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Review #1, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Saviour

27th October 2009:
I reviewed this before, but who says I can't do it again?

... I don't know what to say, really. I'm reading in the middle of class, and I really shouldn't. Hard-core Hermione is always one of my favorites as opposed to the innocent version. I think that you stuck to the character of a war-warried Hermione really well, and I've always thought that Draco harbored a secret crush on the muggle-born, even now, nineteen years in the future. *clearlydelusioned*

The end, the erm *cough* sex scene. I like how you sort of, well, I related it to an orchestra, although I'm not entirely certain that you intended it to go that way. It's beautiful, really. And the last line, as well as the first words exchanged after he woke... I just really like those lines.

I only have an issue with the tenses at the end. Since the rest of the story is written in the past tense, I think that those lines should be in the past tense as well. That, or change the tenses to the present.


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