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Review #1, by nott theodore No Regrets

10th July 2014:

There really aren't enough stories written about Colin Creevey, and I don't know why, but once I saw that you'd written about him and his last moments I just had to read this story!

This was short and simple but I thought it was really sweet, knowing that Colin had something - or someone - who kept him fighting in those last moments of his life. One thing I'd recommend you watch out for is your narrative voice; most of it is written in first person but there's one moment, early on, when you use third person to refer to Colin, who's narrating.

I could really feel how upset Colin was at seeing Freya fall at the hands of a Death Eater, and the fact that he wasn't able to protect her from the spell that ended her life. Then when he died as well - I always find that heartbreaking, but I like the twist that he was joining all the others, including Freya, in the next life(?). I think there'd have been a thought of Dennis given how close they were, but I loved the use of Dumbledore's words, and the fact Colin didn't regret anything.

Sian :)
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Review #2, by alicia and anne No Regrets

14th August 2011:
That was really sad to read!
I'm glad that Colin found love and am so glad he took the chance to say it before it happened. Although I wish they wouldn't have died, She pushed him out of the way and he went mad and angry and . *sobs* it's just so sad.
Although I'm glad that they got to be reunited in death.
And it was funny when Albus said that!
This was a really good idea for a one shot and I'm really impressed it was only 500 words long.

alicia and anne

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Review #3, by annie snape No Regrets

30th June 2010:
Wow!!! I really liked this story :-) You expressed the story very nicely. Short story, but sweet 1...

Keep writing... :)

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Review #4, by TheTenthWeasley No Regrets

2nd February 2010:
It was blunt and to the point, but it's definitely better that way. It was moving and cleverly written. Well done (:

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Review #5, by moonbaby11 No Regrets

24th January 2010:
Wow. That was a areally good story, and the ending was sad, too. Just on ething to point out: at the beginning, it should say I said, not Colian said. 9/10!

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