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Review #1, by quirkycharm You always want what you can't have

16th September 2010:
sad to see that this hasn't been updated in a long while.

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Review #2, by fatality Gryffindor Gits

14th December 2009:
Firsts off, your banner was made my Ayesha? Cool beans! Mine is too! Don't you just love her work?

Sorry for the randomness, but when I saw your banner, I was practically hyperventilating from its awesomeness!

But back to you, I really like how your story starts off so far. It's promising, fills you in, and isn't too fast or too slow. I really like it so far. The only thing that irks me is the lack of Hufflepuff-ness. But other than that, your story is off to a great start :)

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Review #3, by blueirony You always want what you can't have

21st November 2009:
It has been so long since your review request and, for that, I am so sorry! I had exams and... blegh. You know how it is. Thank God they are over, though!

The first thing I have to ask - WHO did you use as your chapter image for Evan? Hell, who did you use for ALL of the chapter images? Because, man. They are all so pretty. So, so pretty. And I just might have fallen in love about five times while looking at those image. Holy freaking hell. Hot, hot, hot. Mhmm!

Haha, now that that girly moment is over... though it is never a bad idea to simply appreciate the good things in life... haha. But let's get on with the actual review!

I really like this. I do! There are so many Sirius/OC stories out there and they can get really monotonous after a while. The same OCs, the same storylines, the same endings, blah, blah, blah. But this is different. Your OC has her own special character. That is particularly evident in the first chapter. You really make it an effort to make sure that she isn't a Mary Sue. She's a bit clumsy. Outspoken. Rude. And it's just awesome. I absolutely adore Amelia. She has character. Yes she does!

One thing I was a bit confused about the first chapter was that it suddenly switches from third to first person. I don't know if that was intentional, but the very first paragraph was all in third and then it switches to first. Just thought I might mention that! And that is probably my only concern. The rest of your story is really awesome. And it's really fun to read!

I love all the interactions between Ava, Renee and Amelia. It just comes naturally. And you can tell they're awesome friends. It's something I can relate to. And I absolutely love it.

I'd love to see where this story goes! Does Amelia ever find out that Evan chose chocolate over her? (LOVED that, by the way. That was hilarious. Chocolate? Ahahahaha. Love.) Does Sirius ever tell her? Do James and Ava ever get together? Do Sirius and Amelia ever get together? So many questions left unanswered!

This really was a lot of fun to read. Keep up with it!

Joop :]

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much for the review, you are awesome! I looked all over the internet for the best pictures for my guys ;) Evan was actually inspired by a guy I work with that is absolutely oh so hot! lol And i didn't realize I changed from fisrt person to third, I will try to fix that as soon as I'm done with the next chapter. It's taking a long time because of school. Fisrt semester in college came in a bit of a shock!

And yes I really wanted to make Sirius/OC different and original and I'm glad it's working. Hopefully I'll answer all your questions. I already know how I want everything to end, now I just have to put something in between. When it come to Ava/James, I think we all know that doesn't work out but rest assure Ava will find someone ;)

Thank you so much XD

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Review #4, by Icestorm Gryffindor Gits

28th October 2009:
Ok, here reviewin as requested on the forums!
Well, it was certainly different, but in a good way! I can't see how two such different people could ever fall in love, so I'm intrigued by that and thus wanting to read more! I love the chapter image btw, though... should Wormtail really look cute? I'm just saying...
I love the character portrails, they paint a lovel picture in my head of how they would act on any given situation. I like this chapter because mostly, it's not just an introduction as most generally are.
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I don't think the picture of wormtail is really cute lol I guess we all have different opinions lol
You have a very good point though. I don't like making Wormtail the way everyone else does i their fics. He is the least attractive one and the least cool one, but I like to give him some credit. Thanks for your compliments, your the best!


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Review #5, by BellaRose You always want what you can't have

18th October 2009:
im quite enjoying this and am looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Aww thank you. I hope you keep reading and reviewing XD

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Review #6, by Amelia Bones Gryffindor Gits

15th October 2009:

Author's Response: Um sorry hun, JK said so herself that he's a chaser. In the movies they said he was a seeker and then JK corrected the mistake but never actually put it in the books. Um you might not want to pay too much attention to the movies.look it up. =/

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Review #7, by Twins Dancer Gryffindor Gits

13th October 2009:
I love it, the best thing Ive read in a long time.

Author's Response: Oh my that means a lot to me XD I hope you keep reading and reviewing. You're the best!!! XD

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Review #8, by Lalala Distraction in the Form of a Hot Hufflepuff

10th October 2009:
Haha this story made me... Giggle. Not in an infatuated way but in a haha that was funny way :) please update soon uz I just lurve this story

Author's Response: Thank you so much XD
Already did, it should be validated by tomorrow sometime. Hope you keep reading ^_^

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Review #9, by therealmagicpeach_ Gryffindor Gits

4th October 2009:
yeah, i LOVE this story.
i saw it looking through banner requests on the dark arts and knew it would be good; i love hufflepuff ones!
you rock- i love amelia!
write on + check out my stuff!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Hufflepuff all the way XD
I'll be sure to look at your fanfic.

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