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Review #1, by Mrs Padfoot Chapter 21 - The Aftermath

28th March 2010:
How is this the end of the story??? There are still so many loose ends!

Author's Response: i was gonna write another story, like a follow up :/ but i never really got round to it xx

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Review #2, by Amberfire Chapter 5 - Finding Adriana

13th February 2010:
lol shes one confusing child
hahahaha Adriana + Schmoosing + Snape = epic fail!

lol she tried to act like Hermione, fuuunny, poor Ron and Harry with another Hermione around ;)

hmm it'll be interesting to see what they do with the blood and if they try to make the potion again...

and if someone works out what she is... that'll be veery interesting...
mmm, i wish the chappies were longer, but its too late and they're already written... lol
Love Amberfire

hey, why did she decide to come back to Hogwarts? You might have mentioned it, but I can't remember if you have. Did she have a reason to come back?

Author's Response: yeah, i think half of it was just because she missed it and she got forced away but she also felt really guilty about Peeves and kind of wanted to go back to see if she could make it right, i think, lol, I'm really glad you like it XD xxx

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Review #3, by Amberfire Chapter 4 - Hermione

13th February 2010:
hehehe Hermione's funny :)
'Her mouth actually dropped open' must 'ave been some charms ay?
hehe, i think someone's made a friend maybe?

Brooke/Adriana like scares away people... poor people who sat next to her in dinner with her tearing away at that chicken ;)

Lol at the hips girl and Harry-stalker, they remind me of the Patil twins juust a little ;)

and that blood, that could be a sliiight problem...
heh heh i wonder how she convinces Snape to let her see it...

Love Amberfire

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Review #4, by Amberfire Chapter 3 - Gryffindor

13th February 2010:
heh, heh, heh
I wonder if Dumbledore knows who she really is... or has suspicions...
again an interesting chappie, its cool how she talks about things that have changed, like the hospital wing and common room :)

Lol at her voice, I wonder how long it will take her to get her movements and speech under controls so she sounds/acts human!?
It'll be interesting seeing her interactions with other people.

wow she's only 14 though (well like 114 but still) I would have thought she was like 16/17 or something, but I guess she seems mature-r because of her years alone and as a wolf.

mmm I think I'm getting used to the second person writing :)
Love Amberfire

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Review #5, by Amberfire Chapter 2 - Arriving

13th February 2010:
oooh interesting...

Hagrid! hehee I love it when people write accents into the dialogue! :)

heh well I guess I was kind of right about the werewolf thing ;)
shapeshifter ay? That sounds cool.

Poor Peeves :( and poor Adriana... thats gonna be one interesting meeting of Peeves-the-ghost and Adriana... I wonder how Peeves will react...

mmm I like the way it seems like it is kind of set in the olden days and doesn't have the rush of stories with lots of dialogue, it makes a nice change. Usually I prefer stories set in third (or first) person with lots of dialogue because they are generally funnier and having it with little dialogue kind of mutes the story, but this makes a nice change :)

I think it will be interesting to see her at Hogwarts again, though I kind of wish it stayed in the olden days.
anyway, it sounds interesting so far ;)

Love Amberfire

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Review #6, by Amberfire Chapter 1 - Reminiscing

13th February 2010:
duude two reviews for this whole story?
*sad face*
what I don't understand is why! It seems like a good story so far!
You don't normally see much of 2nd person on this site, so it makes an interesting read, may take a while to get used to it though ;)

Peeves! we get to find out why he became a ghost? That's so cool! I've never heard of a story mentioning how peeves died and/or why he became a ghost. Never read one in his lifetime either... :)

hmm my guess for what happened with the cauldron was that it contained like the essence of werewolf-ness or something? Like maybe they created a potion that started the race of werewolves? ehh, I'm probably wrong but anyway...

Love Amberfire

Author's Response: haha! you have no idea how excited i got when i saw i suddenly had 5 reviews XD you've made my day dude!! And yeah, I thoguht Peeves is a bit of an underdog lol, im glad you're liking it :P xxx

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Review #7, by evanlyn Chapter 2 - Arriving

16th October 2009:
Wooh! Hagrid! I like this story, it's very intruiging.

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Review #8, by evanlyn Chapter 1 - Reminiscing

16th October 2009:
This is very odd, it's like you are putting the reader in the story. I do like it though. Even though this story seems a bit weird, it's different and it's interesting!

Author's Response: yeah, its a habit i picked up off another site, i think its called like 2nd person or something :S and thank you =] x

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