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Review #1, by Karty star of your dreams

30th April 2012:
Oh my god! It was magnificent. I still can not believe this. I think, i'm melting LOL!
I can imagine how Pansy feel. If I were Herm, i never left Pansy. Her emerald eyes, jet black hair, tiny nose. LOL, whatever, i adore this fic. Cheers for you! Heheh :)
10/10 I think.

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely review xx

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Review #2, by SerpentineOffering star of your dreams

7th March 2012:
This is the first Hermione/Pansy story I've read so far and I really enjoyed it! I loved how it was written, I loved all the characters. You are an amazing writer and I look forward to reading the rest of your stories! Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely review

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Review #3, by a reader star of your dreams

28th June 2011:
This is really superb writing! The description and the portrayal of emotion were amazing and the point of view really played into capturing the emotion even further. Excellent story!

Author's Response: wow thank you so much. i am really pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for the lovely compliments.

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Review #4, by electricfeel star of your dreams

11th February 2011:
Hi electricfeel here with your review.

So, when you requested and I saw it was a Hermione/Pansy one-shot at 7095 words and with a second person narrative, I must admit I wasn't too excited.

But, OH MY GOD, how wrong I was. I feel so ashamed now. This was an absolute pleasure to read. Your writing is just so beautiful, I feel like I am Pansy; I can feel those emotions, so heartwrenching and tragic. And I can see her surroundings, can see the looks on Hermione's face. It's just utterly spellbinding. I really cannot stress enough just how much I enjoyed your style of writing, you have a real talent. Despite the length of this I wanted more, yet I didn't need anymore -- to make your reader feel like this is really rare, so bravo!

I'm not usually a big slash fan because I just find it unrealistic, especially with a pairing like Hermione/Pansy, but your plot here was great! I understood Pansy's vulnerability and Hermione's good nature is very canon. So, although I still don't see an event like this as being plausible, you made me believe it. I was utterly captivated.

The only CC I can offer is to watch with run-on sentences. But then, I feel like I shouldn't be saying this at all because its the one area that's always pointed out in my writing so it would be entirely hypocritical for me to judge you in an area I struggle with. Besides, I'm not sure if I only picked up on it because I'm super sensitive to it now.

Like I said, I'm not a huge femmeslash fan, but I've added this to my favourites. I really did enjoy it, feel free to request again :)

Author's Response: OMG i am SO SORRY it has taken me so long to respond to this review! i feel so bad :(

thank you. i am really pleased you took a chance on this and i am happy you liked it. i don't know what to say to your lovely compliments so i will simply say a massive THANKS!!!

i am glad the plot made sense and that there was something realistic there. once the idea grabbed me i wanted badly to make it work.

run-ons tend to happen to me a lot when writing second person. there is something about the nature of the narrative and the flow that present tense creates that cause it to happen. i am aware of it and i try to avoid it but sometimes it sneaks in there, lol.

thank you so much and again, so dreadfully sorry i took so long to respond to this!


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Review #5, by VoldieH8r1 star of your dreams

15th December 2010:
That was... intense. Do you make these things up?? Not to offend you or any thing but do you make these storys up or have a huge notebook of stories. You should read my story.

Author's Response: hey thanks for the review
well yes i make them up - if i didn't, that would be plagiarism.

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Review #6, by KarmaBlack star of your dreams

31st October 2010:
This is simply amazing! I have never actually stumbled across a Hermione/Pansy before so it new for me! I love the way it's written! You are an amazing author and I loved the point of view you used! You make the reader feel part of it all, and emotionally involved! This is so amazing! Love it!

Author's Response: O.O
thank you so much! i really don't know how to respond to such lovely comments so I will simply say im pleased you liked it and THANK YOU!

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Review #7, by schoenemaedchen star of your dreams

7th October 2010:
Hi there.

First of all, I must profusely apologize that this is so late. I'm not usually this late at getting my reviews out, but I've been rather swamped and to top it off my husband got the stomach flu so its been like...yeah you get the idea.

Enough of my excuses. I was actually quite pleased that you requested in my thread. I like to read a wide variety of stuff, and this is some VERY well written slash, if I do say so myself.

What really jumped out to me was how REAL it felt. Real, beautiful, it just felt so alive, almost non-fictional.

Even though we have two ladies doing some non-canon things, I think you do a fantastic job of keeping them in character. Pansy's characterization is brilliant. Its development, thoughts, flow throughout the story is! To actually jump into her thoughts and make a good 7000 word one-shot at that...KUDOS. Major kudos.

I find that your style of writing in this story is not something where one just sits down and breezes through. I've probably started this story a few times, but finally said, OK we'll do it tonight! I know that sounds weird, but I'm attempting a compliment here. I think your writing and style is what makes this story so intriguing. It's quite different from your average, run of the mill fanfiction.

My favorite part about your writing are the subtleties in it. I dunno, the part where Hermione walks Pansy home from the Leaky Cauldron I found just the thoughts played out, how the story flowed. I have no idea if you know what I'm talking about, but I thought it was great!

If I have anything to give CC on, it would be your Author's note. I feel like you're almost a bit defensive of this story, though you have absolutely no reason to be. The background info is OK...but I mean, to warn people that it's slash or not to flame, well...its certainly not going to stop a flamer, it might even encourage them. I guess I just think Author's note take away from the story sometimes; in fact, it gave me a totally different impression of what your story was going to be than what it actually was. Do you see what I'm saying? Let your wonderful writing guide the reader, and not all those thoughts within your A/N.

So...other than that, wonderful piece. Was a joy reading it. Well done.

Author's Response: wow what an awesome review! (and please don't worry about the lateness - men and sickness doesn't go down too well...i know what that's like, lol)

thank you so much. i worked hard on this because i wanted to show something different and i really wanted it to come off as realism, not something merely constructed in order to write a slash piece. i didn't want it contrived at all and gave a lot of thought to my character and plot.

i am so glad you like pansy. i love her. she is brilliant to write and i love getting inside her head. when i finished this i was actually surprised it was so long, lol. i hadn't intended that at all!

no i totally understand what you mean. it's not an easy read, not something you can just swallow straight up. i don't know if that is the second person narrative influencing that or not, but i do know what you mean so thank you. i will take it as a compliment ^_^

that is such an interesting point about the authors note. i can't even remember what i wrote in it - i will have to go and see but you are right. there probably is no need to be defensive. i guess, although i have never received a flame for slash, i have read other review responses on other stories that made me cranky. i think i might remove it because you are right - the story should speak for itself.

thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to leave such a detailed review. i really appreciate it!!

kate xx

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Review #8, by jessmalfoy star of your dreams

10th August 2010:
This is so original, I never wouldve come up with this pairing. Beautifully written though. Nice!

Author's Response: wow thank you. i have no idea where this pairing came from, only that i love both these characters! im glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by cassie meadows star of your dreams

12th April 2010:
I guess, for every ship, there's at least one fantastic story. I've never been a Hermione/Pansy fan, and still wouldn't call myself one, but this story is a masterpiece. You made Pansy someone I could really relate to, and the thought of Hermione's rejection made me scared for her (even though that obviously wasn't going to happen.)

The only thing that was a little off was that Hermione was friggen perfect, which I guess makes sense because it's from Pansy's point of view, and she's her angel, but... I mean, especially this Pansy must know that there's a flaw to every person. So, maybe, in the future, add one flaw that Pansy (or OC) wouldn't mind a person having-- that way, Hermione (or OC) is much more real.

On the other hand, you did a really great job of focusing on the sensuality, not sexuality, as you said. I'm glad that worked out for you :D

Author's Response: thank you! im pleased you liked this. im not actually a hermione/pansy fan either - i just love both characters!!
yeah hermione is perfect - i guess pansy would know that there were flaws, but wasn't prepared to see those flaws. its easier to imagine your lover is a perfect being - in a way, then when they leave, you haven't been left by something merely human, if you get what i mean. that sounds weird...xD
thanks again!!

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Review #10, by spreaddapoo93 star of your dreams

2nd March 2010:
I do love this. It entices a longing, a truly sensual adventure through the heartache of a soul lost over years of hard pain and torment, and the recollection of Life through just one encounter with a woman. I think it's truly beautiful. I love it, truly. The imagery is wonderful. And I adore the ending. It leaves neither a clinginess, or a true happy ending, but rather a sense of satisfaction. It is realistic. Definitely a favourite.

Author's Response: wow
thank you for understanding this so completely. i wanted the slash to be almost second place, and i think you got that!
i really appreciate it!

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Review #11, by when_darkness_rises star of your dreams

20th December 2009:
this is beautiful. I can realy relate to pansy- about watching someone from afar and then not seeing them, and the waiting to see them. You have the horrible withdrawal and doubt spot on :|

Author's Response: thank you so much for enjoying this! i know femmeslash is off-putting for most people, so cheers for taking a chance!

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Review #12, by dramione4eva94 star of your dreams

29th November 2009:
Beautifully written! This was wonderfully poetic, and the way you made the words flow was amazing!

Author's Response: thank you very much - i really appreciate it!

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Review #13, by Jacqueline Noir star of your dreams

17th October 2009:
Exquisite! That was incredibly well written, and I enjoyed every moment.

Author's Response: ahh thank you my darling!!

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Review #14, by HP_inda_hood star of your dreams

6th October 2009:
Wow, that was amazing
beautifully written, i really enjoyed reading it, the way u write and describe everything is incredible 10/10

Author's Response: thank you so much!!

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Review #15, by winkatme star of your dreams

28th September 2009:
I really enjoyed this. The feeling and emotion is startling in the beginning, especially with the pain Pansy is feeling. Very good(:

Author's Response: thank you! im glad you liked it and weren't put off ^_^

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