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Review #1, by George Trevor The Third Passenger

6th January 2016:
When might the 8th chapter come out? I'm really excited to see the end of this fanfic! The story's great, and the way you implement the book's story into the Harry Potter world is amazing!

Author's Response: We'll see...Thank you for taking your time to read and review this!

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Review #2, by Zyadai The Third Passenger

21st November 2014:
Loving the story so far!

Maybe you can post it on fanfiction[dot]net? You would probably get a ton more feedback as the site gets a lot more traffic.

Also, I'm wondering why Harry didn't think to offer up his portion of food to Hecate herself. It sees like something he would try. And I'm wondering why Kronos went to Harry directly, and called him "nephew" as opposed to "grandfather", since he said he was technically all wizards' great-to-the-many-powers grandfather. Is there something that isn't revealed yet? I really can't wait!

And I'm kind of hoping Harry still somehow becomes the Master of Death, or at the very least his cloak is mentioned by one of the Big Three or Death (would that be Thanatos? I mean, it could easily be him or Hades the legend refers to when the verses are crossed) mostly because I've been wanting to see Nico meet the Master of Death Harry forever, and no one seems to have capitalized on the story potential there. I just think it'd be an interesting meeting of two very powerful death-related characters.

Loving the story so far! I'm a bit confused as to why Snape is gunning so hard for Harry and the others of the "light" when he is really a spy and tried his best to avoid confrontations with them in the books. But I assume all will be revealed as the story progresses. And I totally caught that Nico specifically only mentioned Lily being in Elysium and to not think about James. I mean, he fought for the right ideals and grew up to be much better than he was as a teen, but he was still a bulky and made life hell for others. And gods tend to be pretty harsh, so I'm betting on him being somewhere unexpected.

Anyway, sorry for the long review. Love the story and looking forward to your next update.

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Review #3, by Sunny The Third Passenger

26th September 2014:
Am I the only one who thinks that Harry is being stupid?

Author's Response: Harry tends to have a lot of stupid moments. Hahahaha! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by diebelltrixdie Alliances

15th July 2014:
please! you cant tell mortals, even magical mortals, about the gods!

Author's Response: Lol what?

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Review #5, by Leo Valdez The Third Passenger

24th June 2014:
Its a great story but where am I in it, I mean about us trying to defeat gaea?

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. However, this story was written way before Heroes of Olympus was written so no, Gaea is not here.

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Review #6, by Pixileanin Alliances

27th March 2014:
Ahh! How did I not see this before???

I've read several Percy Jackson books, because my kids are into them, and you've managed to match the style so well! I don't know how you did this, but I can completely see this happening. It's amazing that you've blended these two concepts together.

I am amazed.

The appearance of the Death Eaters on brooms was great. I could really get into Percy's shock and "OMG, what is THAT??" The way you described the battle was very Percy Jackson, but the elements were clearly HP. I love this! Oh, I said that already, didn't I?

Oh, Chiron and Firenze! Brilliant connection here! And Dumbledore always with the "I can't tell you this thing that's important, because I don't really know what's going on and I want it to look like I do until I figure it out and then only tell you enough to get you into trouble." Perfect characterization, if you ask me.

I have no CC. I just want to read more. So much gushing. Love it!

Author's Response: HellO!!!

I love Percy Jackson myself and it was a bit of a challenge to merge both words together. I'm glad you liked the blending of both worlds! I tried to keep everything as it is with both worlds. Keep their souls, you know.

Percy's voice is kinda easy to get. Haha. He's very sarcastic and that's something I'm very fluent. Haha. Percy, at this point in his life, is like "eh...I guess that's new." and doesn't freak out as much.

Chiron and Firenze! For some odd reason I thought they ought to be related! And yep, Dumbledore is definitely not really in the "know in" of what's really going on in the US and the gods. He just goes along with it and of course, drags teens to go along with it as well. Hahaha!

Thank you so much for your kind words!! Really!!! :D


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Review #7, by Ginny The Third Passenger

24th March 2014:
I love this story and I think it's really awesome. I'm following this and so far, it has a brilliant plot. There's only one thing that I'm sad about though. I want to see Ginny as more of a main character in the story. I think she would make a good character in this story and it would be cool if she snuck in or something. this is only a suggestion but it would cover the fact that Ginny was at the battle as her parents would never let her be there. Thanks in advance! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! However, I already have this story planned out and Ginny is not coming any time soon. It might change to the point of not being in the story at all. Anyway! Thank you for your kind words!! :D I appreciate it!

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Review #8, by theblacksisters The Third Passenger

19th January 2014:
I suppose I'm kind of ticked off over the wait . . . but I can never be too mad if I like the story this much. I love both HP & PJ and this is the best crossover I've come across anywhere. If you know of any other good HP/PJ crossover could you tell me?
Enjoying the story. Don't take as long to update next time, please.

Author's Response: sorry about that! As for any other HP/PJ crossover, not really. I haven't come across any of them that are relatively good.

I'll try my best to not take forever next time! Thank you so much for coming over to review this chapter!!


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Review #9, by Meena Parker The Titan Dream

30th December 2013:

Author's Response: I'm planning another chapter coming soon.

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Review #10, by Meena Parker Alliances

30th December 2013:
It's soo good! I love the idea of the clash and its the best fanfic I've read so far!

Author's Response: Awww!! thank you so much for your kind words!! and thank you so much for your review!!!

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Review #11, by theblacksisters The Titan Dream

16th October 2013:
Could you please update soon? I love both the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series, and this is one of the best crossovers on this sight. :)

Author's Response: Hey! So sorry for the late response! Better late than never though. This story is still on hiatus but I haven't given up on it just yet. Thank you so much for reviewing this!! I appreciate it!

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Review #12, by Chaserholly The Titan Dream

7th September 2013:
I really hope that you're gonna continue with the story cos i really like your story!

Author's Response: Aww!! We'll see what happens!! Can't promise anything since this story is on hiatus. But check back soon! :D

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Review #13, by Chaserholly Alliances

7th September 2013:
Wow you are good! I love both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, and i never really like cross over stories, but yours is awesome! The way you write the plot to connect both worlds is amazing! Good job! :)

Author's Response: Awww! Thanks! Percy Jackson is my other love besides Harry Potter so I had to make it make sure that I gave both worlds some justice. Thank you for your kind review! It made me happy to see that there's people out there still who want to read some HP/PJ stories! :D

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Review #14, by Cleopatraa Alliances

24th December 2012:
Well seeing I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (obviously) and a huge Percy Jackson fan it makes perfect sense I had to read this. ;p It is a scary thought Kronos and Voldemort working together. Though it would make an epic tale. So I like the idea you have here.

I like the fact he said that those wizards on brooms were Hecate’s children, as that would be the most obvious thing for him to think and in my opinion it gave this story more dimension. It made it seem more real.

I also liked the comparison with Harry Potter, because when I was reading the books I thought the same. I mean they are both completely different characters but in that aspect they are the same. I like the idea of Firenze and Chiron being friends.

I really liked this far and I didn’t think it was clichéd at all, which is kinda difficult with these kind of stories. You did an excellent job.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!!!

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Review #15, by precious92 The Titan Dream

23rd September 2012:

Author's Response: Nope, not abandoned. At least not yet. Hahaha, it's more on hiatus. Thank you for reading and reviewing! I hope to see you again whenever I update this!

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Review #16, by BELLA The Titan Dream

20th September 2012:

Author's Response: Awww! Thank you so much for the review. To be honest, this story is still on hiatus. I haven't given up on it just yet. We'll see though! Thank you for taking time to review!

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Review #17, by Moondanser83 Alliances

12th September 2012:
OK... as a rule I NEVER read crossovers. I tried once, and it was actually painful...
But when I saw you had crossed two of my favorite series, I couldn't resist! And I'm glad I didn't!

You did a wonderful job here blending and bouncing between the two worlds. The fact that you made the Death Eaters visible to the muggles instead having the mist cover them was perfect. Percy's reactions were right on... as were Annabelle's Mr. D's and Chiron's! I felt that Harry's dialogue felt a bit off, but nothing drastic.

In the beginning I thought Paul was being too nice, considering he hates Percy... and that makes me suspicious! Lol. Did Percy just happen to catch him in an oddly good mood? Or is there more too it??

I can't wait to see what happens when the trio gets to New York! This is going to be epic ;)

As far as corrections I noticed this typo:

"I mere want what was taken from me long ago." -should be merely

And as I was reading I found there were several awkward sentences and a few punctuation problems. The story is great, but I think a quick look over by a beta would make reading it a little easier ;)

Can't wait to get to the next chapter!
Keep up the great work ;)


Author's Response: Thank you for your review!! :D

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Review #18, by NightStar The Titan Dream

7th September 2012:
You updated! :O:O
I nearly thought you abandoned the story! I really love this story because its one of the very few crossovers which are well-meshed and written together..
I liked this chapter.. I'm really eager to see what you have planned for the rest of the chaps..:)
I hope you update soon! Awesome writing as usual..a couple of spelling mistakes somewhere but good job:)
And I miss Percy! Please bring him back in the next chapter!:)

With loads of love,

Author's Response: This story isn't abandoned. It's more on hiatus than anything. I have the end of the story, just getting there its the problem. Hahaha! Thank you for taking the time to read and coming back to see what happens!

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Review #19, by A pond Counselors and Wizards

25th August 2012:
Please write another chapter

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!! :D

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Review #20, by ryan Alliances

2nd June 2012:
I like it. I think you shoukd put it were hogwart is helping chb
camp halfblood

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!! :D

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Review #21, by Steve Half Blood Meets Half Blood

31st May 2012:
please continue this story. it it really good i hope you will cotinue this story. when can you update this story?

Author's Response: Hey! wow...people are still reviewing this...tell you what...give me 24hrs to update. :D Thanks to the review, thought! I really appreciate it!

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Review #22, by NightStar Alliances

12th May 2012:
Dude! this is epic!
Like awesome!
I love the plot..I've searched for so many PJ/Hp crossover stories and none of them are as good as yours!
I seriously love this.. super interesting..
especially both the villains merging..Genius idea..:D

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!! :D

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Review #23, by Laura Counselors and Wizards

7th May 2012:
This is really good. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!! :D

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Review #24, by Laura Half Blood Meets Half Blood

7th May 2012:
Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!! :D

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Review #25, by Laura Camp Attack

7th May 2012:
It's getting really good. Will thay all make it?

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!! :D

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