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Review #1, by Mrs Roonil Waslib Chapter 4 Distribution

31st March 2011:
Hello! I apologize for the the time it took me to finally getting around to reviewing this chapter.

With that said, I'll start with the small criticisms I have. In the first paragraph (and this is just a nit-picky thing) you described an object as a "scalpel-like cutting tool," which sounds rather odd (to me). Saying "scalpel-like tool" or "a tool that cut with the precision of a scalpel" would flow a little better. But that my opinion. Also, when describing Padma's sleeping patterns, in the 8th paragraph of the second section, you said something like "clearly affecting me" and I believe you meant "her" instead. More general critique I have is that this was a really long chapter - it seemed to drag on for quite a bit. Finally, I thought it was kinda odd... up until and throughout most of this chapter, you mentioned the characters in a fairly impersonal manner. Yet when Lisa was in the bathroom, she was talking herself out of being afraid. That didn't really jive well to the flow.

What I liked was the explanation for the name of The Fourth Estate, as well as your phrase "loosely-defined journalists". You ended each section and this chapter with strong "wrap-it-up" sentences that keep the plot flowing smoothly into the other. I love the way you articulate certain phrases; definitely a strong point of yours. Happy Writing!

Author's Response: Ah, damn my constant typos! But I'm glad you like the story in spite of it!

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Review #2, by Toujours Padfoot Chapter 2 Editorial

20th February 2011:
First of all, I'm sorry about taking an eternity to getting around to this review. *hides face* Well, with that out of the way...

Fantastic chapter. I can feel Lisa's desperation - everyone's desperation, really - to do something, no matter how small the gesture. The tiniest show of rebellion can whip hundreds, after all, into revolution. Being a part of something like that is pretty epic, and always grounds for a great story. My attention was invested the entire time. Your grammar is excellent, the flow is extraordinary. I'm gradually getting a feel for your characters - their development is all very natural, and not at all forced, which I am pleased to see. I like the premise and especially coming from a group of Ravenclaws in this particular era. And I think it's refreshing to read it in third person, as it presents everything in the best light and makes it all the more similar to Rowling's work - being in third person. So it's just like I'm reading the Harry Potter books, just from a very different, obscure perspective. I think this story is very engaging and will go far. :)

Toujours Padfoot

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the idea of the story. I actually wrote this story with a dedication to my cousins, who are also hardcore Harry Potter fans. We all consider ourselves Ravenclaws, but we were all so upset when OotP came and Padma was the only Ravenclaw girl from Harry's year that was a member of DA.

And at the time I appeased the by saying the reason they weren't there was because they were all off fighting their own rebellion, and that's pretty much the story of how this story came to be.

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Review #3, by Toujours Padfoot Chapter 1 Compose

15th February 2011:
Ello there. :) Toujours Padfoot from the forums here for your review.

Great start! I like everything about this chapter. It draws you in - the plot is interesting. The characterization is spot-on with the Ravenclaws. I liked that bit about Claws having insecurities and making up for it by using big words to make themselves look more intelligent. It's details like that that make a story believable. I also liked the fact that no one worshiped the ground Harry Potter walks on, and that they doubted him. Harry was ostracized from many of his peers because they thought he was a nutter, but a lot of people seem to forget that in fanfiction. They make people who didn't know him well, believe him whole-heartedly. It's simply not realistic. But since you had them mostly disregard his story as rubbish, it really makes the story realistic. And referring to Luna as "Loony" was a nice touch. You're keeping to canon remarkably well.

No CC for you! I almost never have no CC!

:) Great chapter. Feel free to come back to my review thread and put in a request for your second chapter, as well.

~ Toujours Padfoot

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story, and feel honored that you can't give me any CC. I also hope you won't mind me going back for more reviews.

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Review #4, by Mrs Roonil Waslib Chapter 3 Staff

13th February 2011:
Hello again!
This chapter made me smile. I keep reading to find out what happens next. I admire your description and dialogue. Now for the specifics: I really liked the beginning, where you gave that terrible quill a name. I love how Morag wrote about Umbridge's school years. I especially loved the end, where you paint a wonderful picture of the odd-ball, throw together sort-of family they have become and how you manage to throw in that sense of daring and rebellion at the last moment: "she most certainly hadn't done it because she was afraid of the consequences."

Overall, great job! I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and I hope you won't mind me going to your thread to ask for more reviews.

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Review #5, by LovelyMioneWeasley Epilogue Wrap-up

28th January 2011:
Oh! What a perfect ending and not too long or too short either. You wrapped it perfectly with a sad but somewhat hopeful bow.

I really think that you did an excellent job alluding into the Snape conversation and how it could work into the future. That is an incredbily clever twist I did NOT see coming (and trust me, I was the one of my friends that figured out Inception about fifteen-twenty min into the movie). I really liked how you decided to do this; the absence of Padma doesn't even register on my radar either because I find it so believably. With a twin in Gryffindor as well as Lavender, I could envision her not spending much time in the Ravenclaw rooms.

Lisa was a joyful main character to have all throughout this story; she is believable, likeable (and sometimes frustrating), stubborn, mature yet naive, and all over a very Ravencalw Ravenclaw to read about. I really do adore her.

I hope that you take some real pride in this because it is an excellent story and you did a really solid job with it!


Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much, and I just want you to know that I have loved your reviews so much. I know your skills are in great demand, but I will definitely be back for more!

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Review #6, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 8 Advocacy

28th January 2011:
Oh what an excellent resolution for the entire Umbridge and wholly realistic!!! I think that you did an excellent job plotwise resolving all the tension and such that you brought to the short story.

The idea of going to another English speaking school was really interesting to hear about; I, personally, would a) love to attend a magical school and b) somewhere like the Bahamas sounds good to me as well! I love the beach--let me pack my beach towel and some flipflops and I'm ready to go. Could they possibly arrive to school by magical surfboard?

I also really loved the boredom that Lisa inevitably suffered once she came home. I can only imagine the idea of a Ravencalw coming home and having nothing to study or any homework to do. Oh the horror.

Your pacing and flow was excellent in this chapter as well. And the humor you managed to add with Snape eating pink biscuits and drinking out of such a tea cup was a great addition. Flitwick and Snape were totally realistic professors to have such delievering the news. You also did a great job of keeping them character.

I loved your ending as well; you keep such a firm grip on the Hogwarts reality and such an excellent understanding of the universe Jo created. Well done!!

Author's Response: Wouldn't we all want to go to school in the Bahamas (and Queen's Cay is an international school, so you probably could). Let's all wish really hard and maybe it will come true.

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Review #7, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 7 Syntex

28th January 2011:
Caught in the action--I was very excited to see how you would handle Umbridge as a character as well as the three girls.

I am proud that the three girls acted with such conviction. I feel that a Gryffindor would see it as bravery but these girls stood behind something with morality. Any Ravenclaw would see this as an opportunity to question the authority and really push the freedom of such a society. Societies are meant to have philosophers and freedoms that allow the citizens to explore their own opinions and what they believe. Well done on all that.

Umbridge was completely in character! She was a little snobby brat with an odd penchant for being so loyal and such a stickler for the rules. She also came off as power hungry and nosy; well done. The only advice I would give is adding some excitement on her part as she was allowed to make examples out of the girls for breaking the rules--I could see her character also reacting in such a way.

Lisa's reaction in the beginning and general nervousness was by far my favorite. Lisa seems to have the most level head because Morag and Mandy seemed to be taken away with getting away with their little rebellion. Lisa definitely came across as the most mature.

The pacing was super well done in this chapter and the flow made the chapter seem to fly by! You do really excellent with that. I did not see any sight of wordiness; that does not mean that a read-over isn't reccomended. We should never allow a piece of writing to just stay on our page--I reread old pieces of mine when I can't get inspired to write anything new. Just a suggestion ;).


Author's Response: Well, I'm glad I have made you such a fan. I have officially become addicted to the reviews forums.

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Review #8, by Aiedail Chapter 2 Editorial

27th January 2011:
Hi! Back again :)

I'm reviewing your first two chapters because I've got quite the backup on my review-requests, but feel free to come back and request again if you want more feedback! In my free time, I plan to come back to read the rest of your story anyways :)

I love the idea of this. The plot is taking a clear jump in a clear direction, which is great, and what's more is that the plot is exciting. I'm liking the shift in the narration from the first chapter to the second; now it's clearly told from Lisa's perspective, and I see more of her character developing.
At this point, there's not too much that I can say about Lisa or Morag on the topic of characterization other than you're doing it well! The two seem like intelligent, Ravenclaw students. I'm most impressed I believe with your work on Mandy. Although I have a little reason to disbelieve her at this point, since her enthusiasm seems to be unexpected, there's also something that I see in this which you may or may not have intended (you can take the credit for it either way, hehe) :)
In Mandy's rallying around Lisa and Morag, I see the effect that Umbridge has had on all of the students; they're all hungry for revenge, to let their voices shout out through all of what is trying to muffle them. I love the idea that whatever comes back from obscurity comes to find a voice: that's what I see in your chapter. People really changed by tyranny.
Again, you seem to be able to handle grammar exceptionally well :) I so appreciate this :)
Like I said, I'll get back to reading this when my schedule clears up! Well-done!

Author's Response: You certainly do to be much more onboard with the story now that the plot is going. I can't recall what house you are in, but I hope this story will appeal to a lot of Ravenclaws who tend to be quite under represented in both the books and fanfictions.

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Review #9, by Aiedail Chapter 1 Compose

27th January 2011:
Hello dear, Aiedail from the forums here with your review :)

Firstly, I have to say, the lack of this chapter's typos is extremely refreshing. There's five points in your favor already :)
But you earn the rest well. I like the distant tone of the narrator in this chapter. It seems like a real, different person is telling the story, like a narrator on a T.V. show (Pushing Daisies is the only one I can think of that has a disembodied voice that fills in places where there isn't any dialogue ;) ). I found myself gripped in the urge to read these bits out loud, which isn't a bad thing.
I like that we have this detached view in the first chapter because 1), well, I like it, and 2), it creates a sense of more to come. What I mean here is, since we see that everyone is reacting to this information, in a general sense that isn't filtered through the interpretations of a first-person or third-person-restricted narrative, we actually know that people are going to do something. The fact that a character isn't imagining that the subject is on her peer's minds lets me know that it actually IS on the minds of the general Ravenclaw population.
While generally I dislike the trio's era stories, this one is interesting enough to keep me hooked in that it's told from the Ravenclaws' perspective, and we don't get any of that in the books. I have a mild distaste to the way that they're being described--I don't see them myself as feeling so inadequate as to try to come across as superior, but hey, that's just me and this is so well-written that I almost forget this anyway.
I'll try to answer your questions (I'm not too good at getting organised):
1. okay, plot. Here I'm not seeing so much of a concrete plot as much as I'm seeing a potential working up. This is fine, great even for a first chapter.
2. characterization: since it's the first chapter, I get a good enough glimpse into the people's lives and personalities through the way that they talk about Harry, deal with Luna, their dialogue, etc. As a first chapter, it's up to par. I'm not even sure if I would dislike it if I read on and find out that you've continued in this disconnected, distant tone. It's nice; I like it.
3. content: as for now, I see a concern with the censorship of the Ministry, and the seeds of a revolution being planted. I hope this is what you meant to convey, because if you did, it's done magnificently. I'm a fan of understatement; in other words, not feeling like you have to explain every little thing. You can leave some things up to me as a reader to interpret. Perhaps it's just the poet in me speaking; but you do this nicely here.
Overall, wonderful job, I look forward to leaving you another review and reading the rest of your story!

Author's Response: Well, this is a mainly an introductory chapter, laying the groundwork for the plot and the coming conflict. But I'm glad that so far you are enjoying, because it is the next chapter when the story starts moving.

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Review #10, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 6 Leading Questions

25th January 2011:

I loved this chapter; I love, love, LOVE Ravenclaws--cause its not like I am partial or anything ;). But I do think you did an excellent job on this chapter.

You have begun to bring some of the practical issues to mind--money, continuing stories, etc. I think that this is one point that authors tend to gloss over (myself included) from time to time; that is the realistic nature that needs to be reminded that this a story taking place in what could be a real time.

I also enjoyed the interaction between Lisa and Professor Flitwick; they both played the innocent but very clever on their parents. They were true Ravenclaws to a fault.

There was one issue I saw but I can't find it now :/.

Here's one for a suggestion though:

There was a notably light skip in her gait as she continued on through the corridors.--notably lighter perhaps?

Your plot in this was great, the tension seemed less disfussed and it seemed more like a fun chapter. I really did enjoy that fact as well. The plot followed typical Hogwarts career which is a nice add in to the story. YOur story could have really happened and I really enjoy that fact.

I liked your pacing in this as well; it has seemed to snowball up until this point but I liked the little break you took to give the reader some relief from all the heavy anxiety and high strung tension that has been following and will probably be coming back soon. I hope these chapter reviews helped love! Come back again and I'd love to finish up this story.

Lindsey 10.10

Author's Response: Well, I am glad I found another Ravenclaw at heart. I knew there had to be some reason why all the other girls in Ravenclaw weren't having anything to do with Dumbledore's Army, and this was probably it. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

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Review #11, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 5 Off the Record

25th January 2011:
Dum...dum...dum. This chapter definitely brought the tension to a new height. And you did an excellent job of pacing it nice and slowly.

The first little bout of tension between the girls and Stewart was very believable. I found myself shaking my head at Stewart about his cute , naive 12 year old ways. If he thought Snape wouldn't figure it out.

And the whole interaction with Snape was very funny. I found myself giggling the entire way through . I think you kept Snape in really good character. I think some may read it differntly than Snape would actually say. You gave an air of sardonic Snapeness without having to actually spell it out. Good for you.

I didn't really notice any major typos in this chapter; your sentences tend to get a little lengthy but I did not see the prevalance of this problem in this chapter. I am almost positive that a quick read through would eliminate any issues.

Your pacing was sweet in this chapter; it seemed to slow down a little bit especially in the fact of nearly getting caught but they still seem to be living off the adrenaline and euphoria of being successful. Giving them that is excellent; however, Umbridge's increase in power I know changes the tone.

You did a good job relaying that as well and you are reminding the reader that like the 5th book, this will not necessairly end happily

I really loved this chapter; I hope that this gave you something to think about.


My favorite part: But Slytherins will take any chance that comes their way if it offers them an opportunity of advancement, no matter how idiotic it might be. The professorís tone shifted slightly. Ravenclaws seem to have more dignity than that. Itís your Houseís one redeeming quality, in my opinion.

So Typical Snape.

Author's Response: Yeah, I always felt Snape would at least have a lesser level of hate for the Ravenclaws than he would for the other non-Slytherins.

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Review #12, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 4 Distribution

25th January 2011:
It was a bit odd, considering how those in charge of wizarding society considered Muggles to be some primitive creatures still dragging their knuckles and people to associate for the phrase, ĎBless themí.-- I didn't quite understand this sentence, the second half confused me.

Padma had been coming to bed increasingly later and later for many nights now, and it was clearly affecting me.-- clearly affecting her.

I think those were the only issues worth mentioning^^

I really loved the plot devlopment you included in this chapter; you did not allow the distribution to occur completely obstacle free. The girls failure was a good thing because it reminded me of how realistic your stories are and how that this is real issue. The story just didn't occur with conflict.

Today, actually, in our writing class, we were discussing characters and conflict, and boy, was there a bit of humorous conflict between Snape and Lisa. I think that they both stayed in character but I have a feeling that Snape could have redirected Lisa to go see Madam Promfrey. It would have been made for interesting dialogue exchange; just an idea.

I also liked the naming of The Fourth Esstate; I thought that that was what it was named after but it was an impressive nonetheless. I also liked the incoporation of the scene with Trewlany. It grounds the reader back that even though your story is happening what the surroundings are. Its a good addition and was not misplaced at all.

Overall, the plot development was excellent in my mind and the whispering beginning were great to read about. I liked your characters, pacing, and flow. Overall, I do really think this is a great story.


Author's Response: I can't believe I have so many typos in this story. I need to do some serious work on this story. All the same, I'm glad it's still shining through.

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Review #13, by katebabelovesharrypotter Epilogue Wrap-up

20th January 2011:
This was such a great story! I really loved it a bunch and I think it was so unqiue and fun. Your characters were great and I loved the context of the whole piece. Overall, you did a very good job and I enjoyed it immensely. :)

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #14, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 3 Staff

19th January 2011:
Not nearly as it seems.-- Mandy's rant but this is an incomplete thought even for dialogue. Are you missing the word hard?

And thatís why we need to d-do thisÖat least thatís way they said."-- Stewart's little speech to Orla. Perhaps you mean-- that's the way they said?

I found this chapter excellent; you really did a great job of keeping the tension clearly outlined. What is going on is grounds for explusion and for Ravenclaws who would seem to be the goody-goodys, this is a big deal. You do a great job of relaying and reminding the reader of that fact without going overboard.

You also did an excellent job I think with the convincing of Stewart and Orla. It was great to read the thoughts that the girls had about the interactions between the smaller two--very precious.

Stewart and Orla were also both very believable characters; they did not act older than 12 or 13 but still managed to seem like the slightly big-egoed Ravenclaws. I applaud you for that fact as well.

The pacing as I rambled on about before is excellent. It does not go too slow or too fast; it is the Goldilocks of pacing--just right. And I think you did well with the flow and the general order of events.

Your grammar was top knotch, minus the areas I pointed out before. And the wordinesss was a bit more apparant but I am seeing more variety in your sentence structure so I think it evens itself out. Maybe a quick read over and some editing may be in order when you have the time.

Lindsey 9/10

Please feel free to request this story again--I really, really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thank you for the series of long and lovely reviews. I hope you won't mind me coming back soon to ask for more.

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Review #15, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 2 Editorial

19th January 2011:
All they students have their own coping strategies for dealing with these dreaded times of the week, although we never get to hear what these methods are because all the different years and different houses rarely speak to one another, mainly through a lack of opportunity to do so.-- I think you meant all the students :)

Thus begins the revolution! Oh I can only imagine that this is how others responded during great times of crisis and censorship. You did a brilliant job relaying the rush that Lisa was feelings.

I could feel my heart rate increase just a little bit as she was watching Umbridge and scrambling to write down all her thoughts. It was a brilliant scene really and one that stuck with me.

Your pacing is excellent for this; it seems ot have this knack of just creating its own speed for the reader and not slowing down. You do not create unnecessary sections or interupt the flow with outlandish or misplaced remarks. You have done an excellent job getting the metaphorical snowball rolling :).

I really enjoyed Lisa, Morag, and Mandy; I think you've done something excellent by just allowing minor characters to come to life and act as very in character and in house type characters. With the exception of Neville, I have never been one to like to see a person's house placement be of question. Neville was a character that most certainly grew into his own, but usually when people take an already established character (Ron, Harry, Draco, etc), they tend to smash what JKR seemed to intend from the get go. It is especially true of Draco and his Slytherin-ness.

Ignoring my ramble, you were less wordy in this chapter (at least in my attention) and the only typo I saw I placed above so excellent pre-editing. I think that you have a real gem of a short story on your hands.


Author's Response: I'm glad you feel the Ravenclaws are so in keeping with their House. Not exactly as revolutionary as Dumbledore's Army, but they are still fighting the system.

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Review #16, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter 1 Compose

19th January 2011:
"It was great reading on those nights when a student couldnít fall asleep, but didnít want to open any of their textbooks for fear of stimulating their minds further, wind them up too much."-- Winding them up too much perhaps?

Hello love-got your request from the forums and I'm super excited to read this story!

You did an excellent job setting up the mood and general time for this story. I think the Fifth Year under Umbridge is an often unexplored topic in HPFF. So many prefer to skip ahead to the war or keep it purely romantic instead of actually exploring the kind of censorship that took place in that year.

Your take on Ravenclaws is scarily accurate; haha, but I know from the forums that it is your house so yyou would seem to be particularly good at describing your own house. I know from personal experience that this is what I would envision the common room to be--tons of discussion about current events or ancient subjects or profound questions (what is truth, etc). I also would envision a bunch of students huddled in groups doing homework or discussing essays as well.

Luna's character was particularly on spot; I could just imagine her slouching on the couch, eating her candy and absentmindedly just watching her surroundings and her world. She would probably have something to say in her head but really, the opinions of others rarely undermines her so well done on all that.

I enjoyed the fact that they are even toying with the possibility that Harry was right. We often do not get a perspective that doesn't believe Dumbledore or Harry's side. Ocasionally, a fight may be written about it all, but truthfully, it is far and few between. Much less a view that is substaniated and actually interesting to read about so well done all that.

You did an excellent job with flow, pacing, and plot. However, I think that at some places, you get rather wordy. For instance, " The students and the teachers both complained (in secret, of course), but there was nearly nothing they could do about itó not with the Ministry and all those who could buy their way into power pulling the strings and the Prophet praising their every action."

I understand your meaning of course but it just gets...sticky and complicated. Perhaps giving the ideas into choppier bits or just changing your sentence structure would help. You tend to write in more complex sentences with few and far between simple sentences. (I only point this out because I have the EXACT same tendency). Sometimes less is more. Overall, your grammar and such was fantastic :D

Well done, darling.

9/10 Lindsey

Author's Response: Yeah, my stories do tend to have a tendancy to become wordy, so it's something I'll have to keep an eye on in the future.

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Review #17, by Mrs Roonil Waslib Chapter 2 Editorial

16th January 2011:
Hello again!
What I find most striking about this story is the perspective - I love how you have characterized and made personal those names we Potter fans have only seen mentioned in the books. There is also this sense of recklessness and unity that is like that of the DA that is a lovely touch. More specifically, I liked the description of Morag reading Lisa'a piece. And I found the bit about "the successfulness of the day" being measured by how much they could divert Umbridge from teaching amusing! I'm liking this story more and more - well done! :)

Author's Response: Well, thank you for the lovely review, and I hope you won't mine me begging for another on your thread!

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Review #18, by Mrs Roonil Waslib Chapter 1 Compose

30th December 2010:
First off, I just want to comment on how original this plot line is. It is very clever - creating a spin-off from an actual event in the fifth book; it makes the scenario seem highly plausible. I also love the fresh perspective - I think some Potter readers tend to get caught up in the goings on of the Gryffindors that we almost regard that point-of-view as the only one. I liked visualizing the effect Umbridge's decrees had on other Hogwarts students.

At the beginning, there were a few sentences that seemed to run on or tend to be a little more confusing than necessary. I had to sometimes re-read a sentence because of its length or unneeded complexity, which disrupted the flow.

However, when the story progressed and these sentences were pulled off, you did so magnificently. My favorite of them being, "It was an insecurity most Ravenclaws possessed, but it was especially prevalent in Mandy's case." It was simple enough to understand yet the subject matter was explained a little more eloquently than just any old, "This was really typical of Mandy, even though other Ravenclaws did this too."

The Quibbler article titles provided subtle comedy, which I appreciated. I liked how, in the last sentence, you personified sleep - it was a simple yet poetic way to end the chapter.

Overall, I really like this! Very unique story you have here - I cannot wait to see what you do with it. If you want, pop by my review post and request another :)

Author's Response: Well, I felt like the other Ravenclaws had to do something while everyone else was in Dumbledore's Army. My house pride refuses to believe they were just sitting around, twittling their thumbs while Umbridge was around!

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Review #19, by LitNerd Chapter 1 Compose

19th December 2010:
This is good- it's original and well written. I like it!

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you like it and I hope you'll read more!

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Review #20, by Rose of the West Epilogue Wrap-up

17th December 2009:
Brilliant. I like the way you left it here.

Author's Response: Maybe we will see these girls and their future in the newspaper industry in other stories.

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Review #21, by Rose of the West Chapter 8 Advocacy

17th December 2009:
That was a great scene at the coffee table! Delicate china, pink biscuits, pure delight!

They're so happy about the turn of events that they don't realize what it all means in terms of the Tedious One. I'm sure they'll learn.

Author's Response: Yes, it was quite fun to write. I'll have to draw the scene to give it the full effect.

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Review #22, by Rose of the West Chapter 7 Syntex

27th October 2009:
Oh, no! Now I'm on the edge of my seat. I have to wonder what events will intervene to keep the girls from their doom. At any rate, they had a good run and they did a good job.

Author's Response: I am working on chapter 8 now, so here's hoping I feel inspired!

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Review #23, by Rose of the West Chapter 6 Leading Questions

22nd October 2009:
I could swear I wrote a review to this days ago. I have a tendency to forget to push the submit button after previewing, though.

At any rate, I always enjoy the scenes where students and teachers gang up on Umbridge. She's so delightfully horrid. Lisa can't report on this meeting, though. Umbridge will know exactly who is involved, then.

I find all the dithering at the beginning of the chapter to be quite realistic. I haven't known many 18 year olds who know what they want to do with their lives. To expect a 15 year old to know was a bit ambitious of JKR, I thought.

Author's Response: Well, I know I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at that age...okay, I wanted to be a writer then, and I still do!

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Review #24, by Rose of the West Chapter 5 Off the Record

16th October 2009:
The plot thickens! More people are involved and helping it to continue. I'm a little confused, though. Has the issue about the Inquisitorial Squad been distributed by the time Lisa is talking to Prof. Snape?

Author's Response: Yes, it does! And to answer your question, they have published that Inquisitorial edition by the time Lisa talks to Snape.

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Review #25, by Rose of the West Chapter 4 Distribution

10th October 2009:
Fantastic! Plenty of secrecy and intrigue, and they already have a lead story for the next issue!

Author's Response: Wow, such a devoted fan! I hope you will keep reading!

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