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Review #1, by nott theodore A Simple Test

10th July 2014:
Hello there!

Oh wow, what a chilling story! I've read a few stories featuring Bellatrix before, but this one did a really different take on her and her beliefs - I've never before seen her actually doubting Voldemort and to see it explored in this story was really great, and something very original, I thought!

The test is horrible. But then again, this is Voldemort that we're talking about - he isn't known for his nice ways. He's just ruthless, and if he doubts that his 'most faithful servant' is actually faithful, he'll find a way to test that and he won't regret anything, even if she dies because of it.

Like I said, it was great to see Bellatrix doubting, which I imagine most people would do when faced with something that might kill them. It's quite sad she died, in a way - especially since Voldemort doesn't care. The twist at the end was extremely clever! I didn't see it coming at all, and though it felt a little rushed (purely because you used commas a few times instead of full stops) I thought it was a great way to end the story, and it definitely felt in line with something that Voldemort would come up with.

This was a great story and I really enjoyed reading it, well done!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #2, by Pretense Of Perfection A Simple Test

7th July 2014:
Wow, what an interesting twist!!

I hate how lots of author portray Bellatrix as completely cold, cruel, uncaring, or unfeeling all of the time. I don't care how "evil" someone is, they are still human and feel flashes of other emotions, even if they struggle and fight against it.

I think you've really brought Bellatrix's to life as a character in this story. Her cracks and human flaws actually show though, and it's interesting to think of her as anything but completely and one hundred percent faithful to Voldemort, especially since that side of her is all we ever really see in canon.

It was incredibly sad how she was just about to drink the antidote, but only just ended up missing it. It's definitely the kind of thing that I see Voldemort doing to test his death-eaters, telling them it is one thing and having it instead be something else completely.

I like how you showed the disappointment he had over the situation, especially since I imagine he'd be upset by her death, no matter the circumstances. Even though he was incapable of love, she was still his most loyal and vocal supporter, and would''ve been a great loss to him asset wise.

I think you could maybe benefit from a good beta to help with grammar and punctuation, but that's nothing major and something that will just flow naturally given time. Overall interesting story.

---House Cup 2014 Review---
Pretense Of Perfection, Gryffindor

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Review #3, by Debra20 A Simple Test

5th July 2011:
OHH, what a great twist at the end! A very very nice piece. I love how you portrayed Bellatrix doubting...we don't see much of that in the books/movies and yet it felt so natural

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Review #4, by alicia and anne A Simple Test

22nd August 2010:
This was interesting, I really thought that the poison was in the vial. It was nice to see Bellatrix doubting Voldemort for a while. I wonder why he was testing her? This was a very good story and in five hundred words! well done.

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Review #5, by Reyes91 A Simple Test

20th August 2010:
Oh my, I did not expect that ending. I mean, I read through the reviews for this and knew that she died, but I didn't think it'd be like that. I thought she really was going to drink the venom, and the venom itself would kill her. I mean, this is Voldemort we're talking about. She even knows that he won't hesitate to kill anyone, even his own Death Eaters.

Then, it hit me. This is Voldemort we're talking about. This is Tom Riddle. He's clever, he's always been clever. He wouldn't kill his most faithful follower, the only one that he actually calls by nickname, unless she wasn't faithful to him as he believed. She proved that at the end that she did have doubts, even though they were very small and she overcame them. But, too late, right? Man, that was good.


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Review #6, by snowlilly A Simple Test

3rd December 2009:
Um, unexpected, but creepily sad. Who would've thought,eh?

Author's Response: haha alas yes, the curse of the staff challenge to kill you're favourite character! perhaps not perfectly in character, but it obviously had an effect. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by long_live_luna_bellatrix A Simple Test

2nd December 2009:
Hey there! This was a really good story! Bella is by far my favorite character too, and you cleverly killed her. You used the Every Word Counts challenge to your advantage. The imagery and atmostphere were good, as well as the emotion. And subtle foreshadowing, with how Bella kept remembering how log it had taken her to decide to drink it, was great too.

I've reviewed several 500 word fics since Ilia's challenge came out, and it's always hard to find a lot to say for such a short story. Yours was one of the few that didn't feel like it ended too abruptly, or that you rushed it. It was highly enjoyable! My only suggestion is to go through and read it out loud; sometimes you over- or under-used commas/periods. The last sentence, for instance, and the one piece of dialogue that Voldemort spoke, sounded a little forced.

But overall, great job!

Author's Response: Wow what an awesome review! Thank you so much!

Firstly, thank you for commenting on how poor Bella died, it took me several attempts to discover a way that I found fitting for her. Also thanks for the comments on the imagery, atmospher and emotion, it was so difficult to encompass it all in such a short word limit, it was great fun.

Secondly, I'm glad that it didn't seem rushed or that it ended abruptly, I read a few of the other entries before I wrote mine and I know what you mean, but it was very difficult I must say!

Lastly, thanks for mentioning the comma's and fullstops. I'll go back and read it out loud and fix up those things that you've mentioned!

Thanks again for the awesome review,
Merry Christmas,

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Review #8, by delaney A Simple Test

6th November 2009:
that stunk like a skunk

Author's Response: guess it wasn't your thing. oh well, I like it that's all that matters.

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Review #9, by hilda_kitty A Simple Test

4th November 2009:
O_O really good... im totoally passing this around to my friends. wait. may I?

Author's Response: :D
I'm glad you like it!
Thank you so much for the review, so flattering!
I'd love if you recommended it *blushes*
Thanks so much!

Keep safe,

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Review #10, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain A Simple Test

11th October 2009:
Hello dear! As requested, I am here to review you. And let me say, you really deliver the goods with this one =]]

Since it is only 500 words, I can't get much from it. I'll dig though, and see where we can go from there=]]

Okay. I've always known you liked the dark horror stuff. That's awesome. I think it's amazing how you can get into their heads the way you do. You couldn't make me write Bellatrix for money. I would absolutely butcher her. Yet don't, and that's what makes you a wonderful writer. You do them justice, you exceed in writing them. It's saying something that you can write Bellatrix, but Voldemort too? It's almost impossible to write him, but you did it!

The plot was great, and so were your descriptions. There was barely any dialogue, yet I felt as though I was there with Bellatrix, about to drink the poison. The inner struggle she has reminds that even though she can be quite loony at times, she is human. Good job!

I can find nothing wrong with this story. Teach me your secrets!



Author's Response: Wow! What a review!
Thank you so much for this!
What a compliment to be told I can write Bellatrix and... Voldemort! :-)

Thank you so so much!
What a great review! THanks heaps!
Yup I've overused the word thanks, but I can't think of a substitute! :-)

Keep safe!

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Review #11, by xCailinNollaigx A Simple Test

4th October 2009:
That was interesting!
Bellatrix in a very different light here. Usually, ones that have her doubting are at the very start of her DE 'career', but this seems to be much later as she is already his most trusted servant.
It is bordering on OOCness, but I think it could be taken as perfectly Bella, too. It is only human -- if you can call Bella that ;) jk -- to be suspicious and to have doubts about drinking the vial.
She sounds so hopeless at the end, "restoring her beauty" she sounds desperate, too. Grasping for some sort of justification for her to drink it.
I didn't think Bella would acknowledge that Voldemort would kill her as carelessly as the others, but again, it's different. A good different.
The opening was very good, by the way. It really set the daunting atmosphere for the rest of the fic, and set up the following events nicely. Gave us a sense of Bellatrix and her life at the moment, if that makes any sense.
Anyway, I really liked this. It's a unique piece to me, and I think you wrote it well, despite it's short length. Short and sweet.
Although sweet is probably an anonym for this fic xD
Nice one-shot! Good writing,

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I'm glad you found it interesting!

I'm also glad that you connected with her desperation and hoplessness near the end, she's doubting the one man that has ever made her feel complete and powerful, and it hurts her to doubt him.

Her reference that he may just kill her like anyone else- is her thinking that he is powerful without her, she is just his supporter, his servent, he is the one in control, the most powerful wizard who does not need anyone to make him, he just chooses her because she follows orders. No matter how much she loves him she cannot help but realise that he does not need her, or that is what I believe in any case.

I'm glad you liked the begining! It took the longest to write and make up to a standard I was happy with, so you mentioning it really puts me at ease :-)

Thank you so much for your review!

Burke :-)

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Review #12, by Lily123Evans  A Simple Test

2nd October 2009:
Hmmm... very interesting. I like it. Of course, if this was a normal story, I would've made it a ton longer. But for whta it is, it's extremely good. I expecially love the bit at the end that explains it all. Very nice descriptions and such. If at all possible, I would've added some dialogue... dialogue just makes everything so much better!! :O) All in all, this was extremely well written. I LOVED the way you characterized Bella... you did a great job of getting into her head. Thunbs up! keep writing! :O)

Author's Response: Haha yes it would be great fun to write as a longer story, but as its a response to the 500 words one (which was a really hard but a good challenge) it cannot be :( Maybe I'll look at something like this for a longer one... we shall see.

Haha yeah dialogue... To be honest I'm not very good at dialogue, it probably could have some in there. maybe I could have Voldemort speaking his disappointment, or Bellatrix scolding herself in the mirror. I'll keep that feed back in mind! Thanks for that!

Am glad you liked my characterization of Bella, I was trying to make her more realistic rather than just some crazy psychopath!

Glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Jackson Robles A Simple Test

2nd October 2009:
It was good and it flowed.

And with only 500 words, not bad! You had me going that the venom was the poison very nearly until the end. Poor Bellatrix!

I couldn't catch and grammatical errors either, so that's a plus.

Cheers to nice writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the quick review! I'm glad that the little twist worked out and am very happy that it worked well and flowed.

Thanks heaps for your review!

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