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Review #1, by DaBoss21 The Anamatek

17th February 2016:
I really love the way you write the story.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like it. :)

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Review #2, by gigi The Incident With the Giant Squid

29th July 2015:
The incident with the Giant Squid was legendary, John and Kaden are definitely living up to Marauder standards.

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Review #3, by Marc Football

15th August 2014:
So the american in me didnt realize that everytime Kaden mentioned football he was NOT talking about American football but football aka soccer haha. This whole time it never clicked until he explained the rules to them. I guess I didnt think about the fact that the story is set in Britain haha. Oh well great chapter anyway

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Review #4, by Sarah Dueling and Fighting

10th August 2014:
Do you intend to be a professional writer one day? Let me just say whatever you end up becoming, you are a fantastic writer!! Your first book with Albus, i was wary because it was my first time on this site and actually reading fan fic at all! however i was pleasantly surprised and am making my way through all your stories! keep writing please!
much love and respect Sarah

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Review #5, by Arianna The Incident With the Giant Squid

5th February 2014:
I love it!Especially the part about the squid. It was hilarious.

Author's Response: That part was really fun to write! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by sajo john The Incident With the Giant Squid

15th January 2013:
i really liked your imagination

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! :)

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Review #7, by Houndmom Silver Lining

22nd October 2012:
Wow! Your writing has gotten so much better since Secrets Within! I've read all 3 "Albus" books and "In Moonlight's Shadow." Your writing style has really grown. I'm getting ready to start year 4 and am passing on your links to my best friend who is also a Harry Potter fan. She's excited to see what you've done, too. You have a great imagination! Keep writing!

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Review #8, by MargaretLane Silver Lining

28th September 2012:
Kenmare? As in Kenmare in Co. Kerry?

Ballycastle has two "l"s.

And hey, they're both Irish teams!

Yeah, I was thinking it was kind of unfair to out Linda in the paper like that, but I guess once Australia were found out, it was bound to get in the papers. And that occurred to me-that she might have been drafted specially to play.

I wonder how Killigan forced her and why. I guess one possibility as to how is by threatening to tell everybody what she was. Poor Linda. She gets forced to go back to school and cheat in a tournament and then has to go on the run.

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Review #9, by MargaretLane The Outcome of the Match

28th September 2012:
Oh wow, that makes sense about Voldemort's soul. I would never have thought of that.

And that makes sense too about Balladanis.

We still don't know why the Australians were so anxious to win that they'd risk jail. Maybe it'll come out in the next chapter.

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Review #10, by MargaretLane The Return

28th September 2012:
That's a good question actually. I kind of assumed the people brought back wouldn't be able to do much. I don't really remember what they did in Deathly Hallows, but they only accompanied Harry, right? They didn't join in the battle or anything.

That's weird; Lubar bringing back his mother. I mean, I can understand wanting to see your mum again if she's dead, but you'd think it wouldn't be his first priority right now and you'd think he'd prefer to do it in private. After all, as far as they know, they'll have the stone for good now.

I don't think Albus has seen enough of Lubar's mother to really judge if she's messed up. She might just be proud of Lubar for getting such a good job in the Ministry.

Aren't they wasting a bit of time getting Balladanis? They boys could be killed at any moment. Though of course, replacing the stone will probably take some time anyway.

Yeah, they really are bad duellers if they can't beat a 2nd and 3rd year. Albus is a particular case, because he's so good, but that the other two are holding their own is pretty embarrassing for the adults.

This sounds a little like Philosopher's Stone, with the fight to keep the stone from the villain.

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Review #11, by MargaretLane Patronuses and Stones

28th September 2012:
I honestly don't see how even the whole Ministry could find them; there's the whole world to be searched. OK, maybe they might think Australia next after they'd searched all of Britain, but it could take years to find them and they could well be killed by then. I don't know how you are going to get them out of this, but since this is only year 3, I think it's safe to assume they will get out. Or at least that Albus and Matt will. I guess you could have John killed. Or Kaden. But what with them being the new Marauders, I really don't think you will.

Hmm, Lubar is sounding like a teacher.

And the way Lubar relates to vampires is a little odd.

So Lubar and Washburn hadn't brought the dementors there? It was just coincidence? I wonder what Lubar and the others' plan is.

For a moment there, I was quite sure he was Balladanis, but surely he'd know that Albus was skilled at defensive magic, so maybe I was wrong.

They've got the Stone? This could get interesting. I shouldn't be pleased about this, but it does make the story more interesting.

Harry and Ginny are talking about the match when their son has been abducted by somebody who is quite capable of killing him? *stares*

And how does Ginny know Linda is a werewolf? You' think Harry would be more likely to figure it out, being an Auror. This gets more and more interesting.

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Review #12, by MargaretLane In Dervish and Banges

28th September 2012:
Hmm, I wonder if Linda's mother is the vampire Balladanis fears. And I also wonder if they were bitten at the same time or if Linda's mother bit her to ensure she didn't have to see her daughter die before her. I doubt a mother would do that though. Or at least a normal mother wouldn't. We don't know what Linda's mother is like yet.

I assume this is Lubar and not the anamatek, because Lubar did say he'd turn up at Hogwarts and anyway, I can't imagine why anybody would use the anamatek as Lubar, but I still suspect there's some reason you had Balladanis mention that it was POSSIBLE to force the anamatek to become a person.

Wow, they got to the Ministry safely. I was SURE they'd be abducted. The title of this chapter sounds ominous though. Dervish and Banges is locked up, isn't it? Just the place Willinson could be lurking.

What?! How on earth did they end up flooing somewhere they didn't intend to? Has the floo network been tampered with? And if so, by who? They left from the Ministry and I would imagine Ministry fireplaces would be well-protected from tampering? *waits to see what happens*

Is Mr. Eckerson really Mr. Eckerson?

OK, so he is. But where is he? He should have come through the fireplace too. And his being there would have to be a help.

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Review #13, by MargaretLane The Breakout

28th September 2012:
I was wondering why it reminded people of Voldemort's era, but yeah, they are getting through teachers again. And it looks like the characters will have at least one new teacher again in 4th year, so they still won't have a year without new teachers, like they wondered about at the beginning.

*laughs at "maybe he wanted to get back to his anamatek*

I wonder will Harry continue teaching the following year. Probably not, but maybe if Kendrick is really stuck.

It's coming to the end of the year, though, so more sunshine, which might not work too well for Linda.

Hmm, this breakout is surely connected with Lubar and Willinson Senior's conversation at the beginning. And of course, in Balladanis IS Lubar, he's now free to spend his time organising breakouts. *laughs*

Yikes, I bet it IS somebody Apparating in.

And I doubt how quickly Linda catches the snitch will have a major effect on Georgia's chances of being signed for a professional team. After all, she has limited control over that.

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Review #14, by MargaretLane Balladanis's Fate

28th September 2012:
I really like the way you show the different characters of the two female investigators, when one is so formal and the other immediately calls him "dear".

Albus's description of the classes sound perfectly reasonable; even make Balladanis sound like an exceptionally good teacher, as he is willing to give extra help to students who need it. The part about the pensieve sounds rather weirder though.

It occurred to me that the pensieve is an argument against my theory. It MUST be Balladanis's memory since Albus recognised him as the boy, so how would Lubar get that? Unless of course, he has him captured in a truck or something like Crouch Jr. did to Moody and has forced him to give up the memory to add authenticity. Sounds a bit like overkill though; it's not as if anybody is doubting he's Balladanis.

Harry's comment is intriguing on a couple of levels. Firstly, and most obviously, what stress is Balladanis under that Harry knows about and Albus doesn't? And secondly, why does Harry think he's likely to take it out on them? Maybe just because of past behaviour, but still, he seems fairly certain and convinced that Balladanis will do something bad, since his just being strict would hardly be worth Harry coming to the castle and advising Albus not to take extra lessons with him.

I just thought, it's interesting that the Ministry sent investigators, rather than just letting the Headmaster make the decision. A bit like Order of the Phoenix, when the Ministry started interfering at Hogwarts. Probably because things like the anamatek brought it up to a different level than just deciding whether or not a teacher could be sacked. Or maybe he had a contract that the Headmaster couldn't break without Ministry permission. Or because he's a presular. Maybe the British Ministry hired him to go undercover at Hogwarts or something and then only they could fire him.

I was really wondering what would happen. It looked likely he'd be sacked, but I thought that might make it difficult for us to find out exactly what he's doing and so on, since he won't be in the castle for the last 7 chapters.

I wonder did you just stick in that line about Balladanis being fired reminding Myrtle of her death for the humour or does it have some greater significance? Basilisks?

Hmm, that comment about him probably already having left Britain make me feel he's going to be back. Mind you, I thought he would anyway, since the mysteries about him haven't been entirely cleared up, but this convinces me more.

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Review #15, by MargaretLane Placing Bets

28th September 2012:
*laughs* They really are making a big deal about betting. When my brother was at school, one of his teachers (who later became deputy principal) used to bet against the students whenever Cork and Kilkenny played in the All-Ireland. But the wizarding world, or maybe just Molly do seem to be rather anti-betting.

And after Snape, I really don't think Balladanis is going to be fired for being too strict. For bringing in the anamatek, maybe, but not just for making students cry.

Put the child down?! He means murder it or have it murdered; he might as well say that.

*cheers for Matt's dad and Uncle Jack* Usually I don't believe two wrongs make a right, but for a Healer to suggest MURDER as a way to deal with a child's medical condition is utterly unbelievable.

Now THIS is something I could see Balladanis being fired for. It is appalling. Though Umbridge did worse and Snape did almost as bad.

Really doubt they'd get away with skipping. They'd probably end up in detention with Balladanis and who knows WHAT he'd do if they tried to skip that? I don't think owls home would matter too much, since I think their parents would be on their sides.

*grins* It makes sense that the oldest students would come up with the least dramatic explanation and the youngest with the most dramatic.

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Review #16, by MargaretLane Increasing Tension

28th September 2012:
I'd say it's understandable Balladanis is angry since he was basically humiliated in front of students. How can he have any authority, after students have basically heard him being told off, heard him admit that the Headmaster criticised his teaching and banned him from using the anamatek and heard him threatened with an investigation? He'd be a laughing stock. Matt's dad should really have done that in private, though I don't blame him for not caring how Balladanis is affected.

That said, it's completely wrong for him to take it out on the students. None of it is their fault.

And it'll be interesting to see how this changes his opinion on one of his favourite students-Malfoy. Or at least one of the students whose talent he admired. Will he keep giving him special training?

I wonder what he is planning to do if he catches them duelling in the corridors again. Report them to the Headmaster maybe?

And I've been answered as to whether or not Balladanis would continue with Malfoy's lessons.

And also about whether Balladanis really works for Governments. That's been confirmed. I was half suspecting he was trying to induct them into some illegal organisation.

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Review #17, by MargaretLane Old Acquaintances

27th September 2012:
I really don't think Albus and John should be punished as harshly as Malfoy. A lot of their spells were defensive ones. Plus Malfoy should also be punished for threatening Matt. Though maybe the Headmaster will do that.

It's rather a dodgy situation. I really don't think Malfoy would risk telling, but he might let it slip at some point.

I totally disagree with Balladanis here. Withholding information that is not on the course anyway and which won't help students defend themselves (they don't need to know what a person who is a werewolf looks like when they are not transformed) because it could seriously harm a student's education sounds to me like a pretty important part of the pastoral care role of being a teacher. If Balladanis didn't know, it'd be different. After all, you can't plan all your lessons around every single thing that might be affecting a student. But he DID know.

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Review #18, by MargaretLane The Werewolf Lesson

27th September 2012:
That's actually a good question. How did the first person contract lycanthropy?

In the world of Harry Potter, I guess Muggles would have first come across werewolves when one attacked somebody or something and that would be how the myth began.

In a way, lycanthropy in the Harry Potter world reminds me of leprosy in the Bible. Fear of catching it leads people to treat people who've already caught it as outcasts, leading to yet another reason to fear catching it (because you'll become an outcast), leading to people with it being feared even more and so on and on, round in circles.

Oh yikes, it sounds like Malfoy has figured out about Matt.

Wonder why Balladanis wants him. I wish we could see their conversation, but I guess Matt will tell Albus afterwards.

OK, that was no big deal after all.

They should really go to Kendrick or one of the teachers about Malfoy. That'd be the best idea. They teachers might be able to do something - put a spell on Malfoy to prevent him telling or threaten him with serious punishment if he does or something. At the very least, they could do some damage limitation if he does tell - watching to be sure no students bully Matt and so on.

Hmm, I doubt what happened to Matt's dad would be as bad as in Australia. Australia, in your 'verse, seems to be EXTREMELY anti-werewolf. But it still wouldn't be good. *pokes Malfoy hard*

I really don't think that getting the anamatek is a good idea. It's a bit too like Matt. He should realise that could give something away. Unless that's his idea. If he's Lubar, it probably is. Though I'm beginning to doubt that a little.

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Review #19, by MargaretLane The Presuler

27th September 2012:
Ah, this explains why Balladanis fears vampires.

Balladanis replaced Harry, who was there to protect the staff and students and solve Torro's murder as well as teach Defence. That adds some credence to Balladanis's story as he may be taking Harry's place, since his job gives him more freedom than Harry's.

But I'm not convinced. The idea of mercenaries, basically, who are hired by different countries, strikes me as a bit dodgy. It COULD be all an invention of his. But why?

Of course, it could be true too.

It's also occurred to me that Balladanis could be a vampire. The memory has to be true, because we've seen what happened when people try to alter memories, but there was nothing to show the boy wasn't bitten. Though I guess Matt would know if Balladanis was a vampire and I suppose he would have told.

Yeah, I agree with Rose here. We still don't know that the Presulers aren't some illegal organisation or something. Actually, it seems quite probably, since they are so secretive and work outside the actual Ministries. We've only his word for it that it's the Ministries that hire them and not organisations like the Death Eaters.

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Review #20, by MargaretLane The Memory

27th September 2012:
If Hogwarts can keep in second place in the Quidditch and do really well in the duelling, coming a good bit in front of Australia, they might have a hope yet, though of course I don't know exactly how the scoring here works. I mean I don't know how many duelling matches are being played and so on.

Balladanis is obsessed with safety. It's really not any more dangerous for Kaden to be in Hogsmeade than it is for the 3rd years, except I guess nobody knows he's there, so they wouldn't know where he'd been if he didn't return. Of course, he is right to punish Kaden, but I just get the impression that his concern is less that Kaden is too young to be wandering the streets by himself and more his whole thing about the Dark Arts, which could affect anybody.

I wonder have the boy's parents been killed? And is the boy Balladanis? I'm guessing this to be his memory, though I could be wrong.

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Review #21, by MargaretLane Darker Times

27th September 2012:
Yikes, I didn't think of Matt's dad becoming a target, but I guess he could be.

I think Wisander is asking rather a lot, expecting people to work for free. This being England, it would make more sense if the Ministry were to follow the example of the British Government and pay Healers and Brewers to give everybody free medical care. After all, if Healers and Brewers were to give everybody care for free, they'd end up impoverished. Just giving Wolfsbane for free wouldn't do that, of course, but the same argument could be made for every type of medical care. The Ministry really needs to take control and ensure everybody gets medicines they need.

However, reducing prices would definitely help too. It sounds like the Wolfsbane is extortionate and that isn't on. They could charge enough for the ingredients and to give themselves a few Galleons for their work, without pricing poorer people out of the marker.

Also, I think the Ministry needs anti-discrimination laws so werewolves are less likely to be restricted to lower paid employment.

Wisander's idea would rely on the charity of individual Healers and Brewers which really isn't a long term solution.

*laughs at Matt and the others saying pretty much what I did-that it's not that easy*

It sounds like Wisander is an idealist, but hasn't really thought his ideas through. I doubt he'd make enemies though. Those ideas sound like the ones most people love (except maybe Healers) - everybody gets what they need without society in general having to make any extra effort, like paying extra taxes for the Ministry to give out free Wolfsbane or start treating werewolves fairly in employment.

Oh, yikes, some of his other articles really would gain him enemies though. Giving vampires prisoners to bite. That is a crazy idea anyway. Yeah, let's turn Dark witches and wizards into creatures with superhuman speed and strength. THAT'LL end well. And not locking up werewolves on the full moon, even with Wolfsbane, isn't a good idea either, because what if it failed?

I've never heard of the name "O'delle", but any name I've seen beginning with "O'", the letter after the apostrophe is capitalised, like "O'Connor," "O'Mahony", etc. Like I said I've never heard of the name, so it may be a particular case, but just thought I'd mention it anyway.

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Review #22, by MargaretLane All in Good Time

27th September 2012:
I guess Balladanis wasn't doing anything illegal or he'd hardly deliver them right to Harry.

Hmm, it's weird that Petunia and Vernon would admit to Marge that their grandson was a wizard when they were so worried she might find out about Harry.

And Kaden's parents really should take more care to keep him (and Bethany) safe. I mean, this is a woman who has her dogs attack children just for amusement. She is not a safe person to have your children around.

*laughs at the Dark Arts not taking holidays*

And yeah, I was thinking that Hagrid would bring in a dragon, but he wouldn't think it WAS dangerous. Balladanis obviously does,

Calling vampires and werewolves really terrifying creatures in a class where there is a vampire and werewolf present is rather insensitive to say the least.

And something has just occurred to me. How does Balladanis KNOW Linda is a vampire? It's hardly just coincidence that he always looks at her when mentioning Dark creatures. But the Australian Headmaster wanted it kept quiet, for obvious reasons and you'd think Balladanis have told Kendrick. For one thing, as a teacher, it would be his job to tell things like that. Otherwise, he'd be in major trouble if Linda bit somebody and it came out that he'd known. Plus, he is so concerned about Dark creatures that I can't see him thinking "oh well, it'd be mean to tell on her. I'll risk my job to keep her secret."

Apart from the question of how he found out her secret anyway, if the rest of the Hogwarts staff doesn't know.

That adds to my suspicions that he may be Lubar. He must really have been in Australia to have found that out so early AND Lubar might well have reasons to want it kept quiet.

Well, there could be a point to having it turn into a werewolf if Matt is wrong, since he's only a werewolf one night a month.

I was WONDERING why you didn't explain the murder of Torro. I assumed it was Washburn and wondered if it was supposed to be obvious and I'd missed something. I thought maybe it was to get Harry to the school, so Washburn could find out from him where the Hallows were. Of course, he couldn't know Harry would take over as teacher, but a murder would probably lead to a visit at least from the head of the Auror Department. As an explanation, that wasn't very complete though, so it's interesting to know that there is a greater mystery about it.

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Review #23, by MargaretLane The Party

27th September 2012:
3 Ministers in 21 years, so that's about 7 years each. Same as our President. Well, one term of our President; they can have two. I wonder if Ministers of Magic have a limit or if they can keep getting reelected for however long people want them and they want to keep it, like our Taoiseach. If they did have a term, I could well see it being 7 years, that being a magically powerful number.

Amy's a bit old to still be playing pranks and you'd think she'd want to drink alcohol herself. Or is she teetotal? I guess training to be a Healer might put her off drinking; you'd see all the injuries it results in.

And yeah, Amy's a bit old to be grounded or anything.

*laughs* That part about him not being there if it wasn't for the help of his son is more true than anybody realises. He probably wouldn't have been able to support werewolves so well, thereby impressing his superiors so much, if he didn't know what life was like for his son.

Hmm, it does look as if Amy may not be teetotal but she doesn't seem to want to get drunk. I wonder if there's a reason you are showing us that or if it's just because you wanted her to be part of the discussion. Can't see how the fact she doesn't drink much could be relevant really, but you never know.

Hmm, I wonder what Balladanis is doing there. Maybe the Minister does want somebody to keep an eye on things in case there is any trouble. Or maybe Balladanis is up to something.

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Review #24, by MargaretLane A Christmas Blizzard

26th September 2012:
Electricity going out over Christmas. Not good. Of course, we don't snow isn't all that usual here, let alone blizzards, but back in 1997, we had a major storm (by Irish standards; not compared to the hurricanes other parts of the world had) and much of the country had no electricity over Christmas. Thankfully, living in a major town, ours was only off for a few hours on Christmas Eve, but I feel sorry for the Muggles in this story. Losing power when it's cold enough to snow must be even worse.

Oooh, foreshadowing. I've looked at year four and see that Percy will run for Minister. I wonder if he'll get it.

Minus 15. Yi-i-ikes. I presume they are talking Celsius. We came close to that two years ago. Minus 12 anyway. The entire country came to a standstill. I never want to see it again. Unlikely I will anyway. It was the coldest on record and they said something like the coldest since the 17th century. I know England gets a bit more snow than we do, but not that much more, so this must be rather an experience for everybody. Unless they are closer to Scotland; it'd be colder up there.

Yikes, they are hardy to be willing to go out in that. I suppose playing Quidditch, you'd be warmer than walking, but still.

Four and a half feet?! Yikes. I cannot even imagine that much snow.

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Review #25, by MargaretLane The Investigation

26th September 2012:
I don't blame Harry for giving them a lecture. Teddy is an adult and in a responsible position. He really shouldn't be using his training to help a schoolboy break rules.

I think Rita Skeeter's comment about James is ridiculous. A Seeker has no power over how quickly their alternate catches the Snitch. If HE usually caught it in less than 20 minutes, then there might be a mystery related to him, but as it is, no. I guess Rita just wanted to get in something about him being the son of the famous Harry Potter.

*laughs* And John just said pretty much what I did.

So the Headmaster DOES know she's a vampire. I thought maybe he hadn't figured it out and that was why she was allowed attend. This gets curiouser and curiouser. I'm now wondering if she's even a student or if she was just drafted in to play in the match.

Jail time? Just for doing something that could be deemed cheating in a kids' school match. That's harsh. I would have imagined the very WORST that would happen would be that Australia would be disqualified and that only if there's an actual rule against vampires playing.

Unless of course there's more to this and Linda isn't supposed to be at the school at all. That IS a possibility, considering how strict they are about werewolves attending.

Or maybe they've some betting thing going on. Actually now that I think of it, it doesn't seem that likely that if they are at risk of being jailed for this, that they'd take that risk just so's their students would get to win the competition. An ulterior motive seems likely. Though of course, I don't know these guys and what's important to them, so it's possible it could be just a matter of something like getting extra publicity for the school.

Even apart from the blond hair, once he figured out one of them was Matt, he could probably have worked out who from Matt's fear of him. I'm sure he would have shown a reaction when Killigan mentioned the Eckerton boy.

But yeah, it is weird he was so certain one of them was Matt in the first place. OK, WE know that Washburn told Lubar Matt and Albus were friends and I'm guessing Lubar told Killigan, but why would he do that? And why would Killigan care so much? This is just a kid he refused to have in his school. What IS he up to?

That must be tough on the American and Australian students; having to stay at school and not even their own school.

I don't think Killigan being Linda's Headmaster is reason enough for her to tell him. Most people don't exactly go around chatting to their Headmaster. But then again if she is an adult in a teenager's body, I suppose she might. Particularly if she was brought in specially for this.

Hey, I'm just wondering whether the American kids call their head the principal or the headmaster/headmistress. I'm guessing they'd say "principal", since that is what most kids say in America, right?

How can Rose KNOW Linda's team mates don't know? After all, it's not as if they could talk about it, anyway. They'd have to act as if they just thought it was talent. But I think it's unlikely they would know. Somebody'd be likely to give it away if too many people knew, particularly with teenagers involved.

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