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Review #1, by shenanigan and in my arms shall apples rest

8th July 2012:
alsjfklsdjflksdjflj this is one of the most amazing pieces on hpff. i am beyond words.

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Review #2, by soliloquy and in my arms shall apples rest

19th September 2009:
This was such a beautiful is so random, yet, it isn't? All the words seem to flow together, the is all so spectacular. The apple, the forbidden fruit - rotten, sweet, it's almost like the reader can smell how sweet it is or how rotten it's become. We can see the red apple sitting in the her hand.

You always know how to captivate the senses with your vivid imagery. In my mind's eye, I see everything so clearly - it moves together like a montage silent until broken by clear dialogue.

You wonder, you wonder, you wonder at wondering, you sigh at sighing, you open your eyes and you stare - I love that line SO much. How did you come up with that? It's genius.

No longer Andromeda, like your sister. No longer chained to the rock. You consume. - Chained to a rock, like how Hercules was chained to the rock? (Random thought, I know :P) but such a beautiful...I don't even know, it's just beautiful. This ENTIRE piece was beautiful.

It's favorited, honestly. Beautiful, well-written, attention-grabbing. The small details make all the difference. I love it. A job well done ^_^

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Review #3, by RonsGirlFriday and in my arms shall apples rest

18th September 2009:
Kalina, this is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

I've never been good at analyzing stream of consciousness writing and discussing it in depth -- I always hated it when we had to do that in English classes, as I much preferred to just read and enjoy the flow of the words without picking them apart. So I won't even attempt to dissect this and comment on what's going on. The brilliance of it is that it's doesn't really matter what's going on -- it's the way your words make the reader feel, and they way they seem to jump off the page and take on a life of their own.

This is lyrical and lovely, with beautiful language and imagery. You have such a wonderful turn of phrase.


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Review #4, by WeasleyTwins and in my arms shall apples rest

17th September 2009:
KALINA! I'm here to review, of course -glomp-

First off, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the dedication! If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is.

This was the PERFECT challenge for you, Kalina. I have read quite a few stream of consciousness stories and pieces in Literature and whatnot, but you top them all. Every single one of them, you top them. I have fast fallen in love with many of your stories, but this is, by far, the greatest of them all. Stream of consciousness allows an author to simply write; no thought, just words on paper, just a flow. At first, I would have considered this a conglomeration, just a hodgepodge of nothing and everything. No. It is so much more than this. It is incoherent and confusing, but yet, it is so simple; it speaks volumes, it makes perfect sense. Totally and inconceivably perfect.

The title: Brilliant. Just. Angels in Heaven, it is beyond words. Crowning Dust? Really? Really? Gosh, how am I supposed to describe this to you, how truly surprised I am at this. I don't know, it was just right. Okay, so there are things that cannot be explained, things that you just know and you know them to be right. The title is one of those things. You just know, know what? Heck, I'm not sure, but I just know.

Once again, this challenge and the word that I gave you was perfect. Because your description is so rich, so full of life, so completely...complete. This story is love, your writing is love. There is just something there in your writing style, some secretly secret 'thing' that makes this. A masterpiece. By and far, this story should go down into the history books of HPFF. I shall scream its beauty to the world. As many things as I read, as many stories as I have seen, this is delicious. It is sin.

"The thunder rises away, and swirl down the autumn leaves, who curl and lie softly at your feet like meek children who have forgotten their lesson and their memories and their safety and their wands and their potions and their magic." - My favorite line. Favorite, yes indeed. There are so many things I can say and so many that will never take the form of words. This story is a painted face. The outside is beautiful, glamorous. And the inside, beneath the mask - it's gorgeous, it's real, it's representative of the world and the woes of the world and the joys and the love.

Kalina. I'm about to cry, seriously. 'Crowning Dust' has brought me to tears.

I LOVE it, 10/10


[Favorited. I know I didn't make a bit of sense, Kalina, with this review]

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