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Reading Reviews for No Chance Of That
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Review #1, by Haley A Fashion Show

15th March 2014:
Wait what happened?? You disappeared? :( :( :(

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Review #2, by Lily A Fashion Show

23rd February 2014:
i really like this story! you should update again

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Review #3, by TheSecretMarauder A Fashion Show

4th January 2013:
I NEED TO READ MORE OF THIS AMAZING STORY! I hope you're still writing it!

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Review #4, by Kathrynen Sirius's 'Sister' VS Bellatrix

25th October 2011:
never laughed so much in my life

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Review #5, by Kathrynen One Girls Night With Extra Chocolate Coming Up, Ma'am!

25th October 2011:
This has to be the funniest story i have ever read, i love it so much!!

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Review #6, by peanut A Fashion Show

2nd September 2011:
why have you not written chapters fo a while

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Review #7, by LilyLookALike A Fashion Show

28th August 2011:
Plz update, ur killing me here.

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Review #8, by LilyLookALike One Girls Night With Extra Chocolate Coming Up, Ma'am!

20th August 2011:
Uhh, what happened to chapter 11?

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Review #9, by LilyLookALike Forest Secrets

16th August 2011:
I want her tree thingy. :-)
Btw your story is my favorite onmthe whole site.

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Review #10, by Liz Cheater, Cheater?

15th August 2011:
Are you an interior decorator or something? Those rooms sounded amazing. Good story, by the way, perfectly paced.

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Review #11, by LilyLookALike A Fashion Show

5th August 2011:
PLease keep writing. so far this is my favorite story on the website. i also love how you describe the outfits.

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Review #12, by Nutty A Fashion Show

28th July 2011:
Heya, have u just abandoned this :(

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Review #13, by Corleone To Begin At The End, Reverse Reverse!

16th July 2011:
sheer and completely unadulterated AWESOMENESS!

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Review #14, by ariana588 Sirius's 'Sister' VS Bellatrix

18th April 2011:
great story! I laughed a tonne!

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Review #15, by xACx A Fashion Show

21st February 2011:
Hey! Loving the story, but when will the next chapter be up? Or is this the end of the story?

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Review #16, by Nutella A Fashion Show

7th January 2011:
Hi there, this is like the 4th or 5th time I've read this story and I adore it :) *squeals happily* it just gets better each time. But when will the next chapter come or is the story abandoned :(
Nutty xxx

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Review #17, by Harrypotterloveer A Fashion Show

16th December 2010:
Simply tooo awesome to put into words :)

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Review #18, by navya Hogwarts First Ever Official Dance Off

25th October 2010:
dolnt you think thjis chap shud be before than the one where james tries to throw lily iknto the lake??
the rating is yet again for the story til now..'
i believe u hav made lily to be a realy loud person..

Author's Response: thanks for your opinion

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Review #19, by navya It's Potter Agian

25th October 2010:
firstly the ratinf is for the story so far..
i belve tht u hav made d marauderers tooo loud.. yes they r THE pranksters nd ol.. bt dey are olso sauve..
olso having a head's dorm is fyn.. bt having them to share a bath like taking a bath together is a tad bit too much.. dumbledore isnt actulay tht crazy..
olso i dnt blv dumbledore wud so outrightly jump in dre lives nd try to get dem together.. he olways leaves ppl to dere own devices...

Author's Response: thanks for your opinion

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Review #20, by LoveLightLily A Fashion Show

16th October 2010:
great chapter! yes, it was a bit of a filler, but im sure the rest will be wonderful! when i came on today, i was cheking all the WIP fics i've been reading, and none of them have been updated. when i saw yours, i was so happy i would have loved it even if i didnt want to. thanks so much for the amazing story, its my one of my favorites (and thats saying something, im on this site all the time, i need 2 get a life!).

Author's Response: thanks! Im really behind in updateing (its been over a month now) but ill try to post more for you. i really appreciate it!

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Review #21, by smileyface A Fashion Show

2nd October 2010:
Loved this! It's alright, I still love filler chapters! Esp when they have hot snogging sessions like james and lily's! woh that was hot!! Also the outfits were totally wicked! Sorry but I'm tyty and i need to go to bed, but for real keep up the chapters!!

Author's Response: haha, thanks! sleep tight!

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Review #22, by shar A Fashion Show

26th September 2010:
more! More! more! More!

Author's Response: working on it, thanks! :)

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Review #23, by kassandra466 A Fashion Show

23rd September 2010:
aweee!! haha! that was cute! and i LOVED it, it made my day!! : D

Author's Response: thanks! Glad you liked it depsite it being a filler!

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Review #24, by Ray Home Agian Home Agian Jiggity Jig...

23rd September 2010:
Wtf! pretty cool. But i don't think the head girl/boy would share a common room

Author's Response: i have to admit i kinda addedthat myself, and i added A LOT of it to be made up- and i've pretty much lost track of everything in this whole story, so i cant keep things straight. but thanks!

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Review #25, by smileyface Book Induced Dreaming and Compulsion

12th September 2010:
Great chapter, but i am also sleepy so short review! And I just got an eight week old puppy today and he is wearing me out man!!! I love the dream part, it was so cool. BUt it took me awhile, I was thinking I had picked a different story for a second there!I can't wait to read about the fashion show, I'm so excited and the Slug Club party!! I hope something wild happens at one of the two at least! I love craziness hahah!


Author's Response: puppy?!? how cute!! slug club party will have to be the crazy one, lol!

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