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Review #1, by LadyL8 Rainbows and Deceptions

18th July 2012:
Hi there.

OMG that was such a sad story. I have tears in my eyes right now. I just imagine Hermione and the stress she must've been under after the war. Her boyfriend had lost his brother and needed her and Harry was probably also in need of a good friend. And this is well-written so I can truly see it all happening, and it makes me feel so sorry for Hermione, Ron, Harry and everyone. Nobody should have to go through a war!

You describe a lot so it's very easy to place yourself in the story as Hermione - the main character. And that's why I was in tears in the end, because you wrote it so good that I saw it all happening in my head.

And my favorite line was; Evil might have gone but they still touched us. Because that is so true. Evil takes years to disappear because the consequences of it keep you from forgetting. Anyway, it was really good. You should really be proud of yourself for writing it.

Thank you so much for this story. Good job writing it. It was really well-written :D

Yours Sincerely

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Rainbows and Deceptions

14th August 2011:
I feel sorry for Hermione in this, not sure what to do and hating that so much darkness and destruction had torn everyone's lifes apart. You really feel her emotions in this one shot and you've written them so well. The hauntingness of the blood soaked grass really shows how bad the war was. I'm glad that she vowed that at the end. And maybe the rainbow was to remember everyone who had gone.

alicia and anne

Author's Response: I just can't imagine that any of them would even come close to resembling okay after everything was over. Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Micah-Leah Rainbows and Deceptions

8th November 2009:
Oh. My. Goodness. First, I had forgotten who all died in Book 7!!! I'm going to go cry too now. Sheesh!! lol are a fabulous writer. You use words effectively to create deep metaphors that really communicate not only the situation at hand in your story but also the overarching situation at hand in the state of humanity.

Author's Response: This was sort of my tribute to those who died in the final battle. It was really easy to write even though it was the first time I'd attempted something deep without a romance. All the words just kind of came. Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by TwilightPrincess Rainbows and Deceptions

22nd September 2009:
This piece is so awesome. First of all, the title is brilliant. I love the juxtaposition of those two words. They feel like they wouldn't go together. It's the ultimate bittersweet combination for the ultimate bittersweet story. I like how that feeling carried over from your title into the story itself. =)

I love this line:I was ecstatic that Voldemort was dead, but at what price? It's just... perfect. See, you really don't need any more words than that to get your point across, right? That's why I made this challenge. I'm so glad you thrived in the confines of 500 words.

This piece is beautiful. I love the insight we get in your narrator's mind. The confusion was there, which was needed for the depth of the story. Great job.

Thanks for taking my challenge! I hope you enjoyed yourself. ^_^


Author's Response: I have a list of titles that I use for inspiration and this was one of them. I saw it and it just clicked. My first draft actually had about 560 words, so I cut a paragraph I was dubious about and then I had to pick and choose what was and wasn't important. This is possibly the hardest thing I've ever written. (It was also good practice for those college admissions essays I still have to write.)

Thanks for such an awesome challenge and thanks for the review!

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