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Review #1, by Wistful Solitary Glass

29th August 2012:
The one thing that really got me about this story was I really had to think about it. The way it was written, the plot, and the emotion put into it was simply incredible, See? I've ended up fetching myself an oreo cake to help me though this review as it was just so good. Not my review, your on-shot xD

I'm going to stop before my rambling begings.
If it didn't already.

Either way, here it goes.

What I didn't like abot this was the way you did Snape. By this, I don't mean from my cold mechanical analystic reader self but from my warm cuddly bear teddy bear self. I'm one of those people could could never consider Snape doing anything like that despite knowing he is completely able. So my heart broke reading it. On the ther hand, my mechanical self absolutely loves the way you did this. I mean it was like a fairytale without a happily-ever-after. His role in this is written just... wow. The way he did this to his mother, how he blames her... you never once really wrote it in but I felt it.

The plot was awesome. I feel like I should choose some better adective for it. I choose radiant. The plot was radiant. You slowly told us the story of what happened, not right away saying. And how dramatic. From the title to the last word I was wow'd by it. Your plot line began and ended smoothly.

I'm absolutely jealous of your flow. It worked so well with mostly the right words and barely any awkward pauses. I love your language in this as well."Where once was love, love is no more. Love is for the living and Eileen is dying." That part was just... it really stuck to me. All poetic and such.

This dark story will definitely stick with me.
Until next time-


Author's Response: Oh snap, when the oreo cakes come out, you know it's on! :D I'm actually really glad that made you think - I like for my readers to dig deeper, you know?

I'm okay with rambling - I'm a rambling person too! ;)

I understand what you mean about Snape. I don't really like him either, but I do, you know? It's a love-hate relationship between us as writer and character. See, I'm glad you picked up that he blames her without me really having to explain that in the story. I guess I tried to do a bit of JKR and make the reader dig for meanings rather than laying them all out on the table like some authors.

I'm just over the moon - I write stream of consciousness and sometimes, the plot just doesn't work for some people. It's too ambiguous or it's odd at times or they just don't like it. But somehow, my mind seems to want to move from one thing to the next, you know? I'm glad you thought it was awesome - I like that adjective!

That compliment just sends me all blushing and teary-eyed. I guess it's just that I can't believe people actually like the things I write, I suppose!

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #2, by Jchrissy Solitary Glass

28th August 2012:
Why did I decide to pick this for a bedtime story?!? Why?? I'm going to fall asleep and imagine Lily and James taking Harry to the aquarium to show him all the pretty colors after this so I can fall asleep with fluff :P

Stream of consciousness yay!!

I'm starting with the title. Choosing the name of a star crossed lover who ends in tragedy - dies from the poison of her lovers concoction - brilliant!!! They are both so realistic, so fragile and breakable with hurt radiating out. He doesn't harbor regrets, although you can tell his feelings of inadequacy for not possessing magic are haunting him, he doesn't blame her for her magic.

The idea of this family once being happy, whole. It's so wonderful and you really show me your love for this pairing. You make me feel the decades of their own struggle and that final sentiment of 'it just can't end like this' but it's going to and he knows it. Feels, you're drowning me in too many feels!!

Snape.. Was she already I'll and he's putting her out of her misery? Does he blame her that much for marrying a muggle, turning him into a mudblood? I don't even care why, well I kind of do.. But more than that I just want to live in the contrasts. The deepness of love, the warmth of his affection for his wife, then the cold robotic sense of Severus. His mother is dying, he killed his mother. He's not weeping on the floor holding her body, he didn't give her one last I love you (drawing me to the murdering her because she married a muggle theory) but just left.

This was a beautiful piece, and I clearly knew I wasn't getting a fluffy bedtime story before I chose it ;)

Author's Response: Oh, you didn't have to review, but thank you so much - your reviews are the best! :)

Don't ever pick anything of mine for a bedtime story! :P I don't ever write anything fluffy and happy. I tried once. It ended up awful!

I just love, love stream of consciousness. It's the only way I write - it's just so raw and fabulous!

Oh yes, my title. I mean, I just had to, didn't I? Why not steal something off of our wonderful bard Shakespeare and be supremely awesome? :D I'm so glad you picked up on the thought that Tobias regrets not having magic himself rather than resenting Eileen for hers!

Gosh, I really do love this pairing. I'm pretty sure they're my OTP. I adore the idea of their family as once being whole, and for the most part, happy. I'd like to think that something lifechanging happened that caused Tobias to just sort of lose it. I don't ever think it was really directed at Eileen, per se. I'm really glad I could make you feel "the decades of their own struggle." It's really important for me to get the readers to connect.

God, isn't he lovely? I think he's lovely even if he just murdered his mother. You know, I honestly don't have an answer for your questions because I don't know the answer myself. It's all up to the reader to decide, you know?

I do hope you enjoyed it, Jami! Thank you much for the superb review! It means so much! :)

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Review #3, by Snapdragons Solitary Glass

22nd February 2012:
I listened to the podcast and wanted to review the story, as well! :)

This was an interpretation of Tobias/Eileen and Snape that I've never read before, but I really enjoyed it. I couldn't help but feel sorry for them all - Eileen, obviously; Tobias, losing his wife, especially in such a way; and even Severus, because something must have happened to have prompted that. I sort of like how you leave that open ended, though - we don't really know what happened in the past, all we're seeing is what's happening as a result.

This was beautifully written, too - you had such great description! I could honestly go back and pull out any line here and use it as an example, but one of my favorites was motives are fickle things, for the weak and sorrowful. It just really stuck out to me for some reason.

Wonderful job! It was terribly sad. :( But extremely well done!

Author's Response: Hi! :) Thank you for reading!

I'm really glad that you liked it! I have been fascinated with Eileen and Tobias ever since we caught a glimpse of them in the books. There are so many ways that I could take the couple - I really wanted to highlight that people make mistakes and we don't really understand and things just go wrong.

I'm glad you liked the description! I've been told that's one of my strong points and so I try to cultivate that.

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I really appreciate it! :]]

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Review #4, by CheeringCharm Solitary Glass

11th August 2011:
so dark. so sad. so... cold.
amazing story, you tell it so well and I really can't help feeling sad for Tobias, I always thought that he and Eileen married after a summer romance ending up in a child and then the love disappearing but your take on their destiny is so much more beautiful and captivating.
Eileen feels so poverless and so does Tobias and the way that you capture her determination and his insecurity about the situation are so much like i'd imagine them to be.
Snape really seems cold and how he does the murdering, through poisonning is really the way i'd imagine it.
How did you come up with this story? (just had to ask)

CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: First off, thank you for the lovely review!

How did I come up with the story? Well, you see, I mainly write Stream of Consciousness - so, randomly. Whatever comes to mind, I put in on paper and it usually ends up here. Anyway, I have this odd fascination with Eileen and Tobias Snape. We don't know very much about their relationship - so many things could have gone wrong [and right]; there is no telling the hardships that they faced. I find it so intriguing. This piece is one of the numerous ways that I view Eileen and Tobias. I just decided to go with it and hope for the best! I really can't explain how it came to be because I just write from the heart, the imagination, from wherever the inspirations springs forth.

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I really appreciate it!

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Review #5, by BellaFan202 Solitary Glass

30th June 2011:
Glad you enjoy my reivew so much! :) Here's your requested review. :)

Goodness, that was sad. It was so good, but also so sad. The way you described everything was wonderful. The way you showed Eileen's love for Severus was fantastic. The way you made Tobias's distaste for Severus was also great. The way you kind of showed that Tobias didn't want to be so angry at his son amazing.

So, all in all, the whole thing was fantastic. A great read, really.

(LiveLaughLoveHarryPotter on the forums)
P.S. Don't worry about being selfish for requesting reviews. You're and awesome writer, and I welcome your requests. Feel free to come back whenever you want to! :)

Author's Response: I really do! It's nice to have a reviewer who is honest!

I'm glad you liked it! Once again, it's another stream of consciousness, a recurring technique in most of my works.

Thank you so, so much! I can't thank you enough! I appreciate it!

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Review #6, by WeasleyGirl03 Solitary Glass

22nd April 2010:
That was beautifully written but why did Snape poison his mum? :(

Author's Response: Thank you! Oh, it was just an idea I had in my head and it went with the challenge, so I just wrote it. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by severussnapeloveslily Solitary Glass

17th April 2010:
That was lovely! It was creepy, because we don't know why Snape killed Eileen. But I love how you described Tobias's mixed feelings... Avenge his wife or obey her dying wish? And although I am led to believe from the books that Tobias wasn't caring towards his family, I agree that he loved his wife.

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you saw the struggle within Tobias among the other things that were going on in the story! I believe just as you do. We know that he was a violent man at times, but he did love his wife at one point and I believe it held true until the day she died. Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by CharlieSinger Solitary Glass

8th April 2010:
eesh, makes me hate sev even mor.
sighs, but in the end he's a goody, so what can i do?
*sighs dramatically*

Author's Response: It's true, you love him, but you hate him. This was the first time I wrote Severus, so it was a different experience, for sure.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #9, by Blissbug Solitary Glass

4th April 2010:
Shelby, I'm so impressed by this. The language is effortless, the characters wonderful and vivid. Favorite line: "And there, as he rounds the corner of the street, Severus swings like a child on the set. His black cloak billows out behind him, suffocating the happiness. The happiness that was once a centerpiece of their family is now riding on the back of a beetle into the sands beneath Severusís feet."

Definitely a change in your stylization but I just love it. This was a great read, and you're a wonderful writer!


Author's Response: Bliss! You impressed? Surely not! You are, by far, a better writer than I am! If I remember correctly, you love Severus Snape, so I do hope that I did his character justice - if only for your sake. You know, I love those sentences. They were very stream of consciousness and...well, they are my favorite xD

Thank you for the review! I greatly appreciate it!

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Review #10, by Harry and Me Solitary Glass

28th March 2010:
Its a really good story line but severus could use some work, he needs more of a personality, a individuality. Like he could be full of hatred and evil, or misunderstood.


Author's Response: Thank you for the review. Well, Severus is quite hard to write and to be honest, he's not really important in this story. It's all about Eileen and Tobias. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Akabara Solitary Glass

4th March 2010:
Wonderful. Beautiful.
Spiffy. *:3*
I thought this was really well-written, just heart-wrenching enough to be perfect. I love how you wrote the characters that we haven't really seen before: Tobias and Eileen, and the character we know: Snape. His actions were chilling, but very canon.
One thing I don't get, though. I may just be ignorant, but could you explain the summary? It doesn't seem to go with the story...
Loved it. 10/10 for sure.


Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed Eileen and Tobias. I've written them a few times and they have fast become my favorite characters. I have to say that Severus Snape was a difficult character to master, but I just wrote to the best of my abilities. The summary? It's a line out of the story - it is also loosely tied to the poison because that was part of the challenge.

Thank you for the great review!

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Review #12, by dumbledores_granddaughter Solitary Glass

28th February 2010:
wow! that was amazing! it was so touching, & it made me sad to think about how someone could do that to their own mother. heartbreaking :(

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It took a lot to right this, to show so much emotion! Thank you for the review and I hope you enjoyed the read!

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Review #13, by confusedlover Solitary Glass

7th January 2010:
very lovely.

this one-shot was very sweet and to the point, as tragic as it may have been. you did a nice job of not adding too much information yet keeping enough present so that readers could easily tell what was going on. i really liked this story. you have always been an amazing writer but i think that this story just upped you that much more. keep up the lovely work.

Author's Response: Sorry for my late response!

Thank you so much! I am so glad that you liked it, really. It means so much to me to get such a lovely review from you. Thank you xD

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Review #14, by Laugharama_llama Solitary Glass

31st December 2009:
Hello! I'm here with your review from the forums!

I think..I think I've read this before. I'm pretty sure I've read this and just didn't review it.

Anyway, this was amazing. It was beautiful - so poetic and sad. :( I like the way you characterized Snape. It was so uncaring and kind of stoic; very fitting to the Snape that JKR portrays throughout the HP series.

One question I have is why Snape chose to kill Eileen. I would have expected him to kill his father, or BOTH the mother and father. But seeing as how Snape hates muggle-borns and muggles in general, I don't understand why he chose to kill his mother, who was magical. Just a question!

Wonderful, as I said before. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you!

Well then, thank you for reviewing now!

I really wanted to capture the poetry and the characteristics of Snape in this and by what you've said, I've accomplished that! It was actually quite hard to write this and have it come off the way I wanted it to.

Many have asked that question and so my explanation: Snape sees that it is not his father's fault, rather his mother's - she was weak for a pureblood, weak for marrying 'filth.' That's about all I can say.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #15, by Ava Pearce Solitary Glass

29th December 2009:
Hi, RoseWeasleysPatronus here from the forums to review your story!
And wow.
This story is very, well I'm not quite sure what the word for it is. I don't think it has one. Its all mixed up in one go, much like the poison Severus concocted for his mother.
Its a very emotionally descriptive story, its also very cold.
In some ways I can see Severus poisoning his mother, but in some ways I can't. Now that I ponder on it, I always thought that it would be the father that Snape would poison. But I guess this is an even worse fate for him, reduced to watching his wife die and then poisoning himself.
This story was very clear and I could understand what was happening, which is a good thing, because stories that hold a lot of descriptive emotion often lack sense, You don't know where they are. But I knew where I was the whole time, congrats on that!
Also the characters were really well written, though I always thought that Eileen and Tobias had a rather loveless relationship, from what we've been given from J.K. but then again we weren't given all that much and people would interpret it different ways.
Overall, I really enjoyed reading it, and I loved the title! (big Shakespeare fan here)
Ava xx
P.S. and so sorry for taking ages to get around to doing this!

Author's Response: You are a very insightful reviewer! It takes a lot to understand what comes out of my crazy head and onto the paper, well, screen. I do hope that you enjoyed it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the review! It means a great deal to an author such as myself!

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Review #16, by Roonyskatoony Solitary Glass

22nd December 2009:
Oh I honestly don't know what to say! It was fantastic! I'm not usually all that keen on stories set in the present I think I'll make an exception :). It was positively heartbreaking the comparison between severus' emotions towards his mother and his father's, it's just awful. Anyway I think that that was amazing! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Lately, I've been trying my hand at present tense because it's not my favorite. I wanted to extend my writing and thus, present tense. Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate it!

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Review #17, by TwilightPrincess Solitary Glass

21st December 2009:
I could swear I read and reviewed this before, but I'm sorry, I guess I didn't. =(

I really love the overall idea of this. The idea of unconditional love is prominent and written well. It's interesting to entertain the thought, and I'm glad you chose to write this type of relationship in the setting of a mother and child. I'm not a mother, but I can imagine that no matter how much my child 'hated' me, I would not be able to hate him back. Great job. You showed great dynamics between the mother and child in this piece. It was actually heart-wrenching to read. Eileen still loves Severus even though he is her killer. How scandalous! We want her to hate him, yet we want her to love him. It's quite a conundrum, and I commend you for taking on such a challenging idea.

Your dialogue has improved immensely, but I think it could use a bit of work in some places. There were only a few spots that pulled me out of the magic of your writing. For example, when Severus says, "Hold on." I can't imagine him saying that for some reason. It seems too... modern, young, informal. Also here: "Bit late there, aren't we, Mother" It takes away from the depth of the overall idea. Sometimes it's hard to resist what you REALLY want to write, but you must in order to avoid turning your lovely work into a parody.

Other times, though, your dialogue was beautiful. I especially liked "Love... for me." That was touching. =)

My last bit of advice is don't write too much for your readers. At the end, I could tell that you were trying to explain things to the reader, which you didn't need to do. You wrote "He won't explain his motives..." All I heard was, "I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHY HE DID IT BECAUSE I DIDN'T THINK OF A REASON AND/OR IT'S NOT IMPORTANT SO JUST LEAVE A REVIEW AND GET OUT!" If the reason for his actions were not important, you shouldn't have mentioned his motives at all. I had come up with my own ideas of why he might have done it, but that comment kind of rocked me out of your world (again.) Just take it easy. Just write.

I love this piece. It's so deep, and I could just eat it up. Keep up the good work!

Ganbare! Tanoshinde ^_^


Author's Response: Hello Ilia! :]] Your reviews are my favorite xD

You are such an insightful reader. You know EXACTLY what I was going for, so thank you for that!

Yes, yes, the dialogue. I have to tell you, Ilia, dialogue just KILLS me. I understand your reasoning on that bit of dialogue, I will definitely have to change that up.

Oho, we always come back to this, don't we? I try to take your advice with each story that I write and I'm trying to get out of that "writing for the readers" business. It's going to take some work, to be honest, but hopefully I will get there!

Thank you so much for the awesome review! I appreciate it, as always!

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Review #18, by fatality Solitary Glass

21st December 2009:
This is beautiful.

And the fact that you wrote this through a stream of consciousness is even more amazing. Truly, you are a great writer and this fic proves it.

Your vocabulary is exquisite. Your flow is envyingly effortless, or so it seems. And your characterization is spot on. I've never read a Eileen/Tobias fic so this was definitely a great start.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, thank you! I really don't know what to say other than thank you! I do hope that you enjoyed this!

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Review #19, by Alassie Solitary Glass

15th December 2009:
Wow. That piece was both powerful and moving. I certainly couldnt tell that it was different from your usual writing style. Though this piece leaves some questions: Why did Severus kill him mother? How did he feel about it? What happened after this? If you wanted, you could definitely write a companion piece to this, and have it be entirely plausible. However, even by itself it is still a beautiful piece that I thoroughly enjoyed. I actually have never even read a Tobias/Eileen piece before. Lovely job!

Author's Response: I never know what to say to such a lovely review. Yes, this piece definitely does leave some questions. I would consider writing a companion oneshot, but I believe it would take away from the gravity of this oneshot and the believability.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #20, by Clair Clementine Solitary Glass

14th December 2009:
This was pure poetry. I loved it! it was so sad and emotional, but I loved every second! I've never read a story with Snape's parents before, so this was really good first! You explain things so well, your description amazes me! You made the story come to life and I could picture everything in my head. I loved that this was is present tense. It gave it a more poetic outtake and made it more realistic. I love your descriptive writing and wording you used to describe the emotions such as "where there once was love, love is no more. Love is for the living and Eileen is dying." or "For every hello there is a goodbye and Tobias craves to say goodbye to his wife. Should she disappear before he arrives home, he wonít catch her." It was all so very romantic and tragic at the same time. I loved it! Your banner is very beautiful, too by the way. You did an excellent job with this story. At first I was a bit confused as to how Severus was killing his mother, and I instantly wondered why he had poisoned her once I'd figured out what he had done. I'm pretty sure you made it intentional that the reader doesn't know why he killed her as you wrote He wonít explain his motives; motives are fickle things, for the weak and sorrowful." (by the way, again, wonderful description and wording). So you did a great job there with not explaining why he had done it. Great job and thank you SO much for requesting a review!

Clair :D (EvelynCullen09 on the forums)

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so excited that you loved this! It really does an author good to hear praise. Thank you for that comment, my description writing is a strong point. I've always found that description coupled with deep-seated emotion goes a long way within a community of writers - it's appreciated.

Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate it!

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Review #21, by marinahill Solitary Glass

14th December 2009:
Wow! Your descriptions never fail to disappoint, Shelby. I could picture everything that occured in this one-shot, from the fading Eileen, Tobias' love for her and contempt for his son and Severus' bitterness... Just truly remarkable how you convey that onto the page. They are all so well characterised that I cant help but feel emotional; it was almost tragic how she died and I only wish you'd made this into a novel so it could last longer!


Author's Response: Thanks Marina! Description was the centerpiece of this oneshot, besides the plot, of course. I do hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #22, by Ravie_girl29 Solitary Glass

11th December 2009:
good, I love the banner, the story is not like anything I've read before, but that's good, I give it a 10 outta 10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #23, by einalem Solitary Glass

8th December 2009:
In the recesses of her mind, she always knew that they were meant to say goodbye. He could not have loved her better. He gave more, and she gave the most. The rancid odor of his love corrodes her sense of smell. The mint he chews intoxicates her into a false fairytale.

Your words are so simply put together and yet portray a deeper meaning; emotions that we all feel time and time again. After all, humans are not robots. You have brought such fictional two-dimensional characters to life, and have allowed each of them to breathe, expressing themselves in ways that capture the interest of the one called the 'reader.'

I applaud you for your skill. It is unique in its own way, and quite special, if you ask me. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Brilliant work.


Author's Response: My, my, I'm smiling from ear to ear. My two biggest strengths are description and emotions, so I'm glad you saw that :]

I really hope you enjoyed this. Thank you so much for the amazing review :]]

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Review #24, by JLandDHforever Solitary Glass

8th December 2009:
Woah, this is so intense! I like it because you put all the right words together to string these awesome sentences. Your way of writing really drew me in, so it's like I was standing with them in the room and stuff. Kind of like watching a memory in a Pensieve. Two thumbs waaay up for this! ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #25, by the midnight avenger Solitary Glass

30th November 2009:
that was AMAZING. the emotions are so convincing and I'm really glad you picked a subject that is rarely written about. You captured the mood of the story well, even though there wasn't much dialogue. excellent work.

Author's Response: Wow, what compliments! It is the goal of a writer to see that readers enjoy their work, so I hope you did! Thank you so much!

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