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Review #1, by SaphireSmiles Whatever...

13th November 2010:
A pretty serious issue. Poor Romilda. :(

There should be a follow up...or you should at least write another story about her. Maybe? :)

Author's Response: I knew I wanted to do a serious story for the quote I was given and I wanted to do Romilda. I actually do have 2 more stories with her in my short story collection. They both also present her as someone with mental troubles. I don't know why I have this image of her as a stalker, but that's how she almost always comes out when I write her.

So, I do have other stories about her, but they're very similar.

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Review #2, by voldy_needs_a_hug Whatever...

10th December 2009:
i have made it my goal to read all ur stories sometime in the next 2 days.
i absolutely adore ur style of writing!!




Author's Response: Wow, I'm surprised you liked this story because it's a dark, depressing view of a troubled woman.

If you do read all my stories, I'm sure you'll notice that I tend to be dark, but not always. Thank you so much for the reads and reviews. I appreciate the compliments and time you spent reading.

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Review #3, by DracoFall243 Whatever...

6th October 2009:
Definitely a great little one-shot. I wanted to sign up for the same challenge but I've got too much on my plate, but you did a great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I appreciate the kind words. I probably shouldn't have signed up for the challenge, but I couldn't pass up a Daria challenge.

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Review #4, by alyosha Whatever...

27th September 2009:
A daria quote challenge! Why was I not informed?

Hah. I am staring at the screen thinking: what can i possibly say that will sound cool. But I obviously cant think of anything.

Anyway. I always imagined Romilda as pretty cheap. But a loose woman is usually the result of, you know, emotional problems and all that. And your story addresses this. It's plain to see that having wanton flings with just anybody is a desperate attempt at feeling needed.

But it's funny (funny = ironic) that in Romilda's haste to ascertain happiness, she ended up depriving herself of the very thing she actually wanted.

But it's all the worse because Romilda places her neediness, low self-esteem, and chronic deviancy on a pedestal. Which serves only to elevate her situation to even higher states of patheticness. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy almost, and the prophecy is that her life is worthless.

I can kind of relate actually. I mean, from a purely ritualistic sense, in that there are times when I too feel that if I just achieved one more thing, life would be so much the better. In Romilda's case, it was adding notches to her bedpost. But by obsessively and unrealistically striving for perfection, she only end up making her life worse. She lost out.

I liked the flashback episode. "She closed her eyes and a tear came", because sometimes one word or one person's memory can evoke so much reaction.

Author's Response: The Daria quote challenge is up until November 20, so you have plenty of time to get an entry in. :)

I really wanted to show a portrait of a troubled person who had fallen into something that she didn't know how to get out of.

Yes, she feels her life isn't worth anything without Michael (or possibly, Harry) so she goes about self-fulfilling it without realizing it.

Thank you so much for the review. I appreciate it very much.

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Review #5, by evanlyn Whatever...

18th September 2009:
This was awesome, I love how deeply you developed the character, it's like a snapshot of Romilda's life.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. It's a little character portrait of a person who's obviously having problems and is dealing with them in a self-destructive way.

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Review #6, by etiquettedarling Whatever...

9th September 2009:
Hey hey! Thanks for completing the challenge. As for what you said about the darkness of the story, I love it. Its really interesting to see where others minds go when presented with a certain set of words!

I really loved the idea, I have a big weakness for less explored minor characters because they have so much potential and you certainly used what we know of Romilda very well. One thing I could suggest though is to avoid starting sentences with she *follows with action* and as annoying and pretentious (in an Im an annoying English teacher and my word is gospel' way) as it sounds always try to show not tell.

I also love the final sentence She checked her makeup one last time and left. The figure in the mirror followed her.. It was really powerful and tragic, which I assume was your goal.

Anyway, thanks for completing my challenge it was a great read and do keep on writing!



Author's Response: Hmm, I thought I did a pretty good job showing and not telling. I could see what you mean about the she 'blank' format. I did it a lot and it's a bit repetitive, and redundant.

I'm glad you liked the darkness and the use of a minor character. As much as I love Daria, it was a lot of fun to do this challenge.

Thanks for the challenge and the nice review.

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