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Review #1, by little miss snivellus My Last Breath

23rd September 2009:
no -cries-
why did she die??
ah your story is so well written, you have this calm almost lullaby like writting. It was very flowy.
But, i still can't believe they both died. The end got me, i'm all teary and sniffling. I look forward to more of your stories, and thank you again for reviewing mine.
Let's hope that draco & hermione found each other in heaven

Author's Response: thanks for the review!! and yes i hope that they did find eachother in heaven :) im glad you lked it. look for my new oneshot. its waiting to be validated!! yay! im also planning on writing a novella!!

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Review #2, by dixiecharmer My Last Breath

23rd September 2009:
It is a bittersweet story that is well written. My only reservation is that I could not see any one from the Order, Harry or Ron telling Hermione to use an unforgivable curse. I know Harry used an Imperius curse on Travis at Gringotts. The time it takes to cast this curse plus give instruction on what you want the person to do would open leave you unprotected in battle.

The "cruciatus" needs to be held and again would leave you open to attack. Which only leaves the "Avada Kedavra" Hermione use the blast curse at the snake in Godric's Hallow ("confringo"); and she also has used the "confundus" to confuse a person. She used a "Deprimo" to blast a hole in to the floor of Lovegoods house. "Expelliarmus" to disarm or "incarceratus" to tie up with invisable ropes. are also well known to Hermione. She had done a lot of studying in the restricted section of the library (thanks to Lockheart's admission note) and taught Harry spells that she researched. She really had a large pool of spells to draw from.

I hope you continue writing.

Author's Response: thanks so much for the help. i really apprciate reviews. and yes i knew she had a wide range its just that if totally necessary she would use them. but only then. thanks again and yes i am actually waiting for validation now so be on the lookout :)


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Review #3, by ShannonisObssesed My Last Breath

21st September 2009:
that was amazing
i loved it, it was soo sweet, great job

Author's Response: thanks, im so glad someone liked it!! thankyou for being my first reviewer ever! :)

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