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Review #1, by Kae Anne Revenge.

25th January 2011:
Only advice I have for you is add a new chapter! Your story is practicably flawless and coming from me that's good cause I have been told I have strict standards.

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Review #2, by lvnharrypttr Revenge.

9th September 2010:
So i remember reading this story when it had about 11 chapters up and loved it. I just finished rereading these two chapters and am still in love. please please please come back and update more!!

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Review #3, by dobbyismyhero22 Revenge.

15th August 2010:
I was laughing the whole entire time! The part where Sirius was freaking out about the car was hilarious:)

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Review #4, by RUMBLERORE Revenge.

15th August 2010:
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE thisss!!! *sigh* hahaha i really like the idea of james having a sister. :) annnddd...i like how the story is also written in remus's(?) pov. AHHH...sirius=love! honestly, he is so awesome. i really love the part in this chapter where lily and her are in the guy's room and they're just like staring at them...aahahaha...i laughed for at least 10 minutes. hahaha. you are so amazingly amazing. :))

p.s. if this isnt updated soon, i might die. :D

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Review #5, by Charlia Revenge.

3rd July 2010:
Oh wow that was enjoyable. You should probably update like immediately so I can have even more joy :D

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Review #6, by flying_rabbit Revenge.

10th May 2010:
Lily's right, that's a really good way to 'impress' your hosts/best friend's parents: punching their son xD I think, if it was another family, they would've minded much more! It's nice that you added in Lily's love for gossip and compared it to Petunia's. I do hope for Lily that she's not as bad as her sister! :O
The part of Alice falling down stairs was funny as well :D It kind of explains Neville.
Oh, I bet Lily would want to go pranking with Liv more often xD It has to be refreshing for Liv, too, if she's used to pranking with Sirius... honestly, throwing Dungbombs at everyone? :S I doubt that would work right now. And Lily was ogling James already? Well, I bet Liv wasn't supposed to see that! But, if Remus is not allowed to date Liv because she's one of his best friends' sister, is Lily allowed to date her best friend's brother? Wouldn't that be sort of the same thing?
Ha, that's quite a prank xD But somewhere during that scene, you wrote 'Liv and I', instead of 'Lily and I'. At least I suppose it should be from Liv's POV since the rest of the chapter is as well...
Three teenage boys in nothing but lingerie? I don't think that's a very pretty sight... This was, I think, funnier than the original version of the outcome of the prank. Liv and Lily having to accompany those three into the Muggle town xD And Sirius yelling that they know he's a wizard... very inconspicuous... Those Muggle girls must've certainly messed up Sirius' ego there. But did the boys already figure out now that they were dressed like that? Because nobody actually told them, and Sirius was still hysterious...
Hopefully you'll update soon!

Author's Response: Lily is definitely not as bad as her sister XD, that would be terrible. Thanks for catching that mistake, the chapter was originally from Lily's point of view so it must have slipped by. Oops. Hmm I never thought about that. The muggles girls never did say it out right did they?

Thanks for the review!

Rose Red :)

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Review #7, by flying_rabbit Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

10th May 2010:
I don't quite remember anymore how the original story started, so I won't comment on differences and such here :P
Lily's copyrighted rants? Haha, poor James. And Lily's probably yelling at/about him a lot, if there are people who think that that's his middle name xD
It's quite funny that Liv is so ignorant of what's wrong with Remus, even though she's his best friend. But perhaps that's why she doesn't think he's keeping secrets from her?
And could she really be so sure that those are the only reasons Remus isn't allowed to date? ;) Ahem. Remus is stuck in quite a predicament, then! Oh well, he'll get over it. And who knows, perhaps Liv will manage to prevent James from murdering Remus. And that was pretty embarrassing, when everyone suddenly walked into the bathroom xD And thank Merlin for Lily indeed! Although watching/hearing/reading James embarrass himself won't be that great either...

Author's Response: Poor James. He really is just meant for a life of self embarrassment isn't he? Thanks for the review!

Rose Red :)

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Review #8, by fire witch Revenge.

5th May 2010:
update soon! love it!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Hopefully the next chapter will be done soon!

Rose Red :)

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Review #9, by Starlight Echo Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

20th April 2010:
Why did it get so short?? It was so good - all the juicy bits were coming up!!! WHY? Ok, so I read your thing but still - :( It is brilliant though :) Just a same I'll have to wait so long...But fair enough, good on you for having the guts to make it the way you like it :D

Author's Response: thanks! I am really sorry about taking it down :( but the next parts would have taken me so long to write if I hadn't, so hopefully it'll go quicker this way. I'll try to be quick about fixing it!

Rose Red :)

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Review #10, by Bookworm045 Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

18th April 2010:
Nice. I was so confused when I saw that it only had one chapter... But it's nice, I did like the old one, but I can also see the newness and the sorta betterness (no, that was not an insult.) of this new one. It's a bit less confusing. But anyway, I did like it, and hope that you get to updating again soon. :) Peace.

Author's Response: Haha, yeah I was worried that everyone that reads it would be a little disconcerted about the sudden lack of chapters...

I'm glad you think its clearer/a bit better. I felt like the story was getting way off track. But yes so hopefully the next update should be soon. I'm almost done writing the chapter for my other story and then fixing this is my next priority.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

Rose Red :)

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Review #11, by Paloma Patil Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

8th December 2009:
This is a fun stream-of-consciousness, and I really like her tangents! You should have your beta do a read-through for missing apostrophes, but other than that, this is terrific.

Well done!


Author's Response: thanks!! i don't have one :( but i'll try to fix them..

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Review #12, by rainbowsocks Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

22nd October 2009:
Tuna? ROFL
haha i was laughing so hard.
this is a very very very very good start, unlike a lot of stories.
i am hooked :D
love it so far ♥
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for reviewing, even though it was nearly a year ago now. I swear I answered this review, I must have forgotten to push the 'submit response' button. I do that quite often...

Anyway, I know you wrote this before I totally changed the story but I hope you still read it/like it!

Thanks so much, and sorry for the delay!

Rose Red :)

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Review #13, by Lillyflower13 Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

14th October 2009:
kind of a slow start but the chill vibe is oddly refreshing (thats a good thing!) onto the next chapie!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback. The pace of the story was one of my worries as well. I don't want it to be too slow going but I don't want it to rush either. Its my first story, so I'm still figuring it out.

Once again, thanks for the review!!!

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Review #14, by Lizbeth Carson Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

9th October 2009:
go to www(dot)myspace(dot)com(slash)cocoapuffbanners. you can request for author CocoapuffShooter to make you a banner and see some of the work she's done. she makes my banners. since i suck at it. lol.

Author's Response: thanks! actually i spent a bunch of time fiddling with it and made one that is passable I think...

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Review #15, by chuckwithluck Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

4th October 2009:
This is super cute. But, oh, why did you name the hate-girl Eve. That is my name, sort of. Oh well. I would be her if I was there. God I love Remmy. And who the hell calls it Reemy? WHat the crap is that?

Author's Response: haha, coincidentally I named her that because I don't know anyone named Eve. and for the Reemy thing, i thought it sounded more annoying and whiny..thanks for the review!!

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Review #16, by jellylegs2066 Tomboyish, Gawky Liv Potter. That's me.

4th October 2009:
I really like this so far, Liv is great!

Author's Response: Thank you! I realize that you reviewed like eight years ago and I've completely changed the story in the last month so this may not pertain any more, but I've just realized that when I answered you the first time I never actually pushed submit...

Anyways, I'm glad you liked the story before and hopefully you still will even though I'm sort of redoing it...

Rose Red :)

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