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Review #1, by SeekerIce20571 Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

5th July 2016:
I really loved this story.

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Review #2, by katthomas Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

18th August 2013:
love it great story really good

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #3, by Anette Byrne age: 16 Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

4th August 2013:
That was great and the idea of Ron falling asleep with his eyes open LOL

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #4, by RosieQueen Potterwatch and Dark Marks

8th September 2012:
I miss Memoirs of a redheaded witch so much. Please re-post it soon. I know you wanted it hidden by staff but can you please make it...unhidden? I've read it on ff. net and I honestly don't know why it needs work. It is my favorite story and I was about to nominate it for a Dobby but seeing as it's hidden I couldn't. :(

Author's Response: the staff hid it unfortunately and i have not been able to have them agreee to re-post it. they have issues with how many quotes and how much rephrasing I do, but that's all needed in my story so i doubt I will ever get it back on this site :( my dream was to be nominated for a dobby so thanks sooo much anyway!

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Review #5, by Amy Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

6th June 2012:
It was AMAZING! It is my favitout Harry Potter Fanfiction! I loved it!

Author's Response: if you liked this one I have a feeling you will like all my other work as well, My main novel is not currently on this site. It's called Memoirs of a redheaded witch and can be found on fanfiction . net, sink into your eyes and figment.

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Review #6, by rojely Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

3rd June 2012:
write more soon i am waiting

Author's Response: well this fic is complete but I do have a few more fictions!

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Review #7, by luvhp Potterwatch and Dark Marks

11th March 2012:
Hi! Sorry this isnt about this story, but i have a question. what happened to memoirs of a red headed witch :'(
i wanna cry
i cant find it on this website anymore and it was my FAVORITE fanfic and and and and im sad :(

Author's Response: I wasa hidden due to rejections, I made a few mistakes and I am in the process of editing the story and making it better and adding new chapters and scenes! I you want you can find the story on figment and sink into your eyes and fanfiction . net

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Review #8, by hpobsessed12 Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

12th February 2012:
Hi I was just wondering what happened to Memoirs of a Red Headed Witch. Did you delete it, or will it be reposted?

Author's Response: for all the informationof Memoirs check out my fan page on facebook under "My Wicked Quill"
and if you don't have facebook let me know in another review :)

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Review #9, by princess1009 Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

20th January 2012:
AMAZING!!! I absolutely loved it!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad! that was my first piece and I have always felt self concious about it

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Review #10, by Natalie A Flash of Red and a Solid Nothing

22nd November 2011:
AWESOME! AAAH! i feel so happy inside myself.

Author's Response: I'm glad I can make you feel that way! I REALLY appreciate you reading everything and taking the time to review!

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Review #11, by chloe g Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

4th July 2011:
That entire story was really great to read! It was such an interesting plot to read about. I thought that you wrote how Ginny and Harry would react in that situation accurately and I loved reading about the interaction between them! I plan on reading Memoirs of a Red-Headed Witch soon!

Author's Response: wow thank you! Yes, if you enjoyed this story i reallly do encourage you to read Memoirs, you might love it even more

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Review #12, by lizmusic45 Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

5th May 2011:
My wicked quill, you are the most talented Harry and Ginny athour on this site. I adore everything about your writing, you make them seem just like nice people, not the best mate and his little sister, not the quidditch captain and the cahser. Just Harry and Ginny and is perfect!
Thank you for being a wondeful writer!
Lizzie :)

Author's Response: wow thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #13, by athena Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

5th July 2010:
i luv luv luved it it was exciting romantic and it was nice to see that ginny got the answwers she deserved

Author's Response: that was exactly what i was shooting for

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Review #14, by James Subtle Blushes and Overdue Arguments

2nd July 2010:
Will you ever make a sequel to the story?

Author's Response: i don't think so. if anything it'll be a small one shot

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Review #15, by Lillian Rose Potter Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

4th April 2010:
This was GREAT! If you ever wrote a sequel i would read it. I thought the ending was great but i kind of wished you wrote until they got out. (10/10) :)

Author's Response: i had been working on a sequel, its half done but i got interrupted and started working on something else, so hopefully ill get back to it at some point, however if you liked it i know you would like my other story, Mermoirs of a Redheaded Witch

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Review #16, by Lillian Rose Potter A Flash of Red and a Solid Nothing

4th April 2010:
This is very likely to have happened if JK Rowling had decided to have Ginny kidnapped. Ginny would have definatlely have tryed to escape on her own and Harry would have come to save her. Great chapter.

Author's Response: ginny was chewed out of the last book! sure she was at hogwarts raising hell and resurrecting the D.A but i feel that she could have done so much more!

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Review #17, by Lillian Rose Potter Manners at the Manor

4th April 2010:
Yea Ginny! I really really like this story. I liked how you had Bellatrix call Ginny "Princess Potter"

Author's Response: yea, she's a bitch

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Review #18, by Lillian Rose Potter Promises and threats

3rd April 2010:
This is so awsome! I'm completely drawn in. I finished this chapter and then my internet connection went away for a minute and i was like NO what will happen to Ginny!

Author's Response: im glad you found it interesting the idea came to me right after the latest movie came out and i just had to to keep writing til i was done

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Review #19, by The teacher Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

23rd February 2010:
Another very good story, very different than the other one. That would be nice if that plot was really a part of the seven book... Very sweet story, keep going! I really enjoy your stories.

Author's Response: This kind of review makes me so happy! I'm really young, just 15 and writing is wat I've always loved doing but always been insecure about it so thank u so much I will keep writing

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Review #20, by Pacific Wizard Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

21st February 2010:
Wow! Great story. You know how to weave a tale. This was so enjoyable I wish you could continue this tale. Wonderful dialogue and sweet intimacy between Harry and Ginny. I also liked how you made Ginny's character strong and independent then sft and warm at the rightmoments around Harry. Narciisa's character was interesting as well. Keep writing.I'll keep reading. PW

Author's Response: thank you!!
i have started to ontinue this tale, a short sequel but i began other prjects and i'm not sure if im going to get back to it. im glad you liked it! and yes please read my other stories, if you liked Ginny in this one then you'll loved her in the others!

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Review #21, by Mrs HJ Potter Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

17th February 2010:
Fantastic, this was such a wonderful chapter with great dialoge between the two. You were trully able to show their deep love for one another. It was brilliant!

Author's Response: thanks so much, Dialoge is my fave part of creative writting i love it!

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Review #22, by seeker68 Potterwatch and Dark Marks

30th December 2009:
Good start to the story. I'm looking forward to the rest of it. I did see a few typos, the kind a spell check won't find. things like 'form' instead of 'from', or 'passed' instead of 'past' but there were only a few. Overall I really liked it.

Author's Response: thanks i notice them too, im in the process of editing all my stories

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Review #23, by Karkaroff Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

18th November 2009:
Excellent and thanks for writing.

Author's Response: these kinds of reviews make me want to write

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Review #24, by Volted Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

16th November 2009:
What a great story. =] Gripped me from the off and wouldn't let go. Although there are alot of inconsistencies with the actual book's plot (dates, places and descriptions etc) they can be easily ignored due to your story telling ability. Also helps I'm a sucker for a Harry/Ginny romance story of course, and this is definitly one of the better ones I've read. =D

All in all great work, I shall keep an eye on you in the future. =]


Author's Response: thank you. yes i know that it doesn't really match everything from the book, but that's why it's fanfiction, it as just something i thought would be fu to write. and yes please read my other works, i'm sure you'll like them too.

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Review #25, by Chris Long Awaited Explanations and the Right Time

11th November 2009:
Great chapter and a great story, wish they could have this in the final film as think it would bring a tear to the viewers eyes :-)

Author's Response: thank you so much, i needed to write this story because i thought ginny was chewed out in the last book. i felt that she needed to take more part, and when this idea came to me i thought it would fit so well in deathly hallows

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