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Review #1, by The secretest of santas!!!! They Suited Her

1st January 2015:
So you want a clue, eh? Mm what clue could I give you? I am . not from America.
I... think that you're awesome! (I'm also so envious of your writing ability which is fantastic!)
I... am not male, even though I am Santa
I have vowels in my username and I have been on this site for quite some time now. :D

Now onto your amazing chapter!
Seriously, is there anything you can't write? I think that I am in love with your stories! All of them! They make me feel so many emotions and your writing style and technique is beyond amazing. (I seriously need to stop gushing about my love but I can't! So I hope you don't mind if I fan girl everywhere(

*Runs around fan girling*

I really love the idea of a Charlie/Hermione pairing! I don't know if I've ever read a story with that pairing before? But you've made it seem so believable. I like that she came to Romania to get away and that Charlie let her stay. I also loved how you included the Wildflowers into this.

GAH! I NEED MORE CHARLIE/HERMIONE IN MY LIFE!! The real question is if this pairing has become my new obsession?

Actually... the real question is have you worked out who I am yet?

Stay awesome!

Author's Response: Hiya, Tammi. Thank you for the clues, btw.I totally guessed about you. hahaha. Anyway, water under the bridge and it's almost Easter. lol.

Aww. MAN. While your gushing is the most amazing thing in the world, it's making me super blush. -sigh- I love so much your beautiful reviews.

*runs around crying and flailing arms because tammi is awesome*

Mhmm. Charlie/Hermione is one of those ships that I can't find enough to read so I definitely was tempted to write them. I'm glad you think it's believable. It's the hardest thing I ever did. But, thank you thank you thank you. :D


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Review #2, by wolfgirl17 They Suited Her

18th November 2014:
Hey love,

The link worked for me this time =) No idea what was going on with it earlier. But not to worry. This story was lovely. I really enjoyed it. So fluffy and sweet and nice.

Keep up the brilliant work!

Author's Response: Oh! I'm glad it works. That seriously scared me when you said it got a 404. :O
I was, like, first my MTA now my story? -cries-
Ah.. I'm so glad you enjoyed. It was never meant to be anything but fluffy! I love fluffy. Thanks for the review, Ellie.


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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 They Suited Her

24th December 2013:
Hi! I'm sorry that you had to wait for a few days for this review--I would've had it out sooner, but we went to visit family for the weekend. :P

This was so cute! I don't see much Hermione/Charlie, but you made them seem very plausible. I can totally understand that she would need space from Ron, especially if he was being just a bit too... Ron-ish. :)

When Hermione saw Charlie's hair at the Romanian Ministry, it was funny to see her reaction. It would be pretty awkward if Ron followed her, after all! But it wasn't Ron, it was Charlie, which is good. Charlie always seemed more easy-going and nicer than Ron, and that's definitely something that Hermione would like about him.

The flow of the story was very nice! I especially loved the end when Charlie gave her the wildflowers. Too cute!! All in all, this was very well-written, with no grammatical or story errors--at least, not that I could see.

Brilliant job! Happy Holidays! :)


Author's Response: It's no worry.. It's the holidays and every one is busy in their own way, I'm thinking. Even the characters in my story are! HAHAHA.
I'm glad you liked this one. I honestly love Charlie so much and his character has soo many possibilities!
Thank you for the review! Tremendously awesome.

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Review #4, by MrsKatieGrint They Suited Her

2nd December 2013:
Hey there! KatieRoo from the forums here with your review!

First off, I'm so sorry for the delay! Thanksgiving, finals, blah blah blah. But, I am here now, so onward with your requested review!

Okay, so I actually have never read a Charlie/Hermione fic before, but I was quite impressed. It was so sweet, and your characters were just darling.(:

Although I did enjoy this one-shot, there are a couple things I would suggest. I think that when you change between the characters thinking/speaking, you should make that a little clearer. Some points are really hard to tell that you've done this, until you read over the sentences a couple of times. Also, I think you should elaborate more. In the beginning, everything is quite detailed and beautiful, and then you drift off a bit, and things seemed to get rushed, and you stop painting the picture.

All in all I think you did a wonderful job. The idea of the story, and how its laid out is beautiful.

Wonderful job!(:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I totally understand.. Busy time, busy time. I'm glad that the first time you read Charlie/Hermione you're not disappointed. They're a seriously under-appreciated pair that I love so much so I HAD to write about them.
Thank you for the pointers. I'm definitely planning to make edits while I make a sequel.
You're lovely..

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Review #5, by ReeBee They Suited Her

27th November 2013:
Oh my god! That was beautiful! Ah! You really need to add a link from your profile on the forums to your author par ;) I was looking for more of your writing and i almost gave up, then went to a reviews offered page when i came across it! i was sooo glad!!

Beautiful story! i love seeing Hermione with other pairings than Romione or Dramione! The title was also so beautiful! i know, need new synonyms, but thats what comes into mind!

And, I just want to ask whether u could write a sequel? I would love to see how they get together! If you're not feeling like it, thats okay, too! :) But i really really really want to see where they go next! :D

Author's Response: OMG! You really are the sweetest thing ever. I'm so flattered that you would actually look for my writing. I did have the link to my siggy though. And, yes, I'm planning a sequel. :) I'll definitely let you know. :D

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Review #6, by Rose Ravenclaw They Suited Her

15th August 2013:
you should make this into a longer one it would be a really good story

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. :D I've been trying for the longest time to make a sequel. D= Apparently I'm bad for longer stories. :/

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Review #7, by long_live_luna_bellatrix They Suited Her

30th December 2010:
Hello! I just stumbled upon this as I was searching for Charlie/Hermione stories and this looked sweet. I wasn't disappointed. Although I'd expect Hermione to remember where her ex-boyfriend's brother lived, it was brilliant to have her see the red hair and freak. ;)

The middle and end of the story felt a little rushed, however. It spanned so much time in so few words, and didn't give enough explanation to satisfy my curiosity. I would've liked to see how Hermione wandered around the city/town/village, gotten descriptions of it, seen how she spent her free time. As it sounded like she was spending the days all alone while Charlie was at work, and it's not like she took an entire day just to scrub floors. This is Hermione, after all, knowing her she probably found a library and learned the native tongue. :P

Overall, nice job though. It was sweet, as I've already said, and an enjoyable read. A good story to stumble upon.

Author's Response: I was thinking of expanding it as well..XD But I was just sooo excited to get it out there I rushed it a bit. It is getting some sprucing up, though, when I get the time. :) Thank you! :)

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Review #8, by AddictedToFF They Suited Her

1st May 2010:
Very cute =).
I'm only new to the 'Charlie/Hermione' coupling, but I really like this story cause lots happens without it being too complicated =). They're a really suited pair!

Author's Response: I absolutely love Hermione with Charlie though it's a very obscure pairing. I'm content enough with writing it at the moment and I'm glad you like it. :)

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Review #9, by kneazlecat They Suited Her

1st March 2010:
written beautifully :)
Though I love Hermione and Ron, this was very sweet.
~Wildflowers~ it makes me sigh, its so poetic. loll
very nice. (Y)


Author's Response: I'm glad that someone who likes R/Hr doesn't hate this story. :D I'd love to fall in love over wildflowers as well, tbh. :) Thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by Verity the Clerk They Suited Her

28th February 2010:
Oh, my goodness. This is so sweet! Good for Hermione, getting out into the world and finding love.

Great writing, by the way. The pace was just so perfect for the story.

Thanks for sharing this lovely one-shot!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the pacing since I feel like it was fast though it asked to be written no other way. Thank you for the review. :D

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Review #11, by ginnyrox895 They Suited Her

14th October 2009:
Wow, this is really good! I love the descriptions, I could see everything clearly in my mind. There were a few grammar issues, here and there, but they didn't distract from the story. This is great!


Author's Response: I do honestly beta. Sometimes, I get too excited and post before I could get one to read it over and get lazy editing anything. Although, I do thank you for the kind words and the review. They make my day. :)

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Review #12, by Lil lily71 They Suited Her

20th September 2009:
I wow this was so lovely Carla.
I am not usually a Hermione/Charlie shipper but now you have turned me onto it!! ^_^
I really like the ending its so sweet and charlie is such a great character!


Author's Response: Thank you Lore Bear! You are too kind. :)
I had such fun writing it.. And, yes, Charlie is a lovely character. I had so much fun writing him. :D ~~C

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