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Review #1, by WeasleyIsMyKing Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

6th June 2011:
Ahhh! How I laughed at The Dead Beater's stunt. A fabulous story, my friend, thank you so much! Brilliant ideas!

Author's Response: Hey! Long time no see. Thanks for reviewing "Gordon." Its my favorite "silly" story. Really glad I got you laughing.


P.S. I've got several new stories from the Crusadiverse if you're interested.

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Review #2, by Singularity Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

9th January 2011:
I've been a big fan of your Children's Crusade Universe for awhile. This is very different, but I enjoyed it just as a completely different way, of course :)

It's such a fun story. The whole scene with the pygmy puffs was my favorite part. It was just absolutely hilarious. I loved when Ron, Harry, and Kingsley were having their 'serious' conversation, but the pygmy puffs kept dancing around. So funny!

The conversation between Harry and Ron just seemed so natural. You captured their characters brilliantly. I can completely see the two of them sitting around, drinking firewhiskey, commiserating on how buggered they are, but not doing anything about it. They really are clueless about women.

Molly was perfect as well, with her sweeping in and saving her boys. Lecturing them about women while making them dinner. Completely something I could see happening!

And Umbridge as the villain was great. It's nice to see her finally get what she has coming. Here's to hoping that she winds up in a nice cell in Azkaban once the girls are done with her!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Flattered you enjoyed the Crusadiverse and thanks for this great review.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Although this tale takes place elsewhere from the Crusadiverse, it was kind of the "template" for the version of Harry and Ron that I later ended up writing in Crusade and its prequels. You see, I wrote Gordon shortly after I finished Clocks. I wanted to do somthing light and funny after the three alarm fire that was Clocks. But, I wasn't sure how to capture Harry's voice, or his relationship with Ron. With a little help from Sting, it just kind of worked itself out. The result was almost a "buddy cop" relationship that I was able to whip up into what became the Crusadiverse.

This tale is my kind of silly; I'm really glad you got a kick out of it. The idea of the boys being completely clueless (a theme that plays out in Proposal, as well) was a lot of fun to write. And Molly to the rescue was one of my all time favorite moments. Really glad you liked it.

Umbridge! Ugh! I'm glad you liked her meeting justice, but, honestly, I really want to write a story where she REALLY gets what's coming to her. Well, someday...

Thanks again


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Review #3, by Jet LaBarge Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

9th December 2010:
To answer the your question in response to my first review, I read your short stories first, and only read the Children's Crusade series after posting the first review. If I saw your story as I was going through the postings the first time I probably did not get started because I usually do not like alternate universe stories. Of course I do not like "non-cannon" but good writing, yours and 1917farmgirl's, trumps strict adherance to cannon.
Delightful story. Cannon universe. I can believe Unbridge acting like this.
I love Ron and Hermione. Somehow I imagine Hermione loosing her rational side when it comes to loving Ron. You have Ron as a strong partner to Harry as they reform the Ministry. I also really like your Molly.
Standing up your mate because work interferes is unfortunatly too often the fate of someone in authority. It causes problems. I am writing this while babbysitting a balky CNC machine at 6:00 PM, having called my wife of almost 43 years to tell her that I will not be home for a while. Stupid machine! Costs us a day or more.
I agree that no one does pathos better than 1917farmgirl. I am trying to put some of that in my story. Really waiting for Mrs_Grainger to finish hers before she starts to beta mine; meanwhile I am at chapter 45 with maybe 55 chapters written. Everyone approaches their take on the universe differently. Is there any story after there is peace? Are you just going to go back and fill in the 4 years before the Death Eaters are captured or go on?
I have a 2nd generation story started, and have actually gotten up to the birth of Lilly Luna in the big after Hogwarts story, but the story gets a little thin during some of those years. Maybe after you have lived as long as we have you realize life is a little like that. If you write your own story there are eventful years and years not so eventful.
You do great fight scenes! You know way more about fighting and dueling and those spells than I even want to learn. I would love to have you beta the few fight scenes I have in my story, not just beta them but rewrite them.
As I have time I will try to do a little more reviewing, and will look for more postings from you.

Author's Response: Welcome back!

I'm very flattered that you enjoyed the Crusadiverse, given your taste preferences. That is high praise indeed. Personally, I consider Crusade, and its prequels (with the exception of Clocks, of course) to be canon stories. That is, that there's enough wiggle room during the 19 year gap in DH, for Crusade to "fit." However, judging from my reviewers, I am a minority of one. LOL!

Gordon is one of my favorite tales. It is not part of the Crusadiverse. However it takes place in a reality relatively close to it; much like Lumos Kedavra, a tale I wrote for the Gryffindor holiday collab. This tale was meant to be somthing of a "palate cleanser." I wrote it shortly after Clocks and needed somthing light and relatively silly. Regardless, I always prefer a strong Ron; JKR made it pretty clear that he turned a corner after he got into the Chamber in DH. I try to stay true to that.

Also, I really like writing Hermione as being irrational whenever it comes to Ron. Its a fun flourish; love strikes down the logical and illogical alike.

I feel for you with your technical troubles at work. My job and its related responsibilities keep me away from my lovely wife much more than I'd wish. Not fond of that; seems I'm not alone in that regard. There's more than a little art imitating life in this tale.

I really can't praise the Farmgirl enough. I am extremely fortunate to have her as a beta and was honored when she asked me to return the favor. And she's ludicrously humble - she'll blush three shades of crimson when she reads this review.

Likewise, catching Mrs Granger as a beta was quite a coup. I've read her work and was very impressed by it. I'm looking forward to reading your tales when they post.

As for "eventfulness" in the Post Hogwarts era, I agree with you as to the realization that portraying life realistically means there's a lot of down time. It does take a fair amount of maturity, however, to recognize that and deal with it appropirately in any epic fic and not leave our readers snoring.

Fight scenes. Thanks so much for the praise there. Flattered too, at the offer to beta. Look me up on the forums; I'd be happy to lend a hand, time permitting.

As to what I'll be writing next, I'm not completely sure. I have a plot idea or two for some more tales covering the four years between DH and Crusade and at least one pretty solid one for a post-Crusade tale. Unfortunately, my career and family responsibilities will more likely than not prevent me from taking on anything epic for awhile. We'll just have to see.

Jet, as usual, its been a real pleasure hearing from you.

Happy Holidays


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Review #4, by lauraf68 Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

5th June 2010:
Dear elder,
Hope this finds you well!! Decided it was time to start reading some of your FF, or should I say I finally had some extra time to do so. LOVED THIS ONE!! Too bad for Umbridge.NOT!! Off to enjoy more. ~~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Laura! thanks for stopping by and for the great review.

This silly little story is still one of my favorites. I wrote it after Stop all the Clocks because I needed to do somthing light and funny.

Umbridge. Can't stand her. I'm still not satisfied that she got what was really coming to her, but I'm glad you liked it nonetheless. Someday, I hope to really make sure she meets justice. Till then, I'll settle for a very angry Ginny and Hermione giving her what for! LOL!

Thanks again!

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Review #5, by Pixileanin Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

13th April 2010:
The "we had to save the world" excuse: very funny!

"Merlin's doghouse"... haven't seen that one before. Original!
"Merlin's fuzzy pink cats!" (holding sides, trying not to explode)

It's like... like... the best of Batman and Star Trek all rolled up in one... Now all you need is a BAM somewhere! Wait! I think Hermione and Ginny are taking care of that.

I love the Sting songs too! It was great that Molly got them all fixed up.

Very entertaining! You should also have a Master of Entertainment hat!

Author's Response: Hey, you read "Gordon"! I love getting reviews for this silly little story. Keep in mind, unlike all the other stories I've posted, it completely stands on its own. Everything else relates to the Clocks/Crusade storyline.

Glad you liked my "Merlin" comments - those are always fun to play with.

This story was entirely too much fun to write. I see you caught my "Trouble With Tribbles" reference with the pygmy puffs - just couldn't help myself!

Yep. The girls definitely provided the BAM! Hehehehe. Sting's always been a favorite of mine; he got me through highschool and college. I started listening to his stuff as background music when I started writing again so I thought it fitting to give him a nod in this tale.

Molly to the rescue. Really glad you liked that.

Thanks so much for dropping by, always great to hear from you!


P.S. The next time you post a new story, send me an owl so I can check it out.

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Review #6, by Pacific Wizard Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

27th March 2010:
Oh my, how funny was that?!! That was hysterical. Loved the banter between H/R and the girls were deliciously vengeful toward their men (for good reason). Molly coming in to save the day was genius. Who would think a mum or future mother-in-law would step in to save their bacon? Then the song in underwear? That was inspired, mental but inspired. Then Umbridge...if I had a complaint it would be that you didn't write an explicit narrative of what Hm/G did to her in the ladies room before she got shipped to Azkaban. That would have been a delight to see the new and improved Bat Bogey Hex inflicted on the Pink Pygmy herself. As it was though, I had a great time reading this story. You have a wonderful gift and extraordinary talent. Thanks for sharing and I will continue to be an avid reader of your amazing stories. PW

Author's Response: Hey PW! Really glad you enjoyed Gordon. I wrote it rather quickly after I finished "Clocks." It was a bit of a "palate cleanser;" my first attempt at comedy.

Mental? Absolutely. LOL. I had entirely too much fun writing this tale. Molly to the rescue just kinda seemed logical to me. Sure she's overprotective, but at her core, I really think she wants her kids to be happy (not to mention she REALLY wants Harry and Hermione to officially become part of the family.)

Ron and Harry in their underwear? As I said, i wrote this tale in an afternoon. The only stumbling block I hit was when I had Molly say: "complete and utter abject humiliation." What in gods name would they do? I stared at the screen for about ten minutes and then, courtesy of Sting (whom I'd been listening too while I'd been reading and writing on this site) the solution hit me. Sometimes I think my muse could use some heavy medication.

Umbridge. I have struggled long and hard to find a way to bring her to justice. I was never satisfied with the way she seemed to escape retribution in canon. Sure, Fred and George (and peeves) gave her what-for, but I was never satisfied. In this tale, I strove to even that up and, I agree, it ain't enough. But I had two problems. One, the story was 15 plus and, two, my muse is still having trouble figuring out the best way to get even with the pink pygmy (I really liked that! Can I use it?)

Thanks so much for leaving a review for Gordon. It was such a blast writing it, I love hearing from folks who had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

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Review #7, by white_eyebrow Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

27th February 2010:
Ok, I'm starting from the beginning so I can put everything into context.

I like your grown up characterizations of Ron and Harry. This may sound strange, but it seems to me that Ron is now the level-headed of the duo - which makes sense given everything the Weasley clan has been through.

Pygmy puffs? This is reminiscent of the Star Trek episode, "Tribble Trouble." LOL!

Molly saying, "You're buggered" was priceless.

Serenade ala Sting is one way to get out of the doghouse, but that was a nice twist a the end; never would've suspected her.

Author's Response: Hey whiteeyebrow! glad you stopped by. I Should've mentioned that "Gordon" is not part of the Clock's/Crusade verse. LOL!

This is just somthing I wrote after Clocks to let off a little steam. I hope you weren't sweating that thinking "what is wrong with this guy?" LOL.

That said, the whole "buggered" running joke was one of my favorite parts of this story, glad you liked that.

yeah, I took more than a little inspiration from Trouble with Tribbles. You're the first person to notice that. don't tell anyone.

Sting pretty much got me thru high school and college. I started listening to his stuff again when I found this site. Hence, the inspiration here.

Thanks for the great review, but this silly story is a stand-alone.

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Review #8, by butterbeergal Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

24th February 2010:
That was bloody hilarious! Hahaha! Let me just say that I'm in the office right now so I look rather silly smiling by myself. More than once, I had to cover my mouth to keep from snorting. That was fantastic! My kind of humor.

Ron felt as if he were about to pass out. He desperately wanted to join the pygmy puff exodus.

My favorite line - really cracked me up. Stroke of genius those pygmy puffs. Their fluffiness is a stark contrast to our well-decorated and supposedly oh-so-respectable Head and Assistant Head Aurors.

I really like how you characterized Harry and Ron here, and I can actually imagine this happening to them. After everything they went through, I'm glad their sense of humour is still intact. I especially love their exchanges because it really sounds like Harry and Ron. The girls are lovely! Glad to see they're still feisty - and I reckon that's the only way to straighten up those two. And Molly Weasly to the rescue was brilliant! Trust her to come up with a sure fire albeit mortifying way to get the girls back.

Umbridge?? Hahaha! Unexpected twist there, but one which cracked me up all the more. She really has lost her mind.

Great job! One of the funniest pieces of work I've read on HPFF so far. Now I have to go read your other stories.

Author's Response: Ok, that was an AWESOME review.

I'm really glad this got you laughing. I really got a kick out of writing this off-kilter story.

This was the first time I wrote Harry and Ron together, so I'm pleased you enjoyed it. My first story, "Stop all the Clocks" focused on Ron and Hermione so I didn't get the chance to do anything with H/R. I figured that, after all they'd been thru, by this time in their lives they would've needed a more carefree life. And the girls...lets just say I didn't think they appreciate R/H's second childhood. LOL.

Molly is my hero. I just couldn't resist having her ride to the rescue, after giving them an exasperated scolding (and a feeding).

Umbridge. I absolulety DESPISE Umbridge. I never thought she really got what was coming to her in canon, so I've been looking for a way to have her meet justice. I still don't think she got it bad enough even in this story, but it's the best I could come up with.

Thanks again for the great review!


P.S. I'd love to have you look at my other stuff, but, no pressure ;)

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Review #9, by blueirony Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

24th January 2010:
The summary of this had me worried. I immediately thought that you had gone and killed Ginny and Hermione off in an epic battle. And the start of this started that way.

Then I got the letter and I was in a minor fit of laughter the entire way through. This was just gold. Absolutely gold. Totally hilarious and really, really enjoyable to read.

And the fact that you used Sting's songs just made it all the better. He's probably one of my most favourite singers ever and the minute I saw the first lines of his song...
Wow. I've never really thought of Fortress Around Your Heart in that way.

This was hilarious. And I loved it. Especially when I had braced myself in for something really intense and, instead, got something as light-hearted as this.

Ju :]

Author's Response: I had WAY too much fun writing this. It was just so silly. I love silly.

Also, this was my first shot at writing the quartet. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do that at first.

I figured I'd trip a lot of my normal readers up with the dramatic open; my writing's so darn dark, i thought it'd be a fun bait and switch.

Sting. He's my favorite too. Been listening to a lot of his stuff while writing all three of my stories.

I'm really glad you got a kick out of this one shot. that means a lot.

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Review #10, by AvadaKedavra1 Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

14th January 2010:
HAHAHAHAHA You made a song fic! No seriously, I can't believe it. This story was great!

I loved all the mayhem, and trouble at the ministry. The fact it turned out to be Delores Umbridge was an excellent touch. Some of the magic should have been used in an action story, and I really loved the sequence at dinner.

As for the lyrics and the song, I was completely confused where you were going to go with this story based on the title. All the exchanges between Ron/Harry and Hermione/Ginny and about the boys being 'buggered' were fantastic. I was smiling and laughing through most of the exchange.

In the end, I was thrilled to see all be resolved, with Ginny and Hermione giving them another chance. Kreature's appearance was a great touch, although Ginny's threat was scary if they stood the girls up.

I too would fear for anyone who crossed wands with Ginny and Hermione at the same time.

All in all the dialog, is something I really think you are coming along with. Not that you were ever bad at it mate, but in this story, it really, really flowed well. I was laughing and cringing where I should. It was great.

I still get to give you hell about writing a song fic, but at last there is one I can say I liked.

Well done, indeed!


Author's Response: LOL! Yeah, I guess I couldn't hide it as a one-shot and not get called out eventually.

The recurring "we're/you're buggered" joke was my favorite too. Especially when Molly got in on the act. Really glad you liked it. Ditto on the crossing wands with G and Hr. YIKES! That's somthing one of us should really write about.

Dialogue. I've always struggled with that and appreciate the praise there. Thanks!

Really happy to hear I got you laughing. I wrote this just about the time I finished Clocks and needed to do some fluff humor.

Knowing how much you hate song fics, that's really high praise. Thanks, man! (but remember, this is a one-shot, not a song fic - not fooling you tho, am I? LOL)

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Review #11, by siledubhghlase Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

16th November 2009:
Nice one-off, Mike! I found myself wondering if the Dead Beaters were actually Hermione and Ginny having one on their men. But Umbridge! LOL Something completely uncharacteristic of her. Usually, she's nasty and mean and uses harmful means to hurt people, but this time, she used pranks--and funny ones at that. EXCELLENT!!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked Gordon. I wrote it really quickly not long after Clocks got posted.

Really needed to write somthing funny where all the characters were, you know, still alive.

I HATE Umbridge. I still haven't found a really good way to punish her, but this is the best I could come up with.

I'm glad you like this!

Thanks again for the marvelous review, Sheila. You're the best.

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Review #12, by Mediocre Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

8th November 2009:
Oh God, I'm still laughing.

“Good groove. Still can't get it out of my head.” - Priceless.

Very well written as well, and I'm always thankful for a story free from typos and grammar issues.

Thanks for this, I needed the giggle =]


Author's Response: Thanks for the great review!

The "Good grove." line was one of my favorites. I was trying to imply that Harry and Ron were leading the dancing and singing, having gotten hit with the enchanted backwash.

Glad it made you laugh!

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Review #13, by 1917farmgirl Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

7th October 2009:
Oh, what a great read! That was such a funny story, I loved it! Poor, poor clueless boys. It doesn't matter what world you live in, Muggle or Magic, that is one universal constant. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Yeah, I suppose my gender can be a little dense. But, as I always tell my wife, we're good at killing spiders and babecuing, so we're not totally useless ;)

This was my first foray into comedy (my last story was very dark), so I'm really glad you liked it.

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Review #14, by AnAmericanMuggle Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

6th October 2009:
Nicely done, Mate! Great one off, light hearted tale of normal everyday life. Harry and Ron in trouble, still young and finding humor in the antics, and the two strong women they need to keep them in line were true to character. Loved Molly coming to the rescue and the abject humiliation scene made me laugh out loud. Still smiling. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!

This story was a lot of fun to write. Actually, it kind of wrote itself. I have to admit, I was a little stumped as to what Molly's suggestion was going to be as to how they would actually abejectly humilate themselves. But once I got the picture of them singing on the stoop, I laughed so hard I almost cried. I just don't know where some of these sick ideas come from sometimes!

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Review #15, by Lupi_Erminea Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

4th October 2009:
Interesting way to bring Umbridge back into the picture! I like that you had Hermione and Ginny take care of her. Hell hath no fury. :)

Keep writing please!!

Author's Response: Lupi! I'm so glad you read Gordon. I didn't realize until I finished it that it's really a "palate cleanser" after the wake that is Stop All The Clocks. I hope it left you in a better mood and, looking at your review again, it looks like it did. That makes me happy.

Yeah, I absolutely loathe Umbridge, more than Bush loathes Kim Jung IL! I still haven't found a way to really bring her to justice as she deserves, but feeding the old bag to Ginny and Hermione put a smile on my face.

I finished Gordon in about 24 hours. As for more stories, I'm hoping the muse will visit me again in the not too distant future. Until then . . .

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Review #16, by hazelxeyes_ Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

4th October 2009:
This was totally hilarious! I just loved Ron, he was so in character and so RON. The whole "France" thing just made me crack up!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I had a ball writing this, especially writing Ron.

I didn't realize it until recently, but this one-shot somewhat parodies my short story, Stop All The Clocks, the France thing, for instance, comes from it.

I'm glad I got you laughing, high praise indeed!

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Review #17, by RonMione4ever Only Gordon Can Save Us Now

3rd October 2009:
OMG, this is wicked !!! This story is completely hilarious and super cute !!! Bloody brilliant, mate !! :D :D I completely loved the insane interactions between Ron & Harry ... All four of them were absolutely in character and I could imagine the scenes to happen in real canon .. What a difference of setting from your other story, and I just loved it !!

Author's Response: Thanks! You are my first review! I just started writing it yesterday, saw that the wait in the que was really short this morning and rushed to finish and post it. It just went up a couple of hours ago.

I am so glad you liked it. I tend to listen to music while I read and write and I pulled up some of my old Sting for Stop All The Clocks, so it was a bit of inspiration for the one-shot. I really wanted to do somthing light hearted after the soul crusher I just completed. Thanks again!

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