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Review #1, by Maybe scream baby

18th July 2012:
Oh wow. I love reading these kind of abstract, poetic pieces, especially when they're as well written as this. The fact that you didn't include names was interesting, but I could still tell who the characters were, once I'd read to the end. The woman could only be Bellatrix, falling at Lord Voldemort's feet and the man must be her husband.

I loved this line: "Once I dreamt of her, and in my dream I was laughing, for she had no face, and therefore, no beauty." Gives me shivers.

The whole piece has this sinister edge that I really love and it flows so smoothly. It's a fantastic one-shot, with so much emotion and it really packs a punch.


Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review. I'm pleased you liked it.

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Review #2, by Novadestin scream baby

14th December 2010:
God this makes me want you to turn this idea into some long novel or something lol I would love to see the inner minds of all three as this plays out over the years.

"A horse on his carousel, with a painted face and expressionless eyes. I wait and rock slowly.

I can dance too, you know." - this was so incredibly creepy xD I got goosebumps!

Truly fantastic piece, poetically creepy - which, because this is the first Alecto piece I have ever read, is now going to be the way I see her forever hehe

This is the kind of emotionally dark character writing that really shows the author knows how to write a character, that they really get those feelings that more people just skirt around. You might not understand where it comes from (which seems to be a sentiment you have about most of your fics haha) but your brain gets it and is able to put it done just the way it needs to be. Short or long, your fics speak volumes; that love of psychology really shows :)

Author's Response: hello again!!
thank you - I am really pleased you liked this piece of weirdness xD
oh i think i'd go mad if i tried to turn this into something longer. i had an Alecto based short story a while ago, but i couldn't keep with it - it was hard!! so i deleted it to preserve my sanity, lol

lol, i don't know where some of these ideas come from - they just appear and are there and force me to do something with them. maybe it's a good thing that I don't know where they arise from...

thank you hun!! i really appreciate all your wonderful reviews!


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Review #3, by VeniceLily scream baby

21st September 2010:
This is such an emotionally charged piece, I'm almost glad that it's so short.

You write in the style I always love - it almost seems vague, because no names or concrete settings are described, but the other description makes up for it so much that it's better that way.. if you know what I mean?

I'll be honest and say I know nothing about the characters supposed to be portrayed in the story, so I can't really comment on that.
what I can comment on, is the writing. I love the way that it is written, as if it's a letter. I really draws the reader in, and makes everything so vivid. your words are simple too, nothing big and convoluted, but so effective - I love the line Do you remember that day, when the sun was sinking and we were alone? It's so simple, but so poignant at the same time.

Overall, a beautiful piece, that I really think is more about the writing, and the tone, than the characters themselves.. but that's just me :)


Author's Response: hey. thanks for the swift reply!
im glad you enjoyed this, even though it is a little vague and different, and im glad you like the language use.
the narrator is alecto carrow, and the man is rodolphus lestrange, the other woman, bellatrix.
thanks again darling - im pleased you liked it!

kate xx

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Review #4, by SiriuslyPeeved scream baby

7th September 2010:
This was a fascinating take on the Lestranges' marriage. I think it fits extraordinarily well into canon; we all know how Bellatrix felt about Voldemort, and by extension, not for her husband, who was possibly chosen by her family. I loved how you described how Bellatrix wore Rodolphus down. I never thought I would see a Carrow as a sympathetic character, but you've managed it!

Your writing is spare but vivid, beautifully crafted. You packed so much into a drabble length piece without rushing it. I only saw one small typo ("willing") and there may be a few little things to polish with the punctuation, but stylistically, it works just the way you have it.

"She is Death's willing daughter. If that is what you like, then I shall be Death's sister. I shall drive the whirlwind, conductor of his symphony, and you shall play my first chair."

Gorgeous work. I'll be reading more!

Author's Response: wow thank you!
i am so pleased you liked this, because it is a little odd, lol. these characters intrigue me so much. i almost imagine an ancient roman senate when i think of death eaters. i mean, they must all have some ambition of power and greed, to be there in the first place, and bella was the one to lap it up so readily! she would never think of betraying her master, but some of the others...i bet they would if given the chance, lol
does willing only have one L? im australian, if that helps, lol.
i think i wrote this in about ten minutes, so im not surprised there are flaws here and there, lol. im my own worst editor sometimes.
thanks once again hun and im pleased you enjoyed it!!
if you like death eater fics, read Butterfly. that one is about our dear Bella...

Kate xx

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Review #5, by RonsGirlFriday scream baby

3rd October 2009:
Ok, I'm finally here with your review!

I just really couldn't think of how to express my thoughts about this, but I have to tell you I think all of your writing is phenomenal. In your request, you asked if this made sense, and I think it does make sense -- at the same time, there are parts that don't make complete sense, but I really enjoy that about your writing. It's very inventive and mysterious and thought-provoking. The problem I have with my own writing is that it's too straightforward; your writing actually makes me think. This piece, in particular, seemed very much like stream of consciousness, but it was coherent at the same time.

"The rocking horse wins the race," for example. I love that line. I can't articulate to you precisely what it means, but I can ponder it, and it still holds meaning, even if it isn't apparent on the surface. Like I said, inventive and mysterious. I sort of want to steal your brain for a day and see how your mind works, because I'm so fascinated by your use of language. [/creepy stalker envy]

I worked out that this piece is from Alecto's POV, addressing Rodolphus, but it appeared to me that, for most of the fic, it could just as easily have been Rodolphus addressing Alecto -- I just thought that was interesting. At some points I found the descriptions of Rodolphus almost effeminate, though I can understand why you chose to use the imagery you did. Everything you wrote here really highlighted Bellatrix' character. Your imagery, and especially your description of Bellatrix, is exquisite. I don't think I've ever seen anyone write about Bella as well as you do. You really have her nailed down (well, as much as anyone can have her character nailed down, because as I see it, she's basically a lunatic and there really is no rhyme or reason to her -- which makes her all the more frightening and fascinating).

Anyway...spectacular, seriously. Please request anytime! If I had more free time, I would definitely be reading every single fic that you post. :-)



Author's Response: OMG i can't believe i forgot to respond to this! melanie i am sooo sorry!!

thank you for all your wonderful words. you really don't want my brain for a day, not at the moment, lol. its full of change times, nappies and bottles xD

i write alot of poetry, so maybe that is where the obscurity and uncertainty comes from in my writing, especially in short pieces like these.

bellatrix fascinates me, but i have been unable to write a piece from her POV, so i choose those close to her to tell her story. i think she is too insane for me to write convincingly.

thank you so much darling and again, forgive the lateness of this reply! life got very busy all of a sudden (like right now, i can hear the lounge room being destroyed xD)

kate xx

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Review #6, by Violet Gryfindor scream baby

29th September 2009:
Even without seeing who you'd listed as the other characters, I'd guessed it was the Lestranges. Bellatrix emerged vividly from the descriptions without you even needing to name her - it's not just the strength of her character, but the way you wrote her, which made this possible. I really like the idea of a triangle between the three of them; thinking back to what Alecto was like, she really isn't that different from Bellatrix. They are like reflections of one another: dark witches with insatiable hunger for power and a love of evil. But Alecto was different in that she has also that loyalty to her brother - a strong bond that Bellatrix is unable to share, even with Narcissa.

But it's the writing in this story that really makes it special, even brilliant. I love your use of imagery and the darkness of the narrative voice. It's deeply psychological and it was absolutely fascinating to read. Once again, you've written something that's really blown me away.

Author's Response: you guessed it? really? omg wow! that means so much because i was terribly afraid that they wouldn't be recognisable! thank you susan!

alecto intrigues me. i did have another fic about her, set in her hogwarts years, but i could not move forward with it. i see her just as you do - she is so very similar to bellatrix.

thank you so much for your lovely words susan! i really appreciate it and im glad you liked it (and glad it made sense :P )


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Review #7, by icequeencissa scream baby

25th September 2009:
AMAZING! That is one of the best stories ever. The way you wrote it was brilliant. Thank you.

Author's Response: thank you! im pleased you liked it!!

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