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Review #1, by RonsGirlFriday Severed

26th October 2009:

I'm still all squirmy and shivery after reading this. The descriptions were amazing, which, of course, is what made this so vivid and creepy and terrifying.

The interesting question I was left with was, did he realize that this would kill him? Because while at first I thought he was committing suicide, I realize that all he wanted to do was get the Dark Mark off his body...but surely he knew he would bleed to death if he didn't act quickly. So the question is, did he intend to, or did he just not realize that he would faint before being able to stop the bleeding?

That rambling aside...I thought this was a creepy way. XD

Now must go read fluff in order to make myself right in the head again. ^_^

Author's Response: I don't think he did realise it would, but I think he was just so desperate to get rid of the Dark Mark that he didn't really consider what would happen once he had cut it off, but by then it was too late!

Lol I'm glad you enjoyed it :D Though it is a bit of a departure from my usual genre of writing. :D

Thank you for reviewing it! :)

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Review #2, by DemetersChild Severed

20th October 2009:
I had that "oh-my-god-this-is-terrible-but-I-have-to-keep-reading" face going on as soon as I realized what he was doing; hands over the face, looking through the slits between my fingers deal.

That was creepy.

Author's Response: I'm going to take this review as a compliment, because I was going for creepy. :D

Yeah this story definitely came from the teacup-free section of my mind...

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Review #3, by ReAnna Severed

18th October 2009:
though the story itself disturbs me your writing is good

Author's Response: Yes... this is a disturbed story... mwahahhaah. :D Sorry, had to insert an evil laugh there!

Thank you for saying my writing was good; I wasn't sure if it really hit the mark in this story. :)

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Review #4, by Puffskein Severed

18th October 2009:
whoaaa. intense. but it's very creative, and i like the idea of "severing" the dark mark!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes this story was born of the slightly more disturbed section of my mind... but I'm pleased you thought it was creative! :)

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Review #5, by theelderwand Severed

28th September 2009:
That was . . . I . . . Wow.

I have never read a one shot that conveys so much so fast.

It's was like watching a nuclear flash that singes the retinas.


Author's Response: Thank you for my first review on this! :D Lol this was a very fast impulsive one-shot that I had to do. It could probably be so much better, but somehow I don't want to change it!

Glad you thought it was impressive! :D

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