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Review #1, by Pretense Of Perfection embers, all that will remain

7th July 2014:
Back again. At this one didn't make me cry...then again.

I love reading stories of passionate, fiery love, even if it is fleeting, because sometimes that's the best outcome when you're with someone that you know isn't right for you. Hermione is smart enoguh to realize this, and you kept her true to her character, despite the fact that she is having a secret love affrair with Draco. I think every woman has been here, loving or caring for someone she never thought she would, and getting burned by the intensity of it all. It's almost like a coming of age tale for Hermione as well.

Draco stays pretty true to his character as well. I really love that they don't even speak to one another, at least until the end, and even then it's a surprise for them to say each other's names, despite the fact that they have been naked together several times.

You definitely managed to acurately portray them and any plausible relationship they might have, and you wrote it in a way that the vast majority of your readers can relate to, which is always an awesome thing.

---House Cup 2014 Review---
Pretense Of Perfection, Gryffindor

Author's Response: The inital fear I had of both writing and then posting this piece was their character portrayals. I always preferred writing minor characters because there's so much you can project onto them and there's more space to shape them than any main characters, which is why your comment on their portrayal makes me super relieved! Again, thank you :D

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Review #2, by bluecharlotte embers, all that will remain

16th August 2011:
D': I think this is the best D/H fic I've ever read. If it's not the best it's in the top 2 or 3.

It's amazing how you say so much in so few words. The whole thing is incredibly well written. It makes me love them together. I can't even tell you my favorite part, because I love all of it. You perfectly capture the characters, in my opinion. And the end was heartbreaking! You're getting a favorite from me :)

Amazing writing ^_^

Author's Response: This just made my day :) Thank you!

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Review #3, by TheDirigiblePlum embers, all that will remain

31st May 2010:
Lovely stuff :D Dramiones I think are fast becoming secret guilty pleasures of mine... I used to believe they were blasphemous stories because they deviated from Ron/Hermione - the most wonderous of all pairings.

Anyways! I loved this, despite its length it delivered a lot. It dips between passion and normality and heartbreak and heat like a rollercoaster story, barely spending enough time on each emotion for it to sink in properly, which I suppose is what a love affair like this is all about. :D

It starts so fiery and then ends on a cold dismal note, which shows how quickly something so hot can be extinguished. It's quite sad really. :( In this way it's very true to life, yet still has that element of fantasy that makes it a Harry Potter story. :)


Author's Response: this means a lot :) thank you!

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Review #4, by HP0247 embers, all that will remain

29th November 2009:
This was very well written, but I found it sad...which is ok, that's just me feeling badly for her.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing (:

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Review #5, by Misty_Rey embers, all that will remain

20th November 2009:
How do you do it? Seriously Stephanie, how did you craft such a fantastic Dramione? A DRAMIONE for goodness sakes! If I wasn't envious of your talent before, I certainly am now. ;)

My favourite thing about this story is the fact that there were no dellusions about it. No true love, no happy endings, neither character changing for the better/worse for the other. It was what it was. Raw and real. And that's what made the story such a pleasure to read. They both knew it was wrong but kept it going for their own selfish reasons. I loved that you didn't portray Hermione as the good girl and Draco as the evil guy who corrupts her. The reader is made to make up their own ideas about the characters. But what really drove the plot was the passion. You wrote it extremely well, it was really easy to feel it. The words here were beautiful, they had such a lyrical, poetical flow to it. Very few could pull such a style off without seeming awkward and stilted. You, however, succeeded with flying colours! (No surprise there ;)). I can't leave with mentioning the break-up exchange between them. So powerful and so much said that wasn't said in such little words.

Can you do no wrong, Stephanie dear? One of if not the best Dramione I've ever read! (Granted, in all fairness, I haven't read many dramiones but even if it wasn't a dramione, if it were any other HP couple, it still would have been a fantastic piece of writing. It being a Dramione gives it a little something ;)). 10/10!


Author's Response: Misty! You are seriously too kind. This piece was... Well, it's a Dramione, so it says it all, as I'm not a Dramione fan. But I'm happy I wrote it. I am so happy you liked this - the way I wrote this is the way I've always pictured Dramione if it ever were to happen. Nothing that lasts, but passionate and raw while lasting. Anyways, don't know what else to say except... Thank you. So, so much. Your reviews always mean a lot and that you liked this piece just made my entire week (: *hugs*

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Review #6, by iloveblack embers, all that will remain

30th October 2009:
Hey, Iím here to spread the love for HPFFSAD!

Wow, this was absolutley beatutiful! And you wrote all this in one sitting, just writing your thoughts when you read the word heat? Wow, Iím really impressed and I just have no idea what to write right now.

Letís just say it was perfect and that I have criticsm to make.


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #7, by theRandomSlytherin embers, all that will remain

15th October 2009:
(excuse me, need a moment. That was effin' amazing)
Inferno. You were given the word inferno, and pull THIS off. This wonderful, fantastical, brilliant, freakin' amazing story! About 820 words and it's probably better than some 50 chapter stories I've read. Sigh. That's just...awesome. The secrets, the HEAT..It's all too much.

Into my favorites this story goes.

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: *does a happy dance* Thank you so much for this review! It totally made my day. Argh, I'm speechless. Just... Thank you, Michelle ^-^

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Review #8, by Phoenix_Flames embers, all that will remain

13th October 2009:
Ahhh! Oh, Romina, as always so bloody fantastic.


I don't know how you do it. But you do. Even in only 850 words, you write every action and every emotion so spectacularly. It's over whelming. I dislike Dramione, I do, but wow. When it comes down to it, in your stories, it doesn't matter who it is really. Because everything is just so powerful and beautiful.

The brief exchange of words in the end is saddening and moving, heart-breaking.

you did excellently. Especially the last paragraph. My favorite bit of the entire piece was this: "...that a fire don't always burn bright and that everything that will remain in the end are ashes." It's just so mind blowing, and it says so much.

You are amazing!


Author's Response: Can't tell you how much this review means! As I'm no Dramione shipper myself, it's always nice to hear you've done well with the ship, as well as the writing. This story had me pulling my hair in frustration, because I couldn't edit it or anything, and... yeah. I was worried about it. Just - thank you so much for this kind review.

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Review #9, by WeasleyTwins embers, all that will remain

2nd October 2009:
Hello, I'm here to review for the challenge!

Okay, if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll indulge you on a secret. I am the biggest closet Dramione fan in the world. I love the forbidden love mess, it just makes my day. It is so very difficult for me to believe that this is your first Dramione. In my opinion, the essence of their relationship was captured perfectly.

The stream of consciousness was subtle and not too prominent, keeping the story flowing nicely. For me, I believe that there are different 'types' of stream of consciousness. It depends on the writer and their thought process and how they structure such thoughts. I see a real consistency in your writing and that made this one-shot all the better.

Overall, I enjoyed the chapter!



Author's Response: Really? I'm happy you liked this piece then. Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #10, by spreaddapoo93 embers, all that will remain

1st October 2009:
Beautiful metaphor... Powerful, sensual and captivating!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by civilized embers, all that will remain

27th September 2009:
Now, I absolutely HATE this ship. There, I said it. It's out there so you know, and I have resolved to not hold it against you.

However, that said, I really like this. It's a little confusing; but in the end, it all pulls together and it's truly an adorable story. It's also a twist to the classic Dramione story; you know, she cheats on Ron, he cheats on Astoria, life moves on.

All in all, I really do like it. It's believable enough.
(Although WHY she would ever choose him over Ron is still beyond me. :P )
I really like the way you start off in Hogwarts, with them young and (sort of) in love, but I love that they break up in in the end even more than I love the way it begins. (What can I say? I still hate that ship.)
Hahaha, I really do like it though. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Wanna know something that's actually not a secret? I hate this ship too. Beyond anything. But... it just popped into my head and I wrote it and I'm glad I did because now it's out of the way and I got it out of my system.

Hermione would never chose Draco over Ron! Never. And in this, she didn't either, in the end, even though on some level the entire thing broke her heart (I haven't figured out why I imagine it did, because it's truly illogical).

But I'm happy you liked the story in itself, and that you found it believable (to some extent). Actually though, it's not meant for them to be in Hogwarts (nope, those were the Ronmione years), more like after, really. And I didn't want to come it across as love (the thought makes me sad), but of course, everything one reads is interpreted differently and it's always interesting and fun to read others opinions and thoughts.

Anyways, thank you for this kind review and believe me, I'm not bothered that you don't like the ship, as I don't either. Kind of makes me happy ^-^

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Review #12, by alyosha embers, all that will remain

27th September 2009:
At first I was under the impression this was just going to turn into some explicit - how do i put this - mating scene.

But it didn't. It turned into one of my favourite stories instead.

"Nothing lasts forever" is pretty much the catchphrase of my life. And I like that you included the sentiment. I mean, it's so false to paint a picture of a loving romance, romance which is fundamentally built on shallow sexual attraction, and then to pretend like it could go on forever.

I just dont think that's possible. It's probably really amazing while it lasts, I dont deny, but there's no future for something like that, or for anything, for that matter. Most things just end.

It's weird that passion dies out, but it obviously does, or there wouldnt be so much divorce. It's a rampant fact of life that relationships are simply unweatherable.

For one reason or another, Hermione and Draco were able to see this for what it was. If you love each other, let the flames burn, but knowing that theyre going to burn out is probably just as important.

Does this sound a bit like a rant? It wasnt mean to. Anyhow, I like your story.

Author's Response: Ugh, mating scenes -.- Nah, I'm one that avoids writing anything beyond kissing, but I had to try this. At the same time, as Dramione popped into my head (I'm not a fan of this ship), I thought, well why not? And the stream of consciousness began.

Anyways, thank you for this review. I'm very, very happy that you ended up liking it, as everything in this fic has had me worried.

I agree; not everything lasts forever, and this (as it was based on mere physical attraction) is one of those things. Of course, it's always hard to tell, but in this case, between two characters such as Draco and Hermione, it'd be something like this. Something physical rather than deep emotional love. And as I was typing this, it was the only way I saw I could go with this story (probably because I'm a Ronmione fan through and through, but... yeah).

Don't worry about your review being a rant; this reply is too ^-^ Just, thank you so much for your insightful review.

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Review #13, by datbenik513 embers, all that will remain

25th September 2009:
Well, well, well... converted, are we? I know, I took an oath myself to never write a Dramione and here we are... :D

My reviews to your stories must be boring for you to read... Really, what's the point in reviewing if one can't criticize anything??? :D Some of them are good, some of them extraordinary. This one, however, opens up a new quality category.

You always tend to write in a somewhat "stream of consciousness"-resembling state of mind and style. This is your first story, however, written according to the canon definition of "stream of consciousness". Although, those few spoken parts at the end don't really fit in the definition.

I guess, if I had to summarize my feelings in one sentence, it would be "I'd read any Dramione from your pen." Knowing my negativisme to this pairing, I guess this says a lot.

Brilliant small piece, in some aspects your best ever.



PS. Care to CC the first two chapters of my Dramione called "Our Past Deeds?" whenever you have the time? I'd be really interested to hear your opinion.

Author's Response: Converted? Never! I had to force myself to write this piece =p Nah, it wasn't that bad. It was different and I'm happy to have written it, but never again.

They're never boring. They always make my heart swell. Your words and opinions always mean a lot. So - thank you. This review really made my day, especially since I'm not comfortable with this pairing at all.

And sure - I'll check it out (: Again, thanks!

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Review #14, by the emerald enchantress embers, all that will remain

24th September 2009:
Oh that was so sad but so beautiful. I really enjoyed reading this, especially some of those steamy moments! Great writing!

Tuli xxx

P.S. Major congrats on that Dobby!!! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ^-^

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