretty good (I'm sure it'll pick up the pace next chapter cuz the first ones usually pretty slow :) ) please update soon

Author's Response: Yes, hopefully it will! Its most likely i'll probably sumbit the next chapter for the que by Friday, so keep on the look out! Thanks :)

- Yasmin

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Review #6, by phoenixy_friend Popularity

5th October 2009:
Okay, I just recently read that book (therefore my recognition of the theme through the summary), and was just wondering, shouldn't this be a crossover?
PS- sorry, but it is a bit too short.

Author's Response: Thanks For reading! no it isn't a crossover because the acual characters aren't in the story, and later on in the story it gets alot different then the book. I hope you continue reading! :)

- Yasmin

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