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Review #1, by geminirose23 Dublin Waltz

25th December 2011:
Cool. A little short for my taste since it was so nice actually, and GOD Y does Hermione choose ron? I don't wanna start a fan war here but JEEZ draco is a BEAST. I don't like drunk characters tho, never fun. And where did u find that picture of Tom in ur banner? It's friggin HOT. Nice job on the story :) hope to read more

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Review #2, by WhiteFerrets Dublin Waltz

12th March 2010:
This is really beautiful. So original and different. I love it even more the second time reading it; that seems to happen for most things I read, so it seems xD


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Review #3, by DracoRoxMySox Dublin Waltz

3rd October 2009:
I loved it. As always, it was amazing. XD
I love Draco.

Author's Response: Why thank you! :D Lol. I love him too. XD

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Review #4, by HarryPotterLover101 Dublin Waltz

2nd October 2009:
DO NOT EDIT IT! it is perfect as it is i love it .. made me cry cuz draco is lost without her :( . well done XD 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, aww. I'm sorry I made you cry! Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #5, by Steph Dublin Waltz

27th September 2009:
Wow. I'm speechless. Yet another Dramione fic that's right up there with the rest of my favourites. You amaze me. Really, you do.
All your Dramione fanfics are so original and ... un-cliched. Original Dramione's are hard to find these days. Everyone always uses the same storyline of how they get together, and it gets dull. But not you. Your stories are always so different to everyone elses. I love them.

Another fic well done. :)

Author's Response: :D

You are too kind to me, really. *hugs and gives cookies* I'm so honored that you think it was that good. And un-cliched! I'm so terrified of my stories becoming one huge cliche and unoriginal. I had to rewrite this story a few ties to try to make it seem unlike the others, because I hate when everything comes out all happy in the end when life is definitely not like that.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Thank you SO much! Like, really, I don't think I can say "thanks" enough. XD

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Review #6, by hp4life Dublin Waltz

27th September 2009:
make her leave ron and finally get to draco again...u know. like a small little sequel. heehee. but its pretty good. nice.

Author's Response: Haha, oh, if only I could. ;) I think this story is better off alone. But I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^__^

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Review #7, by DRACOS_GAL_1994 Dublin Waltz

26th September 2009:
First Review XD
Omg. . . . I love that story.
Im obsessed with Draco so, i will probably read all of your stories aswell :) LOL
I LOVED it! Well, I could of cried at the end, but I absolutely LOVED it! to Be Honest, I might read it again.

Actually, Its Decided. Im going to read it again. Now. So, This Review is about to come to an end. LOL
Seriously though, add some more onto this! Im in LOVE with a story, *giggles*
Draco Is soo FIT! LOL. You probably already no that though, right?
Well, Yeah.
Its a shame I can't write another review the second time i read it, tbh. So, sorry I can't write another one :(

P.S, If your as obsessed with Draco as I am, check out my DRAMIONE story. Ive only just finished the first chapter but I going to write more. :)

From Sam

Author's Response: I officially love you! Haha. You made me laugh, and I'm sick, and it's hard to do that when I can't breathe. XD

I'm so honored that you love it. :D I kinda didn't like it, but I'm glad you did! Thanks so much for your review and I'll definitely go check your fic out. :) Thanks again!!

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