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Review #1, by emma28 Stunned

9th January 2017:
Hi, I've just finished this story. It's really good however I'm very disappointed that it's abandoned. Normally I don't read abandoned stories, but I was very curious.

Since you're not continuing writing, would I or someone else be able to continue this story? As I and many other readers would love to have an ending.


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Review #2, by Lizzie Stunned

28th March 2016:
Please please please update this story. This is one of the most incredible pieces of writing I have wee been fortunate enough to have read. You are an absolutely amazing author and I hope with all my heart that you continue this story. Please never give up on writing.

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Review #3, by Kittytaylor Stunned

25th January 2015:
Hi, I really love this story, please please tell me you are going to continue it.

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Review #4, by You don't need to know Stunned

14th July 2014:
You thank us for sticking by you during your writers block and life, you say there will be 70 chapters (odd) , you tell us to stick around till the end, but it is not there. That is not fair. You have lied and just left us hanging for more than two years. If you abandoned the story then put it in your story description because I would never have clicked on it in the first place.

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Review #5, by Betty Birthday Celebrations

14th July 2014:
Please author read this and update

Save this story

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Review #6, by Kristin Birthday Celebrations

14th July 2014:
If you want this story to continue,type 'save the story' then the author may see it.

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Review #7, by Anna Stunned

14th July 2014:
Please update I love this story

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Review #8, by X The Rise and Fall of...

10th July 2014:
Please can you update and add chapters 54 +. I am writing this in advance with the hopes that you would have updated by the time I get to chapter 53.

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Review #9, by Hmscherer First Meetings

20th March 2014:
Hey the correct address of a king or queen isn't your highness that is for a prince or princess for a monarch it is your majesty :) just trying to help out my mom used to teach medieval history so I ended up being taught a bunch of stuff

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Review #10, by H Stunned

10th March 2014:
WHY HAVE YOU NOT UPDATED IN SO LONG HOW COULD YOU LEAVE IT HERE AH! I give you an 8 cu you havent updated yet -_-

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Review #11, by H Stunned

28th December 2013:
When's the next chapter?

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Review #12, by Porscha Broken

18th May 2013:
I read this chapter and the whole time I just wanted to cry. It was so sad. I can't believe she could possibly do that! He would be much safer with her :'(

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Review #13, by lauren Stunned

3rd May 2013:
please just finish this. its getting old

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Review #14, by jamesandlily_forever Deadlines

31st March 2013:
Just an FYI do you know that Eyebrow is in a lot of words I'm not sure peyebrowsion is a word maybe you meant passion etc...

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Review #15, by Zoe Stunned

12th March 2013:
WOW I love this. I just have one small suggestion that you don't have to take, but I would like to still give it to you. The whole idea of Voldemort is so dark that instead of having the story end just end with Sirius going to Azkaban (as you said you would), I think you should make an epilogue with Sirius and Lupin later in life, like with Harry. Like if Harry found a picture of her or something, and he asked for the story. I dont know, you are the writer, and obviously you have written a fantastic story already. I am only giving this suggestion because I am currently working on my own fanfic, and I am realizing how dark it is, so I am ending it with Sirius telling Harry the story of his name. This is honestly one of the best fanfics I have ever read, and I am in complete awe of your writing. Thanks so much!

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Review #16, by kkb Stunned

7th March 2013:
YAY!! So happy you continued writing this story!! I'd given up a while ago and just happened to stumble upon it again!! With 3 new chapters to boot! Thank you!! It was enjoyable as always!

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Review #17, by Kaylin Stunned

3rd March 2013:
You have made it far too easy for me to get overly involved in the characters live. They could be my best friends. Hell, they are. You are doing a fantastic job.

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Review #18, by aisha ismail Stunned

1st March 2013:
please finish this story-uh.i can live knowning they didn't make up ,not cool

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Review #19, by penny Stunned

24th February 2013:
please please please finish this soon !!!

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Review #20, by Just me Stunned

11th December 2012:
PLEASE UPDATE. I really hope that you haven't abandoned this story. It is way too good not to have a proper ending. I love it LOADS.

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Review #21, by Cal Stunned

27th November 2012:
Wonderful story. Loving the character development.

When will the next chapter be?

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Review #22, by Yay! Stunned

26th November 2012:
Bloodily fantastic! Could not stop, stayed up all night and only when the server crashed, I finally let myself sleep...kind of concerned towards how you intend to let the characters die, won't like that, but you have to say with the story line. Really, fantastic job.

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Review #23, by Anonymous Stunned

24th November 2012:
I love this entire story!! Everything is very well thought out. When is the next chapter coming out?!

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Review #24, by Anonymous Stunned

19th November 2012:
Honestly I don't understand why this story doesn't have more reviews. Normally I don't like story with Sirius and an OC, but this is so different. And oddly enough it is funny and light and dark but overall just really wonderful. Love all the characters relationships. I hope you find the time to update soon.

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Review #25, by mel Stunned

11th November 2012:
This was absolutely heartbreaking. I hate that even though everything's changed and Sirius knows, they still can't be together. Sirius's last line was devastating, completely devastating. Stop putting Sirius in so much pain. I am glad though that Sirius didn't find out at the end of the story, because I bet then it would have been like how he found out about Regulus after he'd died, and he would have thought Sami hated him all this time, even though I'm not entirely sure you're going to kill of Sami, which while we're on that topic, I so wish you would just AU the whole ending, because we haven't even gotten there, and I'm already getting all teary. Really, I think I'm somewhat of a masochist for reading marauder era stories. I'd give you a 10/10 because you're a brilliant writer, but I'm going to take 1 off, because you've made me all sad. I really need to go read something happy now. Upfate soon? You really can't leave it at this.

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